Weekly buys: Avon Skin so Soft and Youth Restore

Weekly buys

Skin so Skin Golden Bliss Dry Oil Spray

Besides the awesome smell this is super non greasy you know that greasiness you feel when you apply oil yes, that one, I did not feel it with this dry oil. Leaves my skin feeling soft throughout the day it might be because it has advanced moisture time release complex (how cool is that?). The Skin so Soft Gloden Bliss Dry Oil Spray has andiroba oil and sunflower seed extract. The oil is lightweight and its easily absorbed. The bottle of 150 ml is R69.90 regular price but if you are interesting in trying it look out for the amazing offer in the February brochure R49.90.

NB: Andiroba oil has amazing benefits from treating eczema, pimples, tackling winkles to repairing damaged Afro hair.its also rich in Omegas and aids muscle recovery.

Youth Restore Body Lotion and Face Cream

I am turning 30 years old this march so I am literally on the hunt for a good product to keep me looking young, so this year will be a year of exploring any product that has to do with youth restoration. The body is my all time favorite they just changed the packaging, the youth restores range contains collagen and elastin feels wonderful on the skin and I like the face cream because in a week of using my skin did not break out.The bottle of 400ml body lotion is R64.00 and the face cream tub of 100 ml is R47.00. Also Avon is offering All 3 for R89 next month that will be including the hand lotion.

That is all I have on my weekly buys of this week, have you tried any new products this week or bought something to spoil yourself?

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All in a week’s work


Finally, it’s Friday, the day I always look forward to every Monday morning (hides) my little sister even calls me Mrs Friday. This week was back to school and the first day for my daughter starting Grade 1 at her new school well that went well besides the fact I was a nervous wreck.

Work was hectic will the achieving that happens every year and creating new 2016 files its still not that busy, but I have been easing back in after the holidays slowly but surely. I have been looking at some courses I really want to study something this year I feel like my brain was getting rusty as just the other day I could not for the life of me spell mild, yep mild.


The Friday I have been waiting for has arrived and guess what I am not so happy about it because the laundry basket is full (its laundry time), thoroughly clean the house or yes, tomorrow I have to go buy sports clothes for my daughter which I forgot when I was buying her uniform and because she needs them on Monday.

Well, nothing awesome happened things week I have got three products I have been using since Monday there will be a post about them Sunday morning, there goes my washing the first load is done, here comes the worst part hanging the clothes and I hear Aang from the Avatar in the background my daughter is watching.


I seriously do not feel like cooking tonight so we will be having fish fingers and Greek salad tonight, nothing much and I cannot wait the next episode of The Good Wife tonight.

I am done hanging the first load, second load in the washing machine all in a week’s work. Now tell me what have you been doing this week?

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Back to School: First day of Grade 1

Grade 1

Now I can stop stressing and obsessing on what could go wrong the day has arrived and my daughter, she was so excited about it so much that when I woke her up this morning she literally jumped out of bed asking if she is late. It’s been a decade since I covered any books so covering her 4 books felt like hard work omg and the labelling on each and every crayon, pencil, glue, ruler was just not enjoyable at all.
The back to school first day of grade 1 was not that bad I survived after running like a headless chicken last night, making lunch and preparing her uniform and making sure every stationery item is packed and ready.

Lunch Box Ideas

After work I went to the shop and guess what the bread was sold out so I had to use the white bread in the house (will get brown bread later today), I put bread with easy chicken meat and cheese, Pure Joy Juice, Banana flavored yoghurt and Bakers mini cheddar bites. I asked her if I should put an apple and she said no.

May you kindly please share ideas of what I can put in her lunch box to make it healthier.

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Netflix is now available in South Africa


Happy news when I opened my email this morning Netflix is now available in South Africa and I just could not resist doing my happy dance I have been waiting for so long. As much as I am happy with the attractive packages at R127.00 for basic at this current rate, I wonder if it will be worth it because if we Rand does not improve Netflix will be as expensive as DSTV in the months to come. As much as R127 per month sounds reasonable I wonder how much will it be at the end considering the data that will be involved to stream.


Netflix offers the first month for free and then you will choose a package you want upon Signup and they have 3 packages basic at US $7,99, Standard US $9,99 and Premium US $11,99 with the option to cancel anything sounds fantastic right. I am a series junkie and I am happy that DSTV now has competition. I am going to give this 1-month free trial a go before I make any decision it might just be worth it. Welcome to South Africa Netflix looking forward to good content

Every little bit makes a difference


On the 20 December I decided to change my lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise (I hate the gym). I also made a decision that I don’t need to work out for 45 to 60 minutes to make a change so I found a very interactive and user friendly app called Sworkit, it it divided into 4 sections Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching in all this 4 options there is a variation of pilates,yoga for runners, boot camp,core strength to name a few and you can even customize your work out for more information on click here

From the 20th I started exercising for only 5 minutes and I was sweating like I was in a steam room that was my ah ha moment I was beyond unfit and since then I have worked out as often as possible. As of today I started taking sweetener in my coffee instead of sugar trying to cut down my sugar intake. I won’t say I am dieting as I have failed on that, but I would say I am making wiser choices about what I put in mouth its not easy and the cravings are killing me slowly but what is important is with my 5 to 15 minute workouts there and there I feel different and happy, see below my progress so far not much but something.


