Talk about Multitasking

Talk about Multitasking
Wow,this year really pushed myself by enrolling to learn more because I felt like my head was becoming rusty.Little did I know it was going to be strenuous. Talk about multitasking and I feel like running away now and then.

Did not take into account what was already in my plate I just jumped in and I am a student again with assignments and exams to prepare for. My daughter  started school this year and has homework Monday to Thursday and already has an assessment time table (Like really in Grade 1).

I work full-time 8am to 4:20pm and I have a blog that needs to be consistent, otherwise it will be all back to one if I neglect it. My blog is a second job, it’s just that I am not earning any income from it besides being invited to campaigns and events.

Towards the end of October and last week I had to prepare for my exams.Help my daughter with her homework, cook, clean the house and be a wife. Sometimes feel like a married single mom, because I literally do everything on my own talk about multitasking.Talk about Multitasking

Taking on studies after nearly 10 years after college is really scary (oh boy did I just give away my age) and multitasking is not fun. Have been feeling burned out and extremely tired juggling working full time, being a student, a mom and a spouse and a blogger.

Have you pushed yourself this year to a point of , what the hell was I thinking?

Bullying in Primary School

bullying in Primary School

Bullying in primary school should not be happening especially at a lower grade. I have always said that school children are the meanest. Lately my daughter has been complaining about a girl in her class Grade 1.

This girl has been mean towards my daughter and her other friends. Saying things like you are stupid, pushing and pinching her in the back when they are standing on a line.

This morning again while my daughter and I were walking to the transport she complained again about this mean little girl. I am seriously starting to get angry about this. I told her to tell her teacher because it’s really unacceptable, its making my daughter uncomfortable.

Never thought that I will have to deal with bullying in primary school. If this girl is mean from grade 1, I can only imagine her in Grade 7. My daughter said I told her that it is not right to hit someone.

She called me stupid again and said my other friends and I wish she does not come back to school next year. That sentence really alerted me that it must be really awful for them to wish her out of the school.

Got me thinking what do I do with this, because I am currently feeling like going to the school and giving that little mean girl a piece of my mind.

I cannot turn into mama bear on a 6 years old girl who clearly thinks what she is doing is right and has seen someone in her family to mean towards another person in her presence.

Bullying in primary school how do I handle that; I would really appreciate you input?

Bloggers I consider Friends in the Blogsphere  

Decided to write this post because I was reflecting on my blogging journey and now I am at a stage where I can say I have bloggers I consider friends in the blogsphere. Earlier this year I meet a group of women who blog and work full time and being a newbie, I have always felt left out and intimidated by all the big bloggers already establishment.

I remembered last year when I went to a movie premiere and honestly, I found the environment bitchy and cold.All the big bloggers grouped themselves into small groups and they knew each other chatting and laughing away. I was glad because I had my daughter with and we stuck together like thick thieves, it was an awkward and uncomfortable experience.

Happy to have meet these fabulous ladies which we have grown close and have helped each other with blogging. I am happy to share with you today Bloggers I consider friends in the Blogsphere:

ferocious haven

Lindi Mogale from A Well-Heeled Woman – it should be A Well-Traveled Woman but then again that name is taken (hahahah) I say this because this woman has seen the world and even travels domestically. Cape Town should be her second home because it loves her.she is a wife and a mother, two colorful boy. She blogs about parenting and life and being a working mum. I honestly think she is superwoman because she works until the early hours of the morning. (Lindi please share your secret)

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Lebo Xolo from MrsX Lifestyle – she is the yummy mummy of two children boy and a girl, a wife and a working woman. Oh, boy, and she is so active and looks so good for a mom of two (Lebo are trying to put me to shame).I remember the first time I saw her I was like damn she is so cool; she has that swag and sexiness you, know like Rihanna she does not put it on it just there effortlessly (Gosh I sound like I have a crush).  Lebo blogs about fitness, parenting, events and fashion.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Ayanda Mkhize from Beat My Blush – I have not met her personally, but I first came across her on Beauty Bulletin she loves all things beauty. She is a mom, wife and a business woman she creates awesome platters and she is also a staying healthy fan (she loves shakes and smoothies). She blogs about beauty.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Noluthando Msomi from Modern Zulu Mom–  She is a proud mommy of two, a wife and a working woman. She blogs about parenting woman, work tips and fashion. She is indeed a modern African mom and a humble, soft soul.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere
Sara Essop from In Africa and Beyond – I consider Sara a friend even though I have not met her personally because she was friendly and welcoming. She was the to go to lady when I was applying for USA visa in March.I sent her an inbox and I thought she will ignore as she is an established blogger, but she replied and she was so helpful. (Thank you for your Kindness). I know she is a mom and Sara Blogs about travelling, accommodation reviews and all things South Africa if you ever need advice about visa application and where to stay she is your lady.

Do you have bloggers who were friendly when you started and how was your experience as a newbie?

