the bad touch talk with my daughter

I recently had the bad touch talk with my daughter because I believed that is was time for her to learn the difference and because she is an overly friendly person. I am a fan of Law and Order: SUV. I have seen enough to understand that an adult or child older than my daughter have the power to pursue my daughter to keep a secret and she wonโ€™t know if that is wrong because I as the parent I would have never spoken to hear about what is bad and what is good.

I am glad to say the first my daughter learned was that secrets are bad, but I noticed that when she was playing with friends and she came back upset when I asked her what happened, she would refuse to tell me. I had to get it out of her that is why I decided to have the talk with her so that she knows that I am her safe haven and she can tell me anything.

The Bad Touch Talk With My Daughter

1. No one is supposed to touch her private parts in a funny way.
2. Touch her bum and her breasts
3. No one is supposed to kiss her like husband and wife kiss it is wrong
4. When someone touches her in the wrong way she has the right to scream NO
5. I put the talk in play I touch her bum in an uncomfortable way and she told me that is wrong I must stop it.
6. She can tell on anyone touching her the bad way could her teacher, transport driver, uncle, aunt, parents (her father and I) and even her friends.
7. That her body belongs to her and no one else
8. If someone asks her to touch their private parts she must say no
9. It is never her fault that the other person behaved badly towards her.

We need to start child sexual awareness at an early age by instilling the power of No and the power of knowledge in our children. Besides, most of the sexual offenders they are the people that our children know and trust from our family members, friends and neighbours. It is always some close to us who may cause harm to our children.

They are lots of platforms online that can help us parents in talking to our children about sexual abuse and there are also activities you can play with them to make the learning less intense and more fun.

The bad touch talk with my daughter


Have you spoken to your son or daughter about the bad touch and how did it go?

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16 Comments on The Bad Touch Talk With My Daughter

  1. Never an easy thing to talk about but so important. Some really good advice here. It’s awful that we have to deal with this on children so young nowadays. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. It is good to talk about this subject to our kids, both boys and girls, so they understand what is appropriate and what isn’t, and especially the meaning and power behind the word, ‘no’ #marvmondays

  3. Such a horrible one to broach but obviously so so important! I wish there were more info and how to approach the subject with your child. Just sucks we even have to think about these awful things that happen. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  4. It’s so sad that we live in a world where we feel the need to have to teach them about this kind of thing so young. #MarvMondays.

  5. It’s never too early to have this conversation. I am a new mum and my little is 5 weeks old. Thank you for sharing. This will be helpful for me in a few years time.

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