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Important Requirement of Motherhood is Unconditional Love

As the month of motherhood celebration begins I find myself asking what makes a woman a mother? It is not just biology, but the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love. Giving birth to a child is not enough if you do not have unconditional love in your heart.

Motherhood comes in all forms from the biological mother to adoptive mother and the foundation is love. I honestly never thought I would be a mom its something I never dreamed off or wanted.

I am a mom now and oh boy motherhood has taught me things no school can teach, motherhood is a university on its own level. You never know whether you have done enough or doing things right.
It really took time for me to really connect with my daughter, but as the years went by I am in awe of how amazing life is.

Seeing her grow each an everyday makes me grow too. It’s a feeling that can be understood if you go through it because words cannot begin to explain.

It’s not all roses and unicorns you know what I am talking about I mean I cannot even poop in peace. If I retreat to the toilet to get a few minutes to myself. My daughter will scream; Are you okay in there, why are you taking so long? Like seriously It gets overwhelming sometimes, but hey its motherhood.

That is why the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love because if it’s not there, believe me mothers would lose it.

Wishing each and every mother regardless of how you became a mother, a happy motherhood month. Hope you are spoiled rotten. For the all fireworks you have to deal with every single day.

Six years olds are self conscious too


As much I would like to protect my six years old daughter from the world or hurt and harsh words its pretty much difficult. So my daughter, she is mixed half Indian and half black which means she won’t have the straight typical Indian hair. Over the weekend I washed her hair and decided to flat iron it (so its straight for now).
Curly Hair
This Monday she back from school and tells me people were telling her she look beautiful with her straight not bushy and curly. I was are you freaking kidding me (please excuse my French) of course I said in my mind not out loud, don’t people know that words are hurtful, even to a six year old I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that she is not beautiful when her hair is curly. Six years olds are self conscious too and they hang on to every word people say. I would love to see my daughter embracing her versatility because not everyone can do that.

straight hair
I told her that she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like long or short, curly or straight. I am really disgusted by the society’s perception of what is beautiful now that I have a daughter otherwise I didn’t not care. I am worried about my daughter because she is too sensitive, parenthood is hard already without people who think they can say whatever they want to children without repercussions.

The journey of motherhood continues with all the good and bad it brings:-)

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The Best Journey of Motherhood

I never wanted to be a mother, but the very thing that I didn’t want to happen to me, happened. Mother has really grounded and humbled me in so many ways. I have found pleasure in life watching Abeerah grow up and I am so humbled that she has been healthy throughout.
The best journey of my life is being a mother to the most talkative 6 year old girl. After her birth I went through some stages of postnatal depression, which was not treated I didn’t know what was happening to me has a name, even a treatment. I cannot believe that it has been 6 years since I brought this bundle into this world.

Motherhood has been the best journey of my life, I have learnt a lot from being a mother to Abeerah. I learned to be patient and I have also learned to be a good listener because when she talks she makes sure that I hear her. Just thinking about her while I am writing this post makes me smile. Motherhood it is an awesome roller-coaster of good and bad days, there are times when I feel like running away and there are times when I just want to hug her and never let go. Happy birthday, my angel having you has made me the best version of me, I can be and I am wishing you many more years to come:

Abeerah in my womb


2015-08-15 07.57.10

Abeerah at 1 year old
1 year old 2010

Abeerah at 2 years old
2 years 2011

Abeerah at 3 years old
3 years 2012


Abeerah at 4 years old
Abeerah my angel 035
2013 4years

Abeerah at 5 years old

mommy's princess_001

Abeerah 5

Abeerah Now at 6 years old

12April2015 003

Abeerah 6

My Abeerah turns 6 years old today and it just feels like yesterday when had sleepless nights nurising her. Happy birthday my prinecess I love you unconditionally may you be blessed with a healthy ans happy

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Little things that make motherhood worth it

12April2015 003

Every day I am blown away when my daughter does or asks something new. Over the weekend she asks what does incredible mean? As usual, I am speechless and gather my thoughts, then answer and I say I don’t know. She tells me I am a big girl I must know.

Seeing a child develop and grow its just beautiful, something you need to go through to understand it.I must say it has been a wonderful journey and a pleasure to see this young soul grows into this little princess.

Motherhood is by far the best that has ever happened to me in the begining it was rough, but I have finally molded into being a mother and hearing my daughter say to me, you are the best mom, means the world to me and I must be doing something good.

So today I got back from work and while we were walking home she said to me, tomorrow fasting is starting and she will be fasting all day, so I must wake her up early in the morning to eat (like seriously). Ok, wait she is only turning 6 years old in August already she wants to fast.

These little things surely do bring a smile on my face after a long day at work

How was work after a long weekend?