Snowflake Red Velvet Cupcakes

Ferocious Red velvet cupcakes

My daughter and I we got busy during Youth Day we made Snowflake red velvet cupcakes, we initially went to Pick n Pay to get icing and cupcake cups, but I found an amazing product from Snowflake treats it had everything we needed and it was even affordable.

Red velvet cupcakes
Snowflakes treats includes:
500g Cupcake Mix
300g Icing Mix
12 paper cups
10g Sprinkles
The package makes 12 large cupcakes or one double layered cake, the box has instructions about making cupcakes and also the butter icing, its pretty much straight forward. Extra ingredients you will need are are:
2 large eggs
125 ml cooking oil
200ml water
150g butter or baking margarine
30ml milk
Salton Elite

Since I live in a flat and I don’t have a big stove with an oven so I used my mini gadget I bought online few months back the Salton Elite Cupcake Marker, makes 8 cupcakes, it’s easy to store and clean because it has a nonstick coating. Not only does it make cupcakes you can use it to make muffins and mini pies pretty handy.

Everything worked out the cupcakes came out perfectly and they put a smile on my daughter’s face what more can a mom ask for.


I love My Country South Africa


South Africa has problems and it’s not perfect, but it’s better than most countries in the world and as a woman I am lucky to have been born in South Africa and I am proud to have given birth to my daughter in this country.

Women of South Africa have a rich story our ancestors fought for our rights and because of them, I am able to type this blog post right now. There are countries where women are oppressed and not given the opportunity to study further or even study once they reach a certain age, they are forced into arranged marriages countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India to name a few. In those countries a woman’s life does not matter, and they have no say unless they are lucky to have parents who want a better future but it’s unlikely.

I love my country South Africa because as a woman I have the right to education and a better life, I have the right to marry whomever I want to marry if I want to get married, it’s not forced down on me as a way of life and I love my country South Africa because a woman’s life matters.

Imagine living in a country where you are not allowed to open a bank account, drive a car, trying clothes when shopping because you are a woman. There are even countries that still discriminate against women and men deem themselves superior to woman for different self-serving reasons it is truly disgusting that another human can decide how you live your life just because you are a WOMAN. A woman’s job is not to get married, have children and be a lifetime maid for the mother in law it’s really appalling what some women go through.

love my country South Africa because I have the right to be human and be free to do whatever and be anything. Yes, we do have huge problems as a nation such as poverty, racism and crime to name a few, but as a woman I am glad to be South African.

Thank you to the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Building in Pretoria in 1956, thank you for paving the way me and for giving me the chance to be proud to have a daughter in South Africa.

We are women from every part of South Africa.
We are women of every race, we come from the cities and the towns, from the reserves and the villages.
We come as women united in our purpose to save the African women from the degradation of passes…
In the name of women of South Africa, we say to you, each one of us, African, European, Indian, Coloured, that we are opposed to the pass system. We voters and vote less, call upon your Government not to issue passes to African women.
We shall not rest until ALL pass laws and all forms of permits restricting our freedom have been abolished.
We shall not rest until we have won for our children their fundamental rights of freedom, justice, and security.

– Taken from a Petition presented to the Prime Minister on 9 August 1956.

What makes you proud to be a woman in your country?

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Half Way Through Twenty Sixteen

Half way throughTwenty Sixteen

Oh my goodness, can you believe it, we are half way through twenty sixteen, what started as a good year for me turned upside down my faith has been tested and still is.

My daughter started school this year and it has been difficult like hell having to include homework time, lunch box and school uniform preparation time in our daily routine has been a bloody nightmare. I seriously do not remember my mother working like this when I started school and also do not remember having so much homework. I have also realized that you, the parent become the teacher and the teacher they are just overseers I am so angry that I pay school fees and I have to teach my daughter. Just last week I downloaded and Afrikaans alphabet up for her to learn them because I do not know how to pronounce them.

