Switch To Rooibos Tea

Hello my name is Moipone and I am a coffee addict, yes I am a heavy coffee drinker and I am currently trying to switch to healthier teas like green tea and Rooibos tea but I am going through the withdrawals so I promised myself to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning and thereafter rooibos tea.
Just had a cup of Rooibos with 2 teaspoons of lemon wow, I am sold the taste is divine and not only that apparently rooibos has some great health benefits and some of the benefits include
 It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help with improving the health and appearance of your skin and can also be applied directly on your skin to aid sunburn, itching etc.
 Caffeine free which means less calories
 High in vital minerals such as magnesium
 Aids with stomach irritations like nausea, running stomach and can alleviate colic problems
 Rooibos tea also assists in iron absorption

Just to mention a few benefits so enjoy a cup of rooibos with a slice of lemon


In Celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In this Month of October we celebrate breast cancer awareness with pink so ladies and gents everyday this month include something pink in your outfit and also get yourself check because early detection is the key to survival








Happy Breast Cancer Month to all add something pink in your life this October

Just love them pumps

The pumps below loved them for my daughter and love the colour too, and in return she loved them and I bought them at Jet Stores for only R 79.00

Needed some pumps myself since summer is nearly here and the blue girls below cost only R59.00 @Jet

Hair clip only R 5,00 at the gift shop

Black Heart Almond pumps R 69.99 @Jet Stores

Dare to Colour Your Nails

Nails, nails and nails well this spring and summer is all about bold colours on your nails and clothes. brighten up your outfit by adding colour to your nails and colours this Summer/Spring 2014 are surely bright and bold. if you afraid of of wearing colour on your clothes then wear it on your nails and you will never go wrong : This summer/spring colours are:

1. Coral

2. Bold Blue

03. oh maybe you prefer flame orange

Now teal is one of my favourite colours it does not matter the season I can wear it all year round. This summer is the time to be bold with your floral dresses and bright nails and nail polishes they are available around your cosmetic shops and my favourite shops are: www.avon.co.za,I love buying from Avon and they have bold nail polishes from only R59.00 http://clicks.co.za/promotions/AugustBeautyFair2014 have nail polishes on special on until 20 September

Spring has Arrived in South Africa

Wow it has been one hell of a winter in South Africa just last weekend was the coldest and i must say I cant wait to see the sun and show off my legs and I wonder what is the fashion going to be like this spring.

I am tired of wearing dark colours and i must say my wardrobe needs some revamping i need pumps, bright tops and dresses i cant wait to go shopping

Heads up black and white, brights and florals are the fashion must haves of this spring according to Legit Looks like like the skater skirts and dresses are a thing too and the crop tops thats as if you have the body to wear a crop as for me the winter curries have been generous around my waist area if you know what I mean :-0

Make Passive Income sitting at home with Triaba South Africa

If you want to supplement your income let me tell you about Triaba South Africa, I have been a member for 2012 and I have qualified for a few surveys not as much as i would have liked but it is worth it. In order to cash out you need to have 4 dollars in your account and then you can cash out through paypal and the surveys pay very well the highest survey i have participated in i got paid 2.24 dollars. Triaba is not only available to South Africa and it also available to 11 more countries across the world from Sweden to India. Its a global survey panel Join Triaba to make the extra cash

Black and White Photography

 Just love the dramatic effect that powerlines and clouds make

 this is a view of Johannesburg in black and white driving on the freeway

 this photo i took because of the smoke

 Like i said i love powerlines and dramatic clouds

This one has a lonely feel to it and the long road ahead.

come back for more sets of photographs i think next set will be full of colour. this blog is a way for me to keep my progress.