Our children are in trouble



Did you know that almost 15 percent of South African primary school children are overweight? This is according to the latest stats from the South African Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The thing that caught my eye looking at this news was our girls are very overweight than boys. Any a parent with a primary school child in their household should be worried as me and this made me understand that our children are in trouble, especially girls.

It was found that girls living in the city-based have more than double the rate (30 percent) and have more body fat. It’s a fact that girls are usually heavier than boys. The World Obesity Federation (WOF) has warned that unless South Africa takes extremely important action to deal with the problem otherwise by 2025 almost 4 million local school children will be overweight.

This is a serious matter parents our children are in trouble and according to the latest research. The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HAFSA) it has shown that girls who were very overweight between the ages of 4 and 6 were 42 times at risk to be overweight as teenagers.

The biggest contribution to obesity is inactivity, our children watch too much television and it was found that girls watch more than boys. This presents a threat to our risk as they will at the risk of contracting long-lasting such a Diabetes.

In Fact, the time is now to act so that we can nip this as early as possible. Solutions need to be placed as suggested by Professor Ian Caterson from the WOF strongly encouraged governments to act: “Introducing tougher rules to protect children from the marketing of unhealthy food, making sure schools help increase healthy eating and physical activity, strengthening planning and building rules to provide safe neighbourhoods, and monitoring the impact of these policies.”

Is your child active enough and what needs to change?

Facial Wipes Are Essential

Facial Wipes Are Essential Have you guys noticed how the facial wipe market has evolved over the years, I for one I am happy that facial wipes were created especially my favourite Simple Cleansing Wipes. All because some nights I am just so tired to wash my face and sometimes I actually remember while in bed there is no way I will be waking up for that. Facial wipes are essential for such nights like this.

Facial wipes they are really convenient and they fit into your bag for on the go moments and especially for long international flights. I know airlines like Emirates offer you a warm face cloth to freshen up, but it’s also handy to carry facial wipes just in case you need to freshen up.

Facial Wipes Are Essential:

  • Convenient and portable
  • More and more wipes are becoming natural (E.g. contain extracts like Aloe Vera)
  • Versatile with benefits such as moisturisation, oil control and pore minimization all in a facial wipe pretty convenient
  • Can also have facial wipes for anti-aging containing, anti-oxidants. Facial wipes are evolving to cater to people of different age groups.
  • They are quicker and save time

This is why the facial wipes are essential in  every women’s’ life , on your bedside, in your bag, your car literally everywhere. Would be even better if they biodegradable to make disposing them easy like flushing them. The facial wipes are also used to hydrate the skin these days is not about looking younger but good for our age.

Do you use facial wipes and why?

The National Nutrition Week : Love your beans Campaign


Did you know that since the 9th until the 15th October is The National Nutrition Week: Love your beans Campaign , I honestly had no idea until this morning? The theme for this year is “love your beans” and I am not a fan of beans or lentils.
This afternoon from 1 -2pm the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) hosted a Twitter Talk which I attended because I was curious. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the educational 1 hour talk they gave tips and ideas of how to incorporate beans and lentils in your daily diet and lifestyle.

When I think lentils I immediately think about winter and soup but apparently you can have them all year round. It was really an eye opening one hour well spent. That also shared resources like recipe of how to prepare pulses to keep them interesting, to see what went on the talk see @ADSA_RD on Twitter.
The National Nutrition:Love your beans
Things I have learned today about pulses in The National Nutrition Week:Love your beans Campaign.

• Pulses protect us from certain diseases.
• Soak overnight to make them easier to digest and also quicker to cook.
• Really loved how you can even include them in your baking of muffins, homemade bread etc.
• The earlier you introduce beans and lentils to your children the better. (My daughter hates beans and it’s my fault)
• You can boil, fry, roast, mash, even tofu them, you can really do anything with pulses.
• Good source of fiber and protein.

The information is a lot I cannot include all of them in this post just visit twitter and see for yourself and you will also get lots of recipes shared.
The National Nutrition Week :Love your beans is brought to us by @HealthZA & @SAHeartStroke @CGCSA1 @CEPMilkSA & @NNW2013 #LovePulses. Check them out on twitter to find out more about the ‘Love your beans” campaign.

Does your family eat pulses? 

To my sister: Don’t swap your handbag for a nappy bag

Younger sister
I wanted to travel the world, getting married and having a baby was the last thing on my list. I really wished to travel and experience life, but fear of the unknown held me back. I was thinking what if this and that.

So I had my daughter at the age of 24 and got married. I don’t regret having my daughter because motherhood is also an amazing journey. All I am saying is wait a little bit and enjoy your youth and life because having a baby is a life altering decision you cannot undecided. Do not swap your handbag for a nappy bag, travel and work on your career and finish your studies.

Writing this to say as much as they say life is too short, life is indeed a long journey do not rush it. Take it step by step and don’t be like I do not allow fear to hold you hostage.
Yes change is scary, but it is part of life and we need to go through it in order for us to grow.

