My Current Daily Skincare Products

Today decided to share with you my current daily skincare products, it is winter and Johannesburg has dry winters.

I will show you products that help me stay moisturized throughout the day. I have a very stubborn skin and finding the perfect product, it’s a mission for me.

Face Care

For my face, I use various products because they all their purpose, so here are my current products that I use on my face:

My current daily skincare products

Vichy Normaderm and Ideal Soleil SPF30 – Received these correct and protect combo from Vichy South Africa as part of the #TakeControl campaign and I have been using them for 3 months now.

I love the Normaderm gel because it balances my skin, controls the oil on the oily areas and moisturizers the dry areas. It works perfect for my stubborn combination skin.

The Ideal Soleil SPF30 anti-perfection and anti-blemish sunscreen, it’s a multi-purpose sunscreen that targets blemishes, pores and balances. This sunscreen sounds like a Rockstar doesn’t it light and easily absorbed.

Ponds Pimple Clear Face Wash – I received this product from the Hometester Club and I have not looked back. It really works for me. The Ponds Pimple Clear range it clears pimples in just 3 days. Very gentle on the skin.

Isabella Garcia Ultra Advanced Firming Gel-assists in the balancing of the skin’s natural moisture level and alleviates the appearance of fine lines.

I have fine lines under my eyes so I use this product to take care of that.

Garner Micellar Cleansing Water- I use this as a toner because it is not harsh on my skin and mostly on my lazy and tired nights when I don’t feel like washing my face. It does not dry out my skin.

Body Care

Temperatures are changing and my normal body lotion I have used during the summer is no longer cutting it .

So went back to my basic winter skin protection.

My current daily skincare products

Aqueous Cream and Clere Glycerine – every winter I buy these two products and mixed them up. The glycerine helps with keeping my skin moisturized throughout the day. If I apply the aqueous cream alone at the end of the day I am achy all over my body.

My current daily skincare products

Justine Tissue Oil – I use this tissue oil in winter at night after bathing not only does it smell divine, I love that it keeps my skins moisture lock it. Other benefits include like fading dark marks, stretch marks.

What is your current daily skincare product?I’d love to hear your views

Where to find good stock images for Bloggers?

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. As bloggers, we need stock images from time to time, so I will be sharing where to find good stock images for blogger that are free. Sometimes I need stock images and I browse the internet and it can be time consuming but now I have my favourite sites to find good stock images.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers? Look no further and read below about stock images sites I use which have high quality photos, vectors and illustrations.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers


This is another site of high quality photos and videos that can be used for personal and commercial with no attribution. Pixabay has over 940 000 of photos, vectors and illustrations. Their resources are nicely categorised and easily searchable.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers


Pexels is another amazing site to get free high quality stock images. 100 latest photos are added daily and their photos are easily searchable and nicely catalogued.  The photos can be used for personal and commercial use with no attribution needed.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers?


Now this is a little haven for me because they have graphic resources for personal and commercial use. High quality illustrations such as vectors, photos, icons and PSD files.  Free license with attribution.


I use Pixabay, Freepik and Pexels when I cannot take photos for some of the posts. They are very helpful and have a variety of photos to choose from if you cannot find a photo on one you can always go to the next site.

Where do you get your stock images?


Important Requirement of Motherhood is Unconditional Love

As the month of motherhood celebration begins I find myself asking what makes a woman a mother? It is not just biology, but the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love. Giving birth to a child is not enough if you do not have unconditional love in your heart.

Motherhood comes in all forms from the biological mother to adoptive mother and the foundation is love. I honestly never thought I would be a mom its something I never dreamed off or wanted.

I am a mom now and oh boy motherhood has taught me things no school can teach, motherhood is a university on its own level. You never know whether you have done enough or doing things right.
It really took time for me to really connect with my daughter, but as the years went by I am in awe of how amazing life is.

Seeing her grow each an everyday makes me grow too. It’s a feeling that can be understood if you go through it because words cannot begin to explain.

