School Communicator Application

school communicator

The School Communicator application is the new way that parents can stay in touch with what is happening in their children’s school at their fingertips. The application is easy to use you can download it on your computer/tablet/smartphone too. You only get the news relevant you and your child by personalizing it.

1. You visit schools will appear and choose your child’s school.

2. Choose the device of your choice Windows, Android, Mac or Blackberry then install on your desktop or tablet even smart phone. On the Android tablet it is just under 5MB and so the School Communicator is a light application.

3. A Notice board will appear in your child’s school news.


5. You have the choice to personalize what you see by choosing your Child’s grade and you can choose which categories/channels you want to subscribe to, to avoid clutter.


On the School Communicator there are 6 menu bars and they are as follows News, Calender, Multimedia, Resourses, Homework and Contacts.These categories/channels have information like the Term assessment planners, Excursions reminders, extra-mural program times and days, Exam timetables, daily homework, school events updates for all the grades and contact details for the school.

Any information you share with the School Communicator is absolutely private and is protected by Thawte. The school communicator will automatically update daily so you may want to change your firewall settings to allow it to run and the data usage varies from the updates and the type of content loaded but expect to use typically from 30Mb per month.

I think the School Communicator is an absolutely amazing idea and the schools are keeping up with technology I mean we spend most of our time on our tablets and smartphones at work and home. The schools have found a way to send parents’ messages in other ways than a newsletter. There are about 1757 schools using the d6 School Communicator, I am happy that my child’s school is one of them.
Parents what do you think about the School Communicator?

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Six years olds are self conscious too


As much I would like to protect my six years old daughter from the world or hurt and harsh words its pretty much difficult. So my daughter, she is mixed half Indian and half black which means she won’t have the straight typical Indian hair. Over the weekend I washed her hair and decided to flat iron it (so its straight for now).
Curly Hair
This Monday she back from school and tells me people were telling her she look beautiful with her straight not bushy and curly. I was are you freaking kidding me (please excuse my French) of course I said in my mind not out loud, don’t people know that words are hurtful, even to a six year old I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that she is not beautiful when her hair is curly. Six years olds are self conscious too and they hang on to every word people say. I would love to see my daughter embracing her versatility because not everyone can do that.

straight hair
I told her that she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like long or short, curly or straight. I am really disgusted by the society’s perception of what is beautiful now that I have a daughter otherwise I didn’t not care. I am worried about my daughter because she is too sensitive, parenthood is hard already without people who think they can say whatever they want to children without repercussions.

The journey of motherhood continues with all the good and bad it brings:-)

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Self proclaimed rewards card queen

Rewards Cards
Wow, I am a self proclaimed reward card queen I am always looking for a bargain /discount somewhere, everywhere and sometimes I envy how America has lots of coupons while South Africa is trying we need more coupons system, because I just love saving money and making my rand go a little further. I recently found a cash back app that really is amazing.

Snap and Save

Snap and Save is an app you download to your phone and it shows you products which you can get cash back from you booked the products and you have 48 hours to go shopping, after doing your shopping snap a photo of your till slip if its long take multiply shots. You get cash back via a Wicode and you can use at selected major stores like pick n pay,shoprite,checkers to name a few.

Vital club sells their vital products from supplements to snacks and you get 20 % off and discounts on products and you get tips online for absolutely free. Also get free delivery for over R200 orders.
Besides the two online saving options I am also a member of Ebucks, Jet Thank U card, Clicks Club card , Dischem loyalty card, Pick n Pay Smart Shopper, Spur Family Card, My SPAR rewards card and my most favourite and first reward card ever Ster-Kinekor Movie Club and I am also a member of the Woolworths Wrewards

How many rewards cards do you have and which one is your favourite ?

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Another Interesting Taxi Conversation


Wow, today’s journey back home seemed so short because another interesting taxi conversation was sparked it started with this other gentle asking a question. Why is it alright for a street vendor to display his vegetables and fruits to attract customer, but we are disgusted when we see a prostitute showing a lot in public?

