Inspired Lifestyle Linky Week 4

Its been an hectic three weeks for me just got back back on my feet from chest infection.

Inspired Lifestyle Linky is in Week 4 and we still don’t have enough participation from fellow blogger. This Linky is open to every niche beauty,sports,DIY to name a few so we would really appreciate your support I am sure my co-host A Well Heeled Woman feels the same

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Tips for Non Immigrant Visa Application (USA)

Non Immigrant Visa USA

Traveling to countries that need a visa it is a lot of work indeed I found out while we were planning our visit to the United States of America, initially we wanted to travel in December 2015 but I was overwhelmed by the process that I quit the application process because a lot of people love to travel in December .

January came and we decided to try again because I was getting leave at work for the easter weekend and the schools will be closed by that time.

Tips for Non Immigrant Visa Application (USA)

1. For the tourist visa go to to fill in the online application each and every family member needs to fill out the form which for me it was two adults and one child. Always double check the information before submitting because once you click submit you cannot amend the application.At the end of the submission you will need to print out the DS160 confirmation which you will need to present at the embassy. You will required to upload the 50cm by 50cm photo, but if it does not meet their requirements don’t worry, you can take the correct ones when you go for the interview.

2. Now its time to book for the visa interview for this you go to, here you will choose on which day, date and branch you want to take the interview. They have credit card payment and cash payment options for cash its strictly at the Absa bank. If you pay cash you need to pay first before you can book your appointment. Follow the instructions in order to avoid delay. Print out the instructions after booking the appointment they will have time and date.

3. Now you have your appointment set time to get your documents ready:
– If traveling with children you need the unabridged birth certificate
-If the other parent is not traveling you need the letter of consent from them otherwise you will not go anywhere.
-If the other parent has passed on take a copy of the death certificate with you.
– Take the latest 3months bank statement with you to prove your funds and affordability
– Do Not Book your flight.
– Get a letter of employment if employed and also stating that you have left to travel of days you have chosen on your online application. If you are a business owner take your company registration papers and tax clearance form SARS and just in case proof of address. ( It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared)
– Book accommodation I used the site offers pay later hotels you only pay when you stay and they have free cancellation. You will receive confirmation print it and take it with you.
– Take your DS160 form and two photos with you if you did their size specifications best place to take them its Kodak they are professional.
– The main purpose of the interview is to prove that you will return to your home country after the holiday or visit to the USA so if you have property better take the title deed with you.

For the interview be calm, answer honestly and smile

If they visa is approved you get 10 years tourist visa now you can complete your trip planning and go and tour where you choose. Hope my tips for the non immigrant visa application for USA are helpful.

Inspired Lifestyle Linky

Inspired Lifestyle Linky Week 1

The inspired Lifestyle linky is a collaboration between Lindi of A well-heeled woman and myself, we will be taking turns with hosting each week. We were inspired by the success of link ups overseas and we realised that we don’t have link ups here at home (none that we know of). The main purpose of the link up is to read, comment and share each other’s content show each other some love.

Lindi and I we are holding our breath as we are hoping this will be a start of something awesome and amazing and we are really looking forward to discovering new blogs. So here is to Inspired lifestyle linky week 1.

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My Skin Health Journey with Nimue


I began my skin health journey with Nimue about 22 days ago when I received some products to test from Rubybox and it has been an amazing journey and my skin has improved so much that I love what I see in the mirror.

My skin was classification was Interactive Skin according to their skin diagnostic tool. Here is the definition of my skin type according to the Nimue App: An interactive skin classification shows symptoms of hypersensitivity, redness and irritation often due to stressful lifestyle and over treated skin, poor health or over the counter medication which can compromise our skins natural protective barrier. I am often stressed and yep, I am guilty of not eating healthy enough, but I am not a medication fan though.

These are the products were prescribed to me:

Cleansing Gel Lite- this gel balances sebum production without drying the epidermis while removing traces of make-up and impurities.

My Review: this gel takes gentle to the next level; it really feels so good on the skin as well as soothes the skin.

Conditioner Lite- It has antibacterial and anti- inflammatory benefits and it also hydrates and soothes the skin in the process.