It’s not all roses and unicorns you know what I am talking about I mean I cannot even poop in peace. If I retreat to the toilet to get a few minutes to myself. My daughter will scream; Are you okay in there, why are you taking so long? Like seriously It gets overwhelming sometimes, but hey its motherhood.

That is why the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love because if it’s not there, believe me mothers would lose it.

Wishing each and every mother regardless of how you became a mother, a happy motherhood month. Hope you are spoiled rotten. For the all fireworks you have to deal with every single day.

First Aid 101: How to Treat Bites and Stings

Would you know how to treat a Scorpion sting should you encounter such an event? Today I will be giving you First Aid 101: how to treat bites and stings. It will be just basic information to help perverse the life of a person while waiting for the qualified person attend to the injured person.

On our First Aid 101 I will be addressing the following: scorpion stings, spider bites, snake bites and bee stings. We will cover the basic signs, symptoms and treatment for each.

Bee Stings

This is the most dangerous and result in more deaths, because people who are stung are allergic to bee stings. You are advised to squeeze the poison sac left after you are stung as this will force the poison into your body.

Symptoms and Treatment

If you are stung by a bee you may have difficulty in talking and breathing due to the swelling in the throat. Rash and itchiness may occur.

Take the person to the hospital immediately, while monitoring their vital signs. Only do Rescue breathing if necessary.

Scorpion Stings

These stings they are believed to cause the most intense pain and Scorpions only sting when they are disturbed.

Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms may include excessive sweating and rapid pulse. The stings pain may last up to 30 minutes. The person can get convulsions and it is rare that the victim may experience breathing problems.

To treat a Scorpion, sting you need to freeze the area of the bite for 1-2 hours but this must be done within 15 minutes of the sting. Keep the patient clam always, monitor their vital signs and remember to transport to the hospital as a matter of urgency.

Snake Bites

 Snake bites are classified into three categories and this is in effect they have on the body after being bitten and they are:

Causing local tissue damage: for example, Adder causes tissue damage at the site of the bite.

Effecting blood clotting: Boomslang (more dangerous because there is still no antidote)

Affecting the nervous system: for examples Mambas, Cobras and Ringhals. Causes muscle weakness and difficulty in swallowing.


Try to keep the patient clam because increased heart rate increases the absorption rate of the venom. Wipe the venom from the wound.

Wrap the bitten limb with a broader bandage from the starting point to the position as possible. Transport the patient to the hospital as soon as possible while keeping the patient stable.

Spider Bites

I have a huge spider phobia I cannot stand them. In South Africa, the most common spider bites are Button Spiders. The black widow spider’s venom is far more dangerous.

Symptoms and Treatment

The symptoms include difficulty in breathing, sweating and nausea. Chest pain like that of a heart attack and death in children.

When treating the patient call for help as quickly as possible, monitor vital signs and keep the patient calm and perform CPR if needed.

That is all we have today on our First Aid 101: How to treat bites and stings.



What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Well, wanted to be a lot of things when I was growing up and believe none of those dreams flourished.

For a long time, I wanted to be an Air hostess, just loved how elegant those ladies were in the movies, skinny and tall.

Then  fell in love with Mariah Carey and  even kept a notebook with all her songs written (do you remember having a song book). At that time, I wanted to be a singer gosh, even sorry young me we have no singing talent. LOL

The next phase I wanted to be a damn good lawyer and this was inspired by the show Law and Order back in the day. Loved those shows and loved how the people testifying fell apart.

Recently visited that dream because of Suits. I said out loud while we watching an episode with my family, you know I wanted to be a lawyer while I was growing up.

My daughter asked, then why didn’t you? Honestly didn’t have an answer.

That was a good question and it got me thinking. Why the hell did I not become a lawyer? May didn’t fight hard enough for my dreams or maybe the financial situation at home got to me.

Wanted to be a lot of things while growing and now I am 30 something with no real career because I let people’s opinions of me hold me back.

Even though I studied Hotel and Catering Management, ended up working as a receptionist because the hospitality hours are insane especially when you have a baby.

Let me just say there in no multitask-er like a person who works as a receptionist/ Admin Assistant and it is seriously not for the weak. To some people, it is just a bottom position and can’t even call it a career.