Ferocious Haven
I travelled overseas to North America it, I finally got to use my passport as my first one expired without leaving the country. This trip has inspired me to see the world more, discover and make new memories I cannot wait for my next trip and I will start with countries that South Africa is visa exempt first.

images (3)

I finally registered to further my education I cannot wait to start I don’t know how I will cope, but hell I will have too, because knowledge is power and I need my daughter growing up knowing that education is important and I want to lead my example to motivate her to stand on her two feet and do it for herself and never depend on a man to survive.

One wise lady told me that life is too short to be terribly unhappy and I am going to live my life by that and this too shall pass. I will find peace and calmness again in my life and it is not over until it’s really over.

How has 2016 been for you so far?


Ferocious Haven

Who is Moipone? I find myself asking myself this question Who Am I? Well, I am a thirty-year-old woman, a mother to the most adorable seven-year-old girl. What do I stand for? I really don’t know I just realized that I am a people pleaser never really spoke my mind and always worried what I say will hurt the next person.

I have lived my life pleasing my family trying to live up to this pedestal that they have put me on “The good Girl” pedestal let me tell you it is really exhausting. I wanted a tattoo, but know the man in my life things is evil like seriously, it’s my body or did I give up me for our and come to think about it, I never had a say in what he wanted to do in his life even if I said no he did it anyway.

I wanted to travel, but hey my mother thought differently, hence why I am still in South Africa. I wanted to study drama and my parents told me there is no money in Arts in South Africa and we will not pay for you to study it, I ended up doing another course which I loved too.
The question is who is Moipone? What do I stand for? What do I believe in? That is the big three questions as I try to discover myself at thirty years old. I am a creative soul feeling caged in the ideals of what people in my life think I should be and today right now I am sick and tired.

I am going to get that tattoo or two (ha-ha), I am going to stop letting people decide for me, hell I am going to try sushi. I am going to really try to see people for what they really are, because my weakness is that I am naïve and always try to see the best in people even when they are just straight cruel and evil.

I have been so consumed by stress caused by other people in my life that I have forgotten how much I loved writing poetry, I forgot how to be me. The shy girl who loved to laugh, smile and love. The girl who loved going to the movies and experience the thrill of seeing amazing movies on the big screen. I forgot to dance in my underwear and sing out loud with my horrible voice.

Be The Change You Wish to See in The World

I will be the change I want to see in my life before I can take on the world. Have you ever lost yourself and your voice and how did you overcome it?

The Blog Centre Showcase Tuesday

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5 Busy Moms Secrets for Managing a Super Organized Home


contemporary / very well decorated / show home living room
contemporary / very well decorated / show home living room

Home organization always seems like an endless task. When you have a full-time job, kids to look after as well as a number of tasks to do after work, you never have enough time to maintain the home in a great condition. However, it turns out that there is a way to keep your home super organized without feeling exhausted. After all, everyone of us has 24 hours to do the tasks they are supposed to, so what deters you from being as organized as those people you secretly envy because of their ability to handle all tasks in their list. Here are a few tricks that can help you stay organized and balance between work, kids and home cleaning tasks.

To-do lists actually help. Having a plan what you are supposed to do on the next day will save you a lot of time. So, make a list of the tasks you have to accomplish throughout the day instead of trying to remember them as something will probably slip out.
If you spend a lot of time at the office instead of being at home with your kids, think about optimizing the time for completing your tasks. Prioritize, establish a routine and if a certain project is due today, do not postpone its completion for the next day. Allowing a lot of stuff to pile up will only make matters worse.

Even if you are enthusiastic about balancing between work and home duties, you should definitely need the help of the other family members. If everyone makes efforts towards keeping the house neat, the home cleaning and organization tasks will be less tiresome and time-consuming. You can even turn the cleaning and tidying up into a game and engage your kids. Make a calendar that shows the house cleaning tasks each of the family members is supposed to handle for the week/ month.

