I am a strong believer that every child needs some kind of education irrespective of their background but especially refugees. It saddens me when I see such a huge number of children not receiving education. The education struggle for refugees is real according to one.org there are about 3 million children who do not receive education because of the displacements caused by war, politics and greed.

Lack of education has real consequences and especially for girls because they are forced into child marriages at a young in order to survive even just for a plate of food and a roof over their heads.Lack of education forces small children to start working at an early age for a plate of food its exploitation after exploitation with no hope of the circle ending.

I know there is only little that we can do and we cannot end all the suffering and problems facing us in this world, but organizations like one.org they only ask for your signature to make a difference in the lives of refugee children.

May you kindly please join me in helping one.org in collecting enough names for them, to present the education problems to our leaders who will be meeting in New York this September to discuss the global refugee crisis to also add education to their list of concerns.

Please CLICK HERE to sign the petition to help the refugee children to get the education they deserve. Education presents the opportunity of a better future and life, let us break the chain of illiteracy and poverty.

The Education Struggle for Refugees


The education struggle for refugees is real. Education will elevate poverty and alleviation of poverty presents a better tomorrow.

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  1. Well done for highlighting this campaign. It is terrible that in this day and age, when there is so much affluence in some parts of the world, children are still denied basics like food and education. #Weekendblogshare

  2. What a great cause to sign up, be a part of and make a difference to. I agree that education is important and every child should have a right to this. Its so sad that this is sometimes taken away through war, displacement and other similar situations. Hopefully causes like these can attract the right attention and get enough voices to shout about the inequality of these situations. Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  3. Thank you for raising awareness of this. It is so sad for all the people that are affected but the plight of children breaks my heart. I’ve signed and will tell others. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

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