Recently something was said to me, which really hurt so deep and I can’t get the words out of my mind. Your salary will always be a receptionist salary it won’t go anywhere.

Never felt so small in my entire life. Besides this being said to my face and me reeling in anger and hurt.

It has inspired me to start my own company in Virtual Assistant and going to use my 6 years’ experience in the Reception/Admin Assistant area. To build and grow my company because you know what, I am more than a Receptionist.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Are you doing what you have always dreamed of doing?

Build a Castle…and Explore First Grade Geometry!

 In first grade, young mathematicians expand on their early shape identification skills by going “3-D.” Now, they’ll begin to work on identifying spheres, cones, cylinders, and cubes. So Build a Castle…and Explore First Grade Geometry!

You can engage your first grader with these fundamentals of geometry outside of the classroom with this homemade castle activity.

In addition to being fun and educational for your child, this project utilizes reusable, recyclable materials that are easily available right at home!

What You Need:
Large shoebox lid, or lid from a paper carton
Clean milk cartons: pint, quart, or half-gallon
Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tubes
Paper cups
Empty thread spools
Aluminum foil
Straight (non-bendable) drinking straws
Ice cream cones
Oatmeal boxes (the round tubular kind)
Ping pong balls
Nontoxic tempera paint
Glue, string, markers, tape
What You Do:

  1. Start with an important scientific (and organizational) principle: help your child sort all of the household stuff you both have collected for this activity. Make one category for cylinders, one for cones, one for cubes, and so on.
  2. Identify these titles and their three dimensional shapes clearly, and go over with your child the relationship between those flat squares and circles he studied all through kindergarten and these new geometrical forms. Those shapes she studied in kindergarten are the basis for these important 3-D forms (and it’s pretty cool!)
  3. Use the box lid as your building platform, and have your child start gluing and taping down the main shapes she will use to build the foundation of her castle. This is a great time to pull out a storybook or two with a castle illustration, or even better, to bring out a nonfiction resource (such as any of the architectural books for kids by David Macauley) in order to help her get a sense of what her castle might look like. As you go, invite your child to make connections: what geometrical shapes are prominent in these castles? How do they stay up without toppling?
  4. Some creative notes: milk cartons come with “peaked roofs” already in place (perfect for castle building), and you can easily use straws to mount aluminum foil “flags” on top. Paper towel rolls can be topped by ice cream cones or by paper cups as well (flat cylindrical roof areas are also a great place for flags). String can be used, along with spare pieces of cardboard, for drawbridges and catwalks.
  5. Help your child glue all the pieces to the box lid surface and each to of the other pieces and then, paint the whole structure. You can go for a “stone” look with gray paint…or try recalling some of Europe’s great castles and use white! She can paint her castle any color she would like. When the paint dries, invite your child to draw any other details she might like to add with markers.

Did You Know?
As your child advances in math and science, she’ll explore the formulas and ratios behind these fundamental shapes. This can be tricky stuff, but hands-on activities like this one will allow your child to develop comfort and familiarity with these concrete fundamentals that underlie all of that abstraction that’s to come in the years ahead.

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Egg-citing holiday fun with Silverstar at Easter Playground

Egg-citing holiday fun with Silverstar at Easter Playground. With the Easter holidays right around the corner.

Silverstar will be turning the Square into an Easter Playground for some much-loved family fun.

From Saturday 1 April to Monday 17 April 2017, the Easter Playground will be packed with fun-filled activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

Some of the child-friendly entertainment will include a soft play park, train rides, pedal karts on an inflatable track, water slide and buskersr

The Easter Bunny will also be making an appearance on certain days, with treats for the kids.

For those who prefer spending their time watching movies, the Easter Playground will have two free family movie screenings.

On Friday 14 April, guests can catch the screening of HOP and on Saturday 15 April, the Rise of the Guardians.

“During the holidays, parents are always looking for great family-friendly activities, and Silverstar has made sure to cater to those needs.

The best parts about the Easter Playground is that it’s not age specific and entry is free. Which does not limit who can join in on the fun at the Square,” says the Silverstar Marketing Manager, Sanele Ntombela.