There were interesting answers some said that is just not right to display your private parts in public, I say there is no dignified way of advertised yourself as the lady of the night unless you have joined an escort which catered for those professional men or you are a bunny at the playboy mansion and the topic went on to why men prefer to buy prostitutes it is because a she or he is cheap and does not require them to call, spoil them they are easy going than wives or girlfriends at home.So, bottom line is maintaining a wife/girlfriend is more expensive that is why some men to go that other.

Another totally different conversation you know the one you should never talk about Religion yes, they did it, I chose to keep quiet because I know that this one will never end. This other lady who said that she has been speaking in tongues since she was sixteen years old and the other gentleman said that is hpvwash its at a Chinese gong to a Germany and start speaking in Chinese that is how this speaking in tongues thing started.September last year she had a stroke and she could not see and her pastor prayed for her and she is well known and she believes Jesus healed her, the taxi driver asked why do you believe in Jesus so much when Jesus was a made up character and ordinary man than God.

Everyone in the taxi was engaged including the taxi driver it was so loud that everyone was looking at us like we were crazy or something. How the religion/traditional believers topic ended, I don’t know because it was time for me to get off. I laughed and the stress of the day was relieved.
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Do not forget to fetch my daughter

Do not forget to fetch my daughter

Do not forget to fetch my daughter has become my favourite sentence since my daughter started Grade 1 last week I am a walking, breathing alarm clock for her daddy and I want him standing by the gate when she gets out (talk about obsessive mommy).

Also received term 1 calendar I like was excuse who is going to school me or her, because it really feels like it’s back to school for me too, I used to ask my colleague why she has a diary she can just remember it now I fully understand the purpose of writing in a dairy all those activities, parents’ meeting and what not and she is only in Grade 1 goodness.

At the end of the day I am so tired from work, homework and dinner that I will only manage to make her lunch box in the morning and this week is the worst because they are training for sports with the huge competition happening end of the month which means it’s all white shorts, sneakers, and T-shirt I am not looking forward to washing them.

Which genius came up with the idea that kids need to wear white clothes for sports?

Mommies how do you keep sane from all this school thing and then having to write for the blog because I swear I am drowning I try to work on my blog over the weekend, but with the chores by the time I remember its Sunday evening time to get ready for Monday.

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Weekly buys: Avon Skin so Soft and Youth Restore

Weekly buys

Skin so Skin Golden Bliss Dry Oil Spray

Besides the awesome smell this is super non greasy you know that greasiness you feel when you apply oil yes, that one, I did not feel it with this dry oil. Leaves my skin feeling soft throughout the day it might be because it has advanced moisture time release complex (how cool is that?). The Skin so Soft Gloden Bliss Dry Oil Spray has andiroba oil and sunflower seed extract. The oil is lightweight and its easily absorbed. The bottle of 150 ml is R69.90 regular price but if you are interesting in trying it look out for the amazing offer in the February brochure R49.90.

NB: Andiroba oil has amazing benefits from treating eczema, pimples, tackling winkles to repairing damaged Afro hair.its also rich in Omegas and aids muscle recovery.

Youth Restore Body Lotion and Face Cream

I am turning 30 years old this march so I am literally on the hunt for a good product to keep me looking young, so this year will be a year of exploring any product that has to do with youth restoration. The body is my all time favorite they just changed the packaging, the youth restores range contains collagen and elastin feels wonderful on the skin and I like the face cream because in a week of using my skin did not break out.The bottle of 400ml body lotion is R64.00 and the face cream tub of 100 ml is R47.00. Also Avon is offering All 3 for R89 next month that will be including the hand lotion.

That is all I have on my weekly buys of this week, have you tried any new products this week or bought something to spoil yourself?

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All in a week’s work


Finally, it’s Friday, the day I always look forward to every Monday morning (hides) my little sister even calls me Mrs Friday. This week was back to school and the first day for my daughter starting Grade 1 at her new school well that went well besides the fact I was a nervous wreck.

