#RIPKARABO is Trending on TwitterSouth Africa is outraged with the news of Karabo, #RIPKARABO is trending on Twitter right now. I am a parent and cannot even begin to say I know what you are going through to Karabo’s parents.

Such a huge loss and South Africa feels your pain especially as women.

It is often said that the people who hurt us the most it is people we love and hold dear. Do not care how heated the argument was.

Don’t know what I would do if such a horrible act happend to my daughter, then again, there is nothing I can do but cry.

To the Mokoena family from my family, we send you our condolences.

Some say time heals wounds but I don’t think time can ease the pain of losing a child. I am heartbroken not only as a mother, but a woman, this could have happened to anyone of us.

Any kind of abuse from domestic to child abuse is  close to my heart  because  I am a survivor of child and emotional abuse.

All I want to know is what happened and the culprit will not disclose the darkness that lead to him to committing such a heartless act.

Did he think about Karabo’s parents? Did he even stop to question his actions? Did he even have doubts when he lit the match and watched it fall on her body setting her body on fire? If only he could answer these questions truthfully.

Don’t know Karabo but from seeing her pictures, she looked like a humble and kind person. May your soul rest in peace beautiful rose.

On the #RIPKarabo on Twitter people are asking for the death penalty. What will death penalty change, the murderous get away with it in South Africa. Our justice system is so rotten with corruption.

The life of a woman has been lost and she is not the first one and she won’t be the last one too. The South African government has failed women and children.

To the Mokeona family hope with time you find peace in this inhuman act. To the killer (Your name is not worth mentioning), who gave you the right to take Karabo’s life and why should you have yours?

Acts like this make me wonder is it the reflection of the kind of a mother that raised that man? When will some men learn that when dating or married to a woman does not mean you own them.

I am so  angry, heartbroken and numb.

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  1. It is so sad to read about this. My condolences go to the Mokoena family. How could a person be so cruel and cold-blooded? It seems the justice system needs an overhaul.

  2. I’m not totally familiar with this story, but from what you’ve said here it sounds horrible. I am distraught to think that some vile person could have done something so horrible. God bless her family.

  3. I did not knew about this twitter trending in SA. RIP to a beautiful soul & a story which made me really very sad. It gets me to acknowledge that someone would have been cruel to her..Many such incidences happen across the world & its time that people punish “In-humanity” really seriously.

  4. I do not know what is wrong with humanity. I am fed up of hearing stories like this one but unfortunately we cannot do anything about this things. Even if there are strict punishments a twisted person will not be scared but still they will do whatever they have intended to do.

  5. That’s so deep and heartbreaking. However, came to know about it via your post. Sending condolences to the Mokoena family from Mumbai India. 🙁

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