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What online stores need to know about their consumer?

Honestly love online shopping because it is convenient and at the comfort of my home and this is what online stores need to know about their consumer. As a fan of online shopping I am going shares my views of what I think should happen and what online stores need to know about their consumer.

Shop online to avoid the long queues in stores, especially at the end of the month when you can the staff is tired and they just can’t take it anymore. Sometimes I hate shopping at some retailers because they don’t make it worth my while.

Here are what online stores need to know about their consumer

Out of Stock

Items that are out of stock they need to automatically get hidden. There is nothing more annoying, like clicking on an item, only to find out it is sold out. (Data is expensive, so please be considerate)

Payment Options  

Having a variety of payment options its truly a necessity, even the instant payment like Payfast. Waiting for payment to be cleared can take days and the product may be urgently needed and keep in mind not everyone has a credit card.


Lots of online stores tend to crash when they have huge sales because the website cannot handle the traffic. That is unacceptable, so make sure your IT team is ready to speedily resolve any glitch.


Most of the online stores have this in place especially Takealot. Their turnaround on delivery is amazing, maybe it’s because they use the most flexible Mr Delivery. The stores that needs to get on board with the delivery it’s the food stores like Pick N Pay, Woolworths. They need to consider offering free delivery on certain value of the order.

Returns and Exchanges

As easy it was to add an item in the shopping cart may the return and exchange policy is as efficient. I don’t like waiting and a week before turnaround time is not cool. Work with your suppliers and to shorten the turnaround time.

Love online shopping because I work full time and  hate long queues in the store during month end. Hardly get time and always exhausted after work to go buy something and it’s also convenient. Jet Stores have joined the club by offering online shopping.

Do you have anything you would like the online stores to know?

Woolworths Girls Summer Dresses

Woolworths kids department has the most beautiful and fun summer dresses for the girls and the colors are vibrant and summery. Bought 2 sets for R 190.00 each and here is my daughter strutting her four Woolworths Girls Summer Dresses

Summer Dress


Woolies Dresses

Polka Dots

I went shopping today I got nothing for myself


Since I had my daughter that is 6 years ago,I struggle to buy myself clothes, every time I see something I think about what Abeerah needs its been difficult.I went shopping today, but I got nothing for myself as I worry about a whole bunch of things and people.

When I eventually buy myself something I feel guilty about that as I think I could have used that money to buy Abeerah two more pairs of shoes its really difficult to break this cycle or way of thinking whatever you want to call it. I went to Woolworths today and I saw about five dresses that I really like and I seriously need them, but I painfully walked away because I have to be responsible with spending money.

Any mommies struggle with shopping for themselves, because I feel like I am losing my mind motherhood has taken over. Here is what is in my wardrobe that I can say it’s something I can wear to go out 2 pairs of pumps and 1 pair of sandals, one pair of jean that fits correctly and still in good condition and about four tops, Gosh its been a year since I bought bras which I seriously need and I cannot stop thinking about those dresses.

How do I go shopping for myself without worrying about what my daughter needs?

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Modern Roti with Woolworths

Prepared some light dinner last night decided to try roti, thanks to Woolworths there was no flour,mixing I found ready made rotis just had to fry them. We had some Roti, tomato gravy added some spices to make curry, Boerewors and some cucumber and carrots soaked in vinegar.
Woolworths Roti

Indian Spices

Pretty simple, but my daughter was happy because she loves rotten and I hate flour that’s why I skip almost all my baking classes during my studies, but thanks to modern day Woolworths ready made roti I am the best mom in the world in my daughter’s eyes what more can I ask for. Wow, I really enjoyed the Woolworths Plain Roti’s so much that I will be buying them again.

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Woolworths Spring Kiddies Shoes

Leather Heart Sandals

1. Leather heart Sandals R 130.00

cross strap

2.Leather Cross Strap Sandals R 170.00


3. ZigZag Open Toe Water Shoes R 110.00

Tips for healthy feet courtesy of Funmates:

. Always keep feet clean and nails trimmed.Be sure to dry between the toes to help prevent fungal infections, and cut toenaiks straight cross.

. Check children’s foot measurement every six to eight weeks. Always measure both feet and fit both shoes before purchasing.

. Make sure that socks fit properly-they shoukd not be too tight or too loose

.Dont pass on shoes from one child to abother; what fits one child properly may not be right for another.

My Random Musings
The Twinkle Diaries