So I am currently living in a flat which came with their own 2 plate so I don’t have an oven to bake pizza so I went out of my way to buy the Sunbeam Deluxe Electric FryPan because wants pizza. The Sunbeam Deluxe FryPan has made making pizza in my house easier, its easy to use and clean.


The specs of the product are:
30cm Nonstick large shallow pan with a glass lid
Removable Temperature Probe
Warming Function
Rapid Heating
Indicator Lamp
230V~50Hz 1500W
Cool-Touch Handles

My first impression of the product was it is not hot enough, I really doubted and I must say I was proven wrong the pizza was perfectly cooked. What I love about the product is that after cooking you can keep the food warm. I am truly happy that I bought the Sunbeam Deluxe Electric Frypan.

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10 Comments on Sunbeam Deluxe Electric Frypan (REVIEW)

  1. Yes, very handy when having limited kitchen facilities. I had an electric frypan too out of necessity and was shocked to realise that it’s really handy and efficient. I still have one even though I have the luxury of a fully functioning kitchen. Thank you for sharing your review. Hope to see you again at #abitofeverything

    • Hi EI

      I cannot wait for the day I have a full functioning kitchen in the mean time I will use these portable gadgets.

      Thank you for visiting and appreciate you taking the time to comment


  2. That looks fab! Though I’m not the cook in my household, I’m sure I could get to grips with it, plus we all love a good homemade pizza! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Would love to see you again next week. Kaye xo

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