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Black and White Photography

 Just love the dramatic effect that powerlines and clouds make

 this is a view of Johannesburg in black and white driving on the freeway

 this photo i took because of the smoke

 Like i said i love powerlines and dramatic clouds

This one has a lonely feel to it and the long road ahead.

come back for more sets of photographs i think next set will be full of colour. this blog is a way for me to keep my progress.

Potrait Photography

 This photo was taken this year on her birthday she was turning 3 years ols.

 this photo we were just fooling around to make her smile and pose

 we were in car she has just woken up and i captured the moment.

i was trying to take photographs in black and white
Just had to throw this one in it was a spare of the moment photo and i just love it.

I honestly know nothing about protrait photography below is a few photograhy of my daughter Abeerah she is my muse to learn protrait photography she can difficult sometimes. you are welcome to leave your comment and advise about photography and come back for me sets of photography

Jewellery Photography

 The ring above i found it in my little sister box and i decided to take photography with the following setting focal of 55m, f11 and 1/4 sec with window lighting.

this is my braclet took it in colour then turned black and white also using window lighting

 this one is a necklace below just zoomed in to capture the three gems.

.this set of photos is my first attempt of photography jewellery your comments are most welcomed and tune in for my next set of photos the theme not sure come back to see.