In 15 years time if you decide to settle down and have a baby and get married be ready for it without regrets of I wish this and that. My only wish is I should have waited to have a baby and kicked fear’s backside and bag packed theworld, having a baby at 24 years old is not ideal.

To my sister: don’t swap your handbag for a nappy bag too early in life, go get that passport, you have been stalling to get and just flow with life and enjoy the freedom of being a young adult before transitioning into adulthood.

Inspiration behind letter to my sister: don’t swap your handbag for a nappy bag because I was sitting and reflecting on all the goals I made while I was in high school and I never followed through because of fear.

I want my little sister to know it is okay to hold off on getting married, because getting the ring it is not an achievement. Yes diamonds arebeautiful, but they do not necessarily need to be a wedding ring.

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MiPad Kiddies from MiMate Review

Mimate Kiddies ReviewI decided to get an educational tablet as her birthday present because she loves my tablet and we are always fighting for it.

So I google educational tablets for children and I got MiPad Kiddies from MiMate and it was budget friendly because I bought this one for R999.00 from Takealot.

This MiPad Kiddies from MiMate Review is to help mommies when they decide to search such a product for their kiddies. There isn’t enough options in the market.

I am happy for the tablet because its keeping her busy during the school holidays. It is also a learning opportunity for her too because I told her she is responsible for it, she has to make sure it  does not crack.


I love the packaging its brightness and showcases the different colours they over on their cover which is 4 colours. The quality of the box amazing MiMate has done a fabulous job on the packaging it’s something you will be drawn if it was on an electronic store shelf.

Mimate Kiddies Reviews


The product is pre-loaded with a lots of games and educational game.

Built in with Children’s software

Child friendly interface

Android 4.4 Operating System

High Resolution Dual Camera

Full length displays IPS screen

Uses Wi-Fi


In the box toy also find Headphones, Charger, USB cable, Free USB Reader etc.

Abeerah’s Opinion: She loves it and she said it has a lot of things to do like colouring book, keyboard. Loves the pick cover it came with. In her words its fabulous.

My opinion: I love that it keeps my daughter away from my tablet (Smile), I love the packaging and cover makes it easy for children to handle. I love its pre- loaded with enough games and learning material. I am just disappointed with the quality of the camera as my daughter loves taking photos.

This was my MiPad Kiddies From MiMate Review, totally worth the price and my daughter is happy having fun and leaning at the same time.


Emergency Items Every Woman Needs In Their bag

Ferocious Haven

Today I get to work and I realized that the skirt I am wearing the bottom is unmade and it’s hanging in a very unflattering way and I thought to myself, I should have a small needle and thread in my bag to fix such incidents. Always have superglue in my bag for unexpected shoe emergencies.

Emergency Items Every Woman Needs in Their bag

It does not need to take too much of your space in the handbag and believe me you don’t want to fix your skirt with a stapler like me.

Needle and Thread- surely need to keep this in case something gets torn or you did no notice that it was unmade while you were home. Also wise to carry buttons in case you need it.

Superglue– I am never without superglue in my bag, I use it to fix my sandals or pumps just in case.

Wet wipes – for that clumsy spill you are not expecting when you are wearing the white and you try to sip your black cup of coffee or condiments spill especially the sneaky tomato sauce.

Clear nail polish – very handy when your stockings decides to run and you are far from shops to get a new pair and when you just cannot afford to take them out as they go very well with the outfit.

Medication- for headache and pain. My migraines always attack me when I have nothing.

Hand sanitizer– I love this because using public toilets like in the mall is really something, us women we pick up things very easily. So I take a tissue and put somesanitizer and use it as a toilet seat wipe and you can also use the wet wipes.

Do you have any emergency items that you can share with us?

Things I hate about Technology

Things I hate about technology

Last week I wrote about things I love about technology but I also have things that  really annoy me about technology. I will be telling you about the things I hate about technology.

Social Media: as much as things like Facebook were created to keep in touch with family and friends it is really annoying when people publicize their private life. I don’t need to talk to a friend to know that her relationship is not going well or she is upset with hubby or wife.

Too much Information: Have you ever googled yourself (let’s say you are not a blogger) it is scary how much information the internet is gathered about us is really too much.

 Googled my sister the other day and oh my goodness I was shocked google reveals everything, including people you may be connected to including pictures.

Family Time: Dinner time is a time for the family to sit around the table and just chat, but oh hell no, not these days. You look around everyone is busy on their phone either on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

As much as social media is meant to connect us its disconnecting us.

The bottom line is technology has its good and bad about it. We as human beings, we need to be more aware of things we post on social media because if you are not you become a target.

Things you should never post on Social Media :

  • Home alone
  • Do not to disclose  your location when you are posting, you never know who is following you
  • Try not a post nude pictures on the phone
  • Keep your relationship issues private, I know is hard but do not make yourself an open book.
  • Some people say do not complain about your work on Facebook because your boss might be reading (I don’t know isn’t Facebook my personal page has nothing to do with my work)

What do you hate about Technology ?

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