My Review: I liked the cooling effect it has on the skin when you apply it, but I struggled with using the nozzle as it was hard to spray it on the cotton wool that I had to remove the cap to use it.

Moisturizer Lite- This moisturizer is on double duty because it works as a day and night cream. Improves the skin texture, hydrates and balances oil production.

My Review: wow, I loved how my t-zone stayed matte

throughout the day without getting oily and it also hydrated the dry part of my skin too. Felt so good on the skin when I applied.

Exfoliating Enzyme- contains papaya and pineapple enzymes, which gently removes dead skin cells while promoting renewal.

My Review: I don’t exfoliate because it leaves my skin feeling dried out, but this product felt like hydrating instead of exfoliating it did not irritate my skin. It is the gentlest Exfoliator I have ever used.

Professional SPF 40: It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. My Review: I found the product a little thick when applying it, but it evened out on the skin quite beautifully and easily. This is a professional product which means I cannot buy it.

I loved using the products the packaging is clean and elegant. The products were skin friendly and I would use the SPF 40 for beach days because it’s a bit heavy to use on a daily basis.


I am yet to book for the treatment at the salon with the voucher that I received that will be in an entire different post.

Have you ever used Nimue Products and what is your take on them?

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Five things I have learned in my 29 years of life

let go of the past

Wow, I cannot believe it; the time is here I am surely approaching 30 because March is my birthday month. I was so nervous last year at the thought of turning the big three zero, but now I am calmer and happier.

I think 30 is an amazing age because you are at that stage where you are content with yourself and you are no longer seeking assurance from friends. Here are the top five things I have learned in my 29 years of life;

1.Let go of the past because it holds you back, could be the matter of the one that got away. If they really felt the way you feel about them, you would be with them otherwise let it go because it is not worth it.

2. Stop being angry, I have been so angry all my life, especially with my father for the hurt he inflicted on me, my siblings and my mother. I am not angry anymore and I have learned to be happy with me.

3. Be Content, this also comes with age too, I grew up wanting material things from brand clothing and all the status the luxury goods bring you. Now I just don’t care as long as I look good in what I am wearing I am content. I am not saying don’t dream to have premium brands, but don’t let it be an obsession.

4.Love and laugh, it does not have to be love between a man and a woman any kind of love and the most love I have come to appreciate is the love my daughter has for me truly unconditional (children are the best lovers) and laughter is everything stop stressing like there is no tomorrow seriously when your having a bad day get home and watch comedy that is what I do my favorite comedies are 2 Broke Girls, Two and a half man, Last man standing and The Big Bang theory. Just laugh, it will make you happy.

5. Experience Food, I love food, especially trying out food from other cultures, it makes me happy. Tasting a variety of foods, it’s truly an amazing experience. I remember tasting Chinese food for the first time it took my taste buds on a journey of discovery. I promised myself to try SUSHI on my birthday and I will.

A Bit Of Everything

Brilliant blog posts on

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Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions

So my sister Dimakatso she is visiting and I noticed how her skin was smooth and her acne has cleared and I nagged asking what she was using because she has oily skin and believe I have seen her home remedies to last me a lifetime. So I interviewed her about the Clinque Anti-Blemish Solutions range I saw in her toiletry bag.

Why did you choose the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions?

It is because I tried every product and even home remedies for my skin acne (pimples) and they only work for a week, then it is back to square one, my aunt is using Clinique so I saw how her skin it was improving and even looking younger. I love it

How do the products feel on your skin?

The soap= it makes my face feel free from oil and it dries up the blackheads
Toner= it makes my skin feel lighter and fresh and soft.
Moisturizer=makes my skin feels soft and clear.

How has your skin improved since using the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions?

It has improved a lot I don’t have too much pimples like before and am not afraid to look at myself in a mirror anymore. Now I should work on my dark spots.

Would you recommend this combo for people with oily skin?

Definitely, I have already recommended it to my friends because I am so much happier with the results.

Will you continue buying the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions?

