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Important Requirement of Motherhood is Unconditional Love

As the month of motherhood celebration begins I find myself asking what makes a woman a mother? It is not just biology, but the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love. Giving birth to a child is not enough if you do not have unconditional love in your heart.

Motherhood comes in all forms from the biological mother to adoptive mother and the foundation is love. I honestly never thought I would be a mom its something I never dreamed off or wanted.

I am a mom now and oh boy motherhood has taught me things no school can teach, motherhood is a university on its own level. You never know whether you have done enough or doing things right.
It really took time for me to really connect with my daughter, but as the years went by I am in awe of how amazing life is.

Seeing her grow each an everyday makes me grow too. It’s a feeling that can be understood if you go through it because words cannot begin to explain.

It’s not all roses and unicorns you know what I am talking about I mean I cannot even poop in peace. If I retreat to the toilet to get a few minutes to myself. My daughter will scream; Are you okay in there, why are you taking so long? Like seriously It gets overwhelming sometimes, but hey its motherhood.

That is why the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love because if it’s not there, believe me mothers would lose it.

Wishing each and every mother regardless of how you became a mother, a happy motherhood month. Hope you are spoiled rotten. For the all fireworks you have to deal with every single day.

Wishing You A Happy Valentine’s Day

I am wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. For as long as I remember today is Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of stories behind this day I won’t even get into that.

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Could be love between mother and daughter, husband and wife even boyfriend and girlfriend.

It’s the day of appreciation in any relationship may be in.

I will share with you my all-time favourite love quotes:

Five things I have learned in my 29 years of life

let go of the past

Wow, I cannot believe it; the time is here I am surely approaching 30 because March is my birthday month. I was so nervous last year at the thought of turning the big three zero, but now I am calmer and happier.

I think 30 is an amazing age because you are at that stage where you are content with yourself and you are no longer seeking assurance from friends. Here are the top five things I have learned in my 29 years of life;

1.Let go of the past because it holds you back, could be the matter of the one that got away. If they really felt the way you feel about them, you would be with them otherwise let it go because it is not worth it.

2. Stop being angry, I have been so angry all my life, especially with my father for the hurt he inflicted on me, my siblings and my mother. I am not angry anymore and I have learned to be happy with me.

3. Be Content, this also comes with age too, I grew up wanting material things from brand clothing and all the status the luxury goods bring you. Now I just don’t care as long as I look good in what I am wearing I am content. I am not saying don’t dream to have premium brands, but don’t let it be an obsession.

4.Love and laugh, it does not have to be love between a man and a woman any kind of love and the most love I have come to appreciate is the love my daughter has for me truly unconditional (children are the best lovers) and laughter is everything stop stressing like there is no tomorrow seriously when your having a bad day get home and watch comedy that is what I do my favorite comedies are 2 Broke Girls, Two and a half man, Last man standing and The Big Bang theory. Just laugh, it will make you happy.

5. Experience Food, I love food, especially trying out food from other cultures, it makes me happy. Tasting a variety of foods, it’s truly an amazing experience. I remember tasting Chinese food for the first time it took my taste buds on a journey of discovery. I promised myself to try SUSHI on my birthday and I will.

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Advice from a reformed cheater


Oh my goodness cheating, it’s a very heart wrenching topic and a lot of couples go through it every single day because a woman or man somewhere in the world finds out that their partner/spouse is cheating on them believe me it is not a wonderful feeling.

As a reformed cheater I was cheated on by the man I cheated on my partner with yes karma is a bitch right. Now this was my first time someone ever cheated on well that I know of. I was angry, you know I kept asking him you know how much I fought to be with you and what I gave up for our love let me tell you something when you partner cheats all that does not matter how you got to be because their burning lust and passion for the new toy it’s all they think about and your crying, whining, screaming and tantrums they fall on deaf ears.

In this relationship with let’s call him A it turned me into that woman who see in the movies who is very obsessive about what their man is doing when they are not with them yep I became her. I would wait for him to fall asleep so that I can take his phone and see if he spoke to her today and if there was evidence of the conversation I would wake him up and start a fight right there and then it did not matter that it was 1am.

So let’s get into what made me to cheat with A in the first place, well, I felt unappreciated, unnoticed, Mr C was always working rarely home and never took me out to restaurants, even when I begged he lets out and eat out maybe see a movie he was not interested so I got bored. A persuade me and I told him I was married and all. He didn’t care he loved me, he noticed, made me feel special and he would write me messages throughout the day telling me how beautiful I am and how he drove passed my work just to see me.He was this wonderful man and he knew what to say and you know what I finally gave in to the feeling of being desired and spoiled. A was a very attentive man he would notice little things like when I have new nail polish, new hair style etc., every woman wants a man like that so Mr C suspected that something was up with me. So one day while consumed by my love for A I came clean to Mr C and I told him I was leaving and I left I didn’t not want to hear anything I didn’t care that Mr C promised to be better and change I walked out.

Now that I left Mr C I didn’t have to sneak around anymore to be with A we were together, inseparable things were really good and I thought I found love. Until I found out that he was now sneaking around on me with an ex girlfriend.

This is advice from a reformed cheater the grass is not always greener on the other side and its usually just infatuation because you feel neglected by your partner. Cheating is never the best solution because it mostly happens when you are at your lowest and feeling unloved. Feeling unloved is never a good reason to cheat because at the end you will be the fool who left something not so broken, for something that looked like gold but it was really just a tin. If you are not happy, just walk away and avoid the drama that is so time consuming.

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