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I wanted to travel the world, getting married and having a baby was the last thing on my list. I really wished to travel and experience life, but fear of the unknown held me back. I was thinking what if this and that.

So I had my daughter at the age of 24 and got married. I don’t regret having my daughter because motherhood is also an amazing journey. All I am saying is wait a little bit and enjoy your youth and life because having a baby is a life altering decision you cannot undecided. Do not swap your handbag for a nappy bag, travel and work on your career and finish your studies.

Writing this to say as much as they say life is too short, life is indeed a long journey do not rush it. Take it step by step and don’t be like I do not allow fear to hold you hostage.
Yes change is scary, but it is part of life and we need to go through it in order for us to grow.

In 15 years time if you decide to settle down and have a baby and get married be ready for it without regrets of I wish this and that. My only wish is I should have waited to have a baby and kicked fear’s backside and bag packed theworld, having a baby at 24 years old is not ideal.

To my sister: don’t swap your handbag for a nappy bag too early in life, go get that passport, you have been stalling to get and just flow with life and enjoy the freedom of being a young adult before transitioning into adulthood.

Inspiration behind letter to my sister: don’t swap your handbag for a nappy bag because I was sitting and reflecting on all the goals I made while I was in high school and I never followed through because of fear.

I want my little sister to know it is okay to hold off on getting married, because getting the ring it is not an achievement. Yes diamonds arebeautiful, but they do not necessarily need to be a wedding ring.

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9 Comments on To my sister: Don’t swap your handbag for a nappy bag

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from writing this. I don’t regret my boys, they are my world and I wouldn’t be without them, but sometimes I do wonder about the life I would have had if I had waited to have them later in life, the places I’ll probably never get to see now and the people I’ll never meet. #weekendblogshare

  2. I don’t regret having my son young, I was 19. What I do regret is the relationship I was in and that his dad no longer is a part of his life, through his choice not mine. I’ve now been married to his step-day for 12 years and we have another son. My hubby is an amazing dad but perhaps if I didn’t have my child quite so young he would have had an amazing dad throughout his whole life rather than just the last 12 years

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