The more spacious your house is, the more time for cleaning and maintenance it requires. Of course, spending the entire weekend scrubbing and sanitizing instead of enjoying quality time with your family does not sound like the best idea ever. So the time-consuming cleaning chores might be split up into several more manageable tasks. For example, Tenancy Cleaning London suggests to set aside 20 minutes after work to tidy up the living room and another 15 minutes in the morning to fold the clothes or iron them, etc.

When you go through a super busy week, you are snowed under with work and the deadline of two important projects is approaching, you might find yourself overwhelmed and unable to deal with all tasks, requiring your attention. One of the most useful things you can do to remedy the situation is to keep both your desk and your home organized. Keep the unnecessary clutter to the minimum and put everything back in place when you are done using it. This way, the area will not only look neat, but you will also save time and find the desired item right away.

The best way to get the things done and avoid unnecessary hassle is by establishing a routine and sticking to it. It goes without saying that finding the happy medium between work and home duties can sometimes be really difficult. In this case, following your schedule is essential for the successful completion of all challenges during the day. Sometimes, the small changes make a big difference. Don’t shy away from experimenting and you will eventually adjust your working schedule so that it does not interfere with your personal affairs and vice versa.

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Review: Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme

Vichy serum

A while back, I received the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme to review from Beauty Bulletin. The serum contains 10 percent of Rhamnose which is a natural sugar proven to fight aging and rejuvenate the skin alongside with fragmented hyaluronic acid. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin and its Paraben free.

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme promises to instantly improve your facial appearance in just 10 minutes by reducing your wrinkles and fines by tightening and lifting the skin, even tone complexion and lightening the dark circles.

My First Impression of Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme

I love the elegant, expensive lightweight looking packaging (less is More). The bottle was easy to spray and the nozzle working perfectly. The texture feels so soft and its non-greasy and easily absorbed and smells amazing too.
After my first application my skin felt different and the lines under my eyes less visible.

My skin was not irritated or dried out by Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme. I wear it just before my moisturizer sometimes alone because of its own it nourishes my skin. I love the way my skin looks in the morning after a using it at night.

Investing in a good serum is absolutely essential and just a drop its enough because these serums they really don’t come cheap.
Thank you Beauty Bulletin and Vichy for giving me the opportunity to test this amazing product. More on the product visit their website.

Have you ever used the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme and how did you think about it?

Love letter to you my daughter

Today I write a love letter to you my daughter to let you know that, I love you so much I want you to grow knowing that and understand that every decision I make or will make believe it’s for your best interest. I will make mistakes along the day way and there will be days when you think I am ruining your life well, I will tell you to Suck It Up (yes I will).

There world is a tough place and do not put your trust in everyone. I pray for a long, healthy life for you. I want you to live life to the fullest and not give a damn what the next person will say. I want you to travel and see the world, dance in the rain and laugh. I want you to love more, forgive more and just me happy in life.

As much as I will try my best to protect you from the big bad world, I do have the power to protect you from heartbreak, but here is advise I want you to fall in love and be happy, but once the relationship brings you more sadness than happiness please do me a favour walk away because it is not worth stressing over.

Time is really flying by when you are stressed and feeling depressed about losing love but you know what you will get over it, don’t ever let it define you in any way and after all you are my daughter and I have given you the gift of strength. You come from a family of strong woman who have survived and still surviving the hardships of life.

I promise to be the best mother every daughter deserves, I promise to love each and every second of the day. I will be hard on you it is and will be because I want you to reach your potential and fulfil your dreams in life.

Never ever let anyone tell you that you are less than what you are, they have no right and promise me that you will never let anyone make you feel worthless in your life because you a priceless jewel and you were brought into this world for a reason and you have the right to happiness, life, love and peace like anyone else in this world.