Take it easy when it comes to losing weight I think most of us fail because we choose to tackle the ocean before the swimming pool,I cannot say if I have lost weight because I do not own a bathroom scale but I can honestly say every little bit makes a difference.

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It’s the first day of 2016

New beginning

It’s the first day of 2016 it is such a blessing to be alive and transition into this new beginning. Wow, I would say I have 365 blank pages waiting for me to fill but no one knows the future, so I will stick to page 1 of 2016.

Oh where are my manners, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year filled with nothing but blessings of good health, happiness and long life. It is also that time again, you know the New Year’s Resolutions I am bad at that so no resolutions, no to do lists I find them boring, but I will keep one promise I made on my last post (find a reason to smile every single day no matter what).

Here are some quotes that I will be starting the year with and choosing one to follow for the rest of the year.


new beginnings

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The Year Twenty Fifteen

Ferocious Haven

It has been an interesting year I do not have a word for it, I have learned a lot this year about life and running a blog. Emotionally, it has been overwhelming as I learned to forgive myself for some of the things I have done, which were wrong and I realized that dwelling on them will only cause me depression and oh yes I realized something,motherhood is so hard wow there are things I wish I knew about being a parent before having my daughter back in 2009, each year, it’s different and as they grow up, the more difficult it becomes with that being said being a parent is not for the faint hearted.

Regarding my blog this year I had no idea that you need to put in the time to actually succeed, when I started, I initially it was one easy thing to do few pictures there and few words oh boy was I wrong.I have made friends online which I have not met personally, but these ladies they are amazing, there has been some drama and I am happy to be a part of it and hard work really pays also learned that I need to create content that matters that will make people want to come back to my blog even comment. Got some bruises, but I am still moving, I am happy with my social media growth and hoping to grow my blog visits.

The year, twenty fifteen, I read one book, bought my first blush and wore a whole lot of nail polish I have a collection now and I have grown personally. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me support by commenting and visiting my blog, thank you to all the ladies who run links which have introduced me to other bloggers I really appreciate each and every one of you keep up the good work.

As for 2016 I am not making any resolutions I will be taking it one step at the time, but one thing I know for sure is I will find a reason to smile everyday. I would to take this time to say happy holidays to your families and may you have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

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Flirty Far Away Bella Sunset Perfume


I have found my new favorite perfume the flirty Far Away Bella Sunset perfume by Avon. I love the sweet scent it has after it has breathed after applying it. The body lotion scent lasts long you don’t have to put the perfume its perfume on its on.

It has the following notes, jasmine, sandalwood and Clementine. Far Away Bella Sunset it’s an easy going fun perfume like the packaging its really a girly girl perfume. Love the sparkling lilac packaging it is really eye catching. I find it an awesome perfume for summer and it’s not overwhelming once it breathes.

It comes in a 50ml EDP bottle, 150ml body lotion and 10ml EDP purse spray. If you are a Far Away Fragrance Fan I totally recommend it and I love that it does not give me a headache like most perfumes.

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Woolworths Girls Summer Dresses

Woolworths kids department has the most beautiful and fun summer dresses for the girls and the colors are vibrant and summery. Bought 2 sets for R 190.00 each and here is my daughter strutting her four Woolworths Girls Summer Dresses

Summer Dress


Woolies Dresses

Polka Dots

I went shopping today I got nothing for myself


Since I had my daughter that is 6 years ago,I struggle to buy myself clothes, every time I see something I think about what Abeerah needs its been difficult.I went shopping today, but I got nothing for myself as I worry about a whole bunch of things and people.

When I eventually buy myself something I feel guilty about that as I think I could have used that money to buy Abeerah two more pairs of shoes its really difficult to break this cycle or way of thinking whatever you want to call it. I went to Woolworths today and I saw about five dresses that I really like and I seriously need them, but I painfully walked away because I have to be responsible with spending money.

Any mommies struggle with shopping for themselves, because I feel like I am losing my mind motherhood has taken over. Here is what is in my wardrobe that I can say it’s something I can wear to go out 2 pairs of pumps and 1 pair of sandals, one pair of jean that fits correctly and still in good condition and about four tops, Gosh its been a year since I bought bras which I seriously need and I cannot stop thinking about those dresses.

How do I go shopping for myself without worrying about what my daughter needs?

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