Work was hectic will the achieving that happens every year and creating new 2016 files its still not that busy, but I have been easing back in after the holidays slowly but surely. I have been looking at some courses I really want to study something this year I feel like my brain was getting rusty as just the other day I could not for the life of me spell mild, yep mild.


The Friday I have been waiting for has arrived and guess what I am not so happy about it because the laundry basket is full (its laundry time), thoroughly clean the house or yes, tomorrow I have to go buy sports clothes for my daughter which I forgot when I was buying her uniform and because she needs them on Monday.

Well, nothing awesome happened things week I have got three products I have been using since Monday there will be a post about them Sunday morning, there goes my washing the first load is done, here comes the worst part hanging the clothes and I hear Aang from the Avatar in the background my daughter is watching.


I seriously do not feel like cooking tonight so we will be having fish fingers and Greek salad tonight, nothing much and I cannot wait the next episode of The Good Wife tonight.

I am done hanging the first load, second load in the washing machine all in a week’s work. Now tell me what have you been doing this week?

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Back to School: First day of Grade 1

Grade 1

Now I can stop stressing and obsessing on what could go wrong the day has arrived and my daughter, she was so excited about it so much that when I woke her up this morning she literally jumped out of bed asking if she is late. It’s been a decade since I covered any books so covering her 4 books felt like hard work omg and the labelling on each and every crayon, pencil, glue, ruler was just not enjoyable at all.
The back to school first day of grade 1 was not that bad I survived after running like a headless chicken last night, making lunch and preparing her uniform and making sure every stationery item is packed and ready.

Lunch Box Ideas

After work I went to the shop and guess what the bread was sold out so I had to use the white bread in the house (will get brown bread later today), I put bread with easy chicken meat and cheese, Pure Joy Juice, Banana flavored yoghurt and Bakers mini cheddar bites. I asked her if I should put an apple and she said no.

May you kindly please share ideas of what I can put in her lunch box to make it healthier.

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Netflix is now available in South Africa


Happy news when I opened my email this morning Netflix is now available in South Africa and I just could not resist doing my happy dance I have been waiting for so long. As much as I am happy with the attractive packages at R127.00 for basic at this current rate, I wonder if it will be worth it because if we Rand does not improve Netflix will be as expensive as DSTV in the months to come. As much as R127 per month sounds reasonable I wonder how much will it be at the end considering the data that will be involved to stream.


Netflix offers the first month for free and then you will choose a package you want upon Signup and they have 3 packages basic at US $7,99, Standard US $9,99 and Premium US $11,99 with the option to cancel anything sounds fantastic right. I am a series junkie and I am happy that DSTV now has competition. I am going to give this 1-month free trial a go before I make any decision it might just be worth it. Welcome to South Africa Netflix looking forward to good content

Every little bit makes a difference


On the 20 December I decided to change my lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise (I hate the gym). I also made a decision that I don’t need to work out for 45 to 60 minutes to make a change so I found a very interactive and user friendly app called Sworkit, it it divided into 4 sections Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching in all this 4 options there is a variation of pilates,yoga for runners, boot camp,core strength to name a few and you can even customize your work out for more information on click here

From the 20th I started exercising for only 5 minutes and I was sweating like I was in a steam room that was my ah ha moment I was beyond unfit and since then I have worked out as often as possible. As of today I started taking sweetener in my coffee instead of sugar trying to cut down my sugar intake. I won’t say I am dieting as I have failed on that, but I would say I am making wiser choices about what I put in mouth its not easy and the cravings are killing me slowly but what is important is with my 5 to 15 minute workouts there and there I feel different and happy, see below my progress so far not much but something.


Take it easy when it comes to losing weight I think most of us fail because we choose to tackle the ocean before the swimming pool,I cannot say if I have lost weight because I do not own a bathroom scale but I can honestly say every little bit makes a difference.

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