Guests can also enjoy great food specials at Publicity Bar&Grill. The gastro pub offers guests live entertainment every Friday and Saturday.Along with a mouth-watering menu which includes Eisbein, steak, gourmet burgers and much more.

The Easter Playground at The Silverstar Square starts from 1 April to 17 April 2017, from 10:00 to 17:00 daily. Entrance is free for everyone.

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Online Skills Program ReadytoWork by ABSA

Wow, this is an amazing initiative by ABSA Bank. The aim of this online skills program ReadytoWork by ABSA is to get a person  ready for a workplace. By offering modules you can complete and earn a certificate on completion.

The best part is that it is free of charge and ABSA is trying to have their certificates to be SAQA recognized.

‍ReadytoWork by ABSA offers the following modules: Entrepreneurial Skills, Money Skills, People Skills and Work Skills.

Just choose a module that will benefit you more or can do them all.

Under each module there are resources loaded that be can downloaded such as:

Money Skills (Make Credit work for you), Work Skills (The art of good interview) People Skills (Developing effective communication skills) and Entrepreneurial Skills (Considering Self Employment).

Just to name a few, check out the ReadytoWork website for more amazing resources.

Learning some skills from such initiatives shows the prospective employee that you are proactive and upgrading your skills.

Thus making you an attractive candidate for the position. It is free to use it to your own advantage. I would advise everyone to looking through the site dont just take my word for it.

If you or your family member is between the age of 16 and 35 you can register for the ABSA free online skills program ReadytoWork.

They also offer a career guidance tool that will provide  the best career option suited to you.

What you do think about this initiative? Do you think by Absa trying to have their certificates recognized by the South African Qualifications Association makes it an amazing online skills program?

Tips on how to market yourself and look for a Job

It is sad to see how many people are looking for employment even to read that they have been searching for 3 years. I will be sharing my tips on how to market yourself and look for a job. Employment is stagnant in South Africa, so you need to be proactive because the traditional way of may not work try some untraditional way.

Looking for employment in South Africa can be a daunting task. I remember when I was searching it felt like a full-time job because I was up at 6am and looked at the new posts as a hawk. After failing to get a job the traditional way, I did it my way and instead of me calling for a job, the company called me.

Here is what I did:

  • Place an Ad– I placed adverts on jobsites showcasing myself, I stated what kind of a job I am looking for and cut and paste my experience.  Use sites such as Gumtree, Job Mail to name a few.


The only irritating part about this, if you are a woman there are man who will take your number and WhatsApp you asking if you interested in a job as a PA with benefits (by this they mean Sexual favours from you) Learn to ignore them. The correct company that is really looking someone with your skills will contact you. Post daily, don’t give up.


  • LinkedIn Profile – Create a professional profile on LinkedIn, it does not matter how much experience you have, just get yourself out there and put a nice professional profile pic. When you have, a new skill and add it and update your profile on a regular basis.


  • Learn a new skill – There are free online courses that you can do. Shaw Academy offers free courses occasionally. It will be a good add to your CV/Resume. It will show your potential employer that you are regularly intellectually developing yourself. Also, look for free skills workshops and seminars you can attend.


Do you have Tips on how to market yourself and look for a Job? Please share with us let us, empower each other.

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Turn your phone into a scanner with CamScanner

Have you ever needed to scan documents but you cannot reach a scanner at that given moment? No worries now you can turn your phone into a scanner with CamScanner.

I just discovered this app and I was skeptical, but oh boy I was truly impressed by the quality of the document after it has been processed.
CamScanner is available with two options of: free version with 200MB cloud space and Premium version has 10GB, you can pay monthly or yearly for the premium.

Download is available for Android, IPhone, IPad and Windows Phone 8.
You should really try it out for yourself, it’s amazing and I have not been so excited with an app in a while.

All you have to do is download CamScanner, take a picture of the document.  Then the CamScanner automatically crops the picture and enhance the quality.  

Below is  pictures of the app in action.

Do you think the CamScanner is an excellent App?