Yes until my skin clear and smooth like a baby and I will never stop using it

So how are you finding the samples you received with your purchase and what did you get?
They are nice love the toiletry bag the mascara works for me very well, I can’t wait to use others when my skin is completely clear. I also received pink blush and Superdenfense SPF20 moisturizer.

Where did you buy the Clinque Anti Blemish Solutions Range and how much was it? Edgars Kerk Street in Johannesburg CBD and it was R 700.00


Suicide is not the answer


Suicide horror for poor student this headline brought back memories buried deep in my mind and I must say suicide is not the answer even when things are so dark to the point of no hope. I have been there you know that pitch black bottomless pit where everything got worse each day.

There was a time when I tried to commit suicide and my mother found me and she told me not to make my enemies happy. I just could not take it anymore, I was my father’s punching bag never understood why he hated me, but he had his own demons, I realized by him abusing my mother and my siblings it was to make himself feel better about himself.

I didn’t not grow up in a happy home, there was a time when I had only one short and T-shirt nothing else at night I would wash them and hang them for the next day it was tough and not because we were poor, but because my father was a people pleaser, he took money and spent on friends and women, money I slaved away making selling in our shop every day before and after school.

I remember going to school with only transport money, nothing to eat, try learning with an empty stomach, it’s not easy and I got my university entrance in materials and I could not fulfill my dreams of attending Wits University because there was no money things were not going well for me, finally got to college and the last year was the hardest not having money to buy text books even to make a photocopy so I had to write the notes out and my results dropped that year but I did not give.Hope of having a better, richer life kept me going so please find your hope and keep going, I know life can be hard and I have been there on that road of I cannot do this anymore.


I could have easily succeeded with my suicide attempt and could have easily become a street kid by running away from that horrific home but hope kept me going. I know it’s not easy and didn’t have an option to choose the family, we are born in but think twice, even thrice before throwing in the towel because you have no idea what the future has in store for you.

I still struggle with depression, there are times when that lonely, cold and dark feeling comes back and it is hard to shake off, but I always find something positive in my life to pull me through from the darkness to the light.

Life with Baby Kicks


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Remedies for Puffy Eyes

I suffer from puffy eyes most mornings and I don’t know why, but I have found some remedies for puffy eyes to take care of the inflammation around my eye when needed. The skin around our eyes is very thin and factors like drinking too much alcohol and not sleeping well show under your eyes and it can be really unattractive.

Here are Four tips on maintain healthy vibrant under eyes.

photo credit: Tea for two via photopin (license)

Tea Bags
I keep used Rooibos or green tea, tea bags in the freezer, If I am planning to use them, I take them out while I am bathing and then place them on my eyes for five minutes the coldness reduces inflammation.

photo credit: 凡士林 via photopin (license)

Before I go to bed I use Vaseline to remove makeup under my eyes using a cotton wool, this lease my eyes feeling soft and moisturized. Applying Vaseline under your eyes before sleeping also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as it locks in the much needed moisture.

photo credit: spoon perspective via photopin (license)

I had no idea about this until last year place your spoons in the freezer for about fifteen minutes and then place them on your puffy eyes until the spoon is warm. I find this method effective and helps with my dark circles under my eyes.

I have dry skin and I grew up using glycerine, apply it on your face at night can make a huge difference in the morning. I have used it as my night cream/lotion, but I have learned that glycerine thickens the under eyes, skin and restores elasticity also makes the wrinkles less visible.

The bottom line is hydration is equal to, less dark circles and puffy eyes and not all of us can afford those expensive high end night creams and eye cream so when money is tight I use the 4 above methods to continue looking well rested and youthful.

What do you use to treat those unwanted puffy eyes?


Monday Motivation

We are on the 7th Monday of the year, time really flies. We don’t need the New Year to make a change rather let us use Monday’s as our new beginning to make a change. We have about 45 Mondays left this year, so you get 45 chances to make a change. You don’t need to start by running, crawling is also a start. Alright, Monday I am ready, let’s do this. Here are some Monday motivation quotes to motivate us.

Monday motivation

Monday motivation

Monday motivation

Monday motivation

Monday motivation

The first quote is my favorite because it is try you and I need to make a decision to try in order for us to accomplish anything in life.

Which quote is your favorite?

My Random Musings