Love Mommy


Universal Studio Resort in Florida

Universal Studios

This was the first USA attraction we visited upon our arrival, wow Studio Universal Resort in Florida is huge. So I decided that we must buy the park hopper in order to see the two parks in day boy did I regret that decision because by the time we have seen enough of Universal Studious we were so tired to see Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

We used the complimentary shuttle from the hotel so we arrived nearly in the afternoon and the shuttle was coming back to pick us up at 18:15 so we were time pressed. We did a lot of sightseeing and less riding because the lines were long because it was so full. We saw the Shrek 4-D show oh my goodness that was mega fun we all enjoyed it and we felt like we were in the movie, the seats moved, we actually felt everything from mist to water the special effects felt so real it was an awesome experience.

Universal Studio

I so wanted to go on the Transformers The Ride 3D, but the line was so long we couldn’t because of time we were rushing to see Universal’s Islands of Adventure. As we walked through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogmeade I was in awe I mean I was like a small child seeing candy and of course hubby was lost about what the hell I was mesmerized by (Hahahahhahaha) the building they were so detailed felt so real it was like walking into a Harry Potter Movie

Universal Studio

Universal studio
Universal Studio
It was breath taking and we went on The Hogwarts Express after an hour of waiting in line, I expected more I was really disappointed and the ride was really short. Everything Harry Potter was sold there from wands to capes it was magical well for me being a huge fan.
Universal Studio

Universal Studio

My advice is when you are planning to see Universal Studios do one park a day and go for a long time we had 9 days hence the park hopper.
What is your favorite part of the Universal Studios Resort?


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Spirituality Crossroads Experience

In the past couple of weeks I have been going through so emotional turmoil in my life. It has been hard and heavy on my mind and heart to a point where I reached my spirituality crossroads experience, reading the bible and praying every morning and night and to my surprise, I must say as much as I am still going through the emotional changes in my life I am dealing with it much better and my heart and mind they are much lighter.

I cannot say I am saved and now I believe in the unforeseen, I don’t know what happened to my spirituality crossroads, but I found solace during a very difficult time in my life, when I felt like quitting I found the strength to carry. May God is really out there or maybe I have cried to the point of enough is enough life goes on state.

I played three songs on repeat Father can you hear me (with Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Tamela J. Mann, Terrell Carter) from Tyler Perry The Diary of a Mad Black Woman this song moved me the first time I heard it , Whitney Houston’s I look to you and Conqueror by Estelle and The Empire Cast.

Maybe this difficultly phase in my life has encouraged my spirituality, maturity because when I got on my knees and lit that candle to pray I knew that I could not do it by myself, it was bigger than me.

I found comfort in prayer during my spirituality crossroads struggle and I certainly don’t know what the future has in store for me but I have hope for less emotional turmoil…

Have you have experienced your own spirituality crossroads dilemma and how did you overcome it?

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Disney World: Magic Kingdom Trip

Disney world magic kingdom
I was really looking forward to visiting Disney World in Florida and this time we decided only to be seen Magic Kingdom we did not go to other parks. I must say it is a mission to reach Disney, when you arrive you take a complimentary transport to the train station and then take the train to Disney its a small trip on its own.
Disney world magic kingdom

Oh my goodness it was packed like seriously full, every ride there was a huge line, we used the complimentary fast pass, but it was only for 3 things well it was worth it. It is crazy every little girl was wearing Elsa’s dress from Frozen so much that on my way back, I had to watch the Frozen Movie on the plane to see what is the fuss about (I understand now).
Disney world magic kingdom

Disney World Magic Kingdom Trip was truly an amazing experience we got to see the castle, rode on different rides such as tea cups, enjoyed the peter pan flight, haunted mansion which my daughter hated, also took a boat ride and even saw some street entertainment.My daughter got to take photos with Tinkerbell, Elsa and Anna.
Disney world magic kingdom
Disney world magic kingdom
Disney world magic kingdom

This time we only visited one park, perhaps next time we will take a long trip and we will get to see other parks like Epcot, Animal Kingdom just to name a few.

Have you ever been to Disney and what was your favorite part about it?

Life with Baby Kicks


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