Ferocious Red velvet cupcakes

My daughter and I we got busy during Youth Day we made Snowflake red velvet cupcakes, we initially went to Pick n Pay to get icing and cupcake cups, but I found an amazing product from Snowflake treats it had everything we needed and it was even affordable.

Red velvet cupcakes
Snowflakes treats includes:
500g Cupcake Mix
300g Icing Mix
12 paper cups
10g Sprinkles
The package makes 12 large cupcakes or one double layered cake, the box has instructions about making cupcakes and also the butter icing, its pretty much straight forward. Extra ingredients you will need are are:
2 large eggs
125 ml cooking oil
200ml water
150g butter or baking margarine
30ml milk
Salton Elite

Since I live in a flat and I don’t have a big stove with an oven so I used my mini gadget I bought online few months back the Salton Elite Cupcake Marker, makes 8 cupcakes, it’s easy to store and clean because it has a nonstick coating. Not only does it make cupcakes you can use it to make muffins and mini pies pretty handy.

Everything worked out the cupcakes came out perfectly and they put a smile on my daughter’s face what more can a mom ask for.


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  1. I absolutely love red velvet! *drools*! I’ve always struggled with my new fan oven, the temperature never seems right and the few times I’ve baked the timings are all out. Will have to look into a gadget like this! #weekendblogshare

  2. I’ve checked out your blog a few times before — I am loving the black lace graphic (!) But I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment (duh). Just want you to know that I visit often and that I found you through #weekendblogshare xoxo

  3. Hi there. Your cupcakes look just yummy. I would like to get more info from you because i also want to buy that cupcake maker. How big are the cupcakes that you bake in the cupcake maker?

    I too live in a flat and wants to bake a few cupcakes and muffins for extra money. What do you think.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Charmaine

      My cupcake maker is for mini cupcakes but check out Clicks they have them.That is an awesome idea to make extra money and the maker is very friendly on the electricity too

      All the best

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