Online Skills Program ReadytoWork by ABSA

Wow, this is an amazing initiative by ABSA Bank. The aim of this online skills program ReadytoWork by ABSA is to get a person  ready for a workplace. By offering modules you can complete and earn a certificate on completion.

The best part is that it is free of charge and ABSA is trying to have their certificates to be SAQA recognized.

‍ReadytoWork by ABSA offers the following modules: Entrepreneurial Skills, Money Skills, People Skills and Work Skills.

Just choose a module that will benefit you more or can do them all.

Under each module there are resources loaded that be can downloaded such as:

Money Skills (Make Credit work for you), Work Skills (The art of good interview) People Skills (Developing effective communication skills) and Entrepreneurial Skills (Considering Self Employment).

Just to name a few, check out the ReadytoWork website for more amazing resources.

Learning some skills from such initiatives shows the prospective employee that you are proactive and upgrading your skills.

Thus making you an attractive candidate for the position. It is free to use it to your own advantage. I would advise everyone to looking through the site dont just take my word for it.

If you or your family member is between the age of 16 and 35 you can register for the ABSA free online skills program ReadytoWork.

They also offer a career guidance tool that will provide  the best career option suited to you.

What you do think about this initiative? Do you think by Absa trying to have their certificates recognized by the South African Qualifications Association makes it an amazing online skills program?

Tips on how to market yourself and look for a Job

It is sad to see how many people are looking for employment even to read that they have been searching for 3 years. I will be sharing my tips on how to market yourself and look for a job. Employment is stagnant in South Africa, so you need to be proactive because the traditional way of may not work try some untraditional way.

Looking for employment in South Africa can be a daunting task. I remember when I was searching it felt like a full-time job because I was up at 6am and looked at the new posts as a hawk. After failing to get a job the traditional way, I did it my way and instead of me calling for a job, the company called me.

Here is what I did:

  • Place an Ad– I placed adverts on jobsites showcasing myself, I stated what kind of a job I am looking for and cut and paste my experience.  Use sites such as Gumtree, Job Mail to name a few.


The only irritating part about this, if you are a woman there are man who will take your number and WhatsApp you asking if you interested in a job as a PA with benefits (by this they mean Sexual favours from you) Learn to ignore them. The correct company that is really looking someone with your skills will contact you. Post daily, don’t give up.


  • LinkedIn Profile – Create a professional profile on LinkedIn, it does not matter how much experience you have, just get yourself out there and put a nice professional profile pic. When you have, a new skill and add it and update your profile on a regular basis.


  • Learn a new skill – There are free online courses that you can do. Shaw Academy offers free courses occasionally. It will be a good add to your CV/Resume. It will show your potential employer that you are regularly intellectually developing yourself. Also, look for free skills workshops and seminars you can attend.


Do you have Tips on how to market yourself and look for a Job? Please share with us let us, empower each other.

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Turn your phone into a scanner with CamScanner

Have you ever needed to scan documents but you cannot reach a scanner at that given moment? No worries now you can turn your phone into a scanner with CamScanner.

I just discovered this app and I was skeptical, but oh boy I was truly impressed by the quality of the document after it has been processed.
CamScanner is available with two options of: free version with 200MB cloud space and Premium version has 10GB, you can pay monthly or yearly for the premium.

Download is available for Android, IPhone, IPad and Windows Phone 8.
You should really try it out for yourself, it’s amazing and I have not been so excited with an app in a while.

All you have to do is download CamScanner, take a picture of the document.  Then the CamScanner automatically crops the picture and enhance the quality.  

Below is  pictures of the app in action.

Do you think the CamScanner is an excellent App?

How to Make Extra Money Online in South Africa?

How to make extra money online in South Africa? I remember how I used to ask Google that question when I was home after giving birth to my baby. I got so bored and could not stand not having any income on my own, that’s how my journey on making extra money online begun.

Finding ways to supplement your income online is a lot of work, especially in South Africa because there are a lot of scams out there. I must say after searching all those years I have finally found some local survey companies that offer payment in exchange for your opinion.

I will be sharing with you my favourite South African survey panels with you below. One thing you must always remember is to never pay to be a member of a survey panel. When they ask for a fee run.


The Your View panel website is maintained and administered by the KLA (Kaufman Levin Associates), more info available under about us on their website. Payment Methods offered include Woolworths Vouchers, Cash, Airtime and Takealot Vouchers.

TUAI (Tell us about it)

Tell Us About It (TUAI) is a consumer panel run by Panel Services Africa, more information available under this about us on their website. Payment methods include cash, Woolworth and Takealot vouchers and airtime.

Enlighten Panel

Been a member for a very long time back to the days when it was survey basket. They have a lot of surveys and they also have an opinion forum that’s run for a week and you can make up to R150. Their payment methods include YuppieChef, Takealot, Numetro and Woolworths vouchers, airtime and recently added the Fnb Ewallet option.

Answered Insight

Answered insight is by far my favourite South African survey company because it pays R20.00 per survey and if the survey is long its double the amount. They make cash payment straight into your account within 5 working days.

Springvale Online

Is the slowest for me and they take time to process payment. You should be patient when joining this panel. Their payment methods include airtime and cash.

I have only shared my trusted survey panels and they are reliable and legit. You can join and do them on your spare time and redeem your points for anything from airtime to cash before month end pay check comes.


Do you have any ideas on how to make extra money online in South Africa?


Wishing You A Happy Valentine’s Day

I am wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. For as long as I remember today is Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of stories behind this day I won’t even get into that.

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Could be love between mother and daughter, husband and wife even boyfriend and girlfriend.

It’s the day of appreciation in any relationship may be in.

I will share with you my all-time favourite love quotes:

What online stores need to know about their consumer?

Honestly love online shopping because it is convenient and at the comfort of my home and this is what online stores need to know about their consumer. As a fan of online shopping I am going shares my views of what I think should happen and what online stores need to know about their consumer.

Shop online to avoid the long queues in stores, especially at the end of the month when you can the staff is tired and they just can’t take it anymore. Sometimes I hate shopping at some retailers because they don’t make it worth my while.

Here are what online stores need to know about their consumer

Out of Stock

Items that are out of stock they need to automatically get hidden. There is nothing more annoying, like clicking on an item, only to find out it is sold out. (Data is expensive, so please be considerate)

Payment Options  

Having a variety of payment options its truly a necessity, even the instant payment like Payfast. Waiting for payment to be cleared can take days and the product may be urgently needed and keep in mind not everyone has a credit card.


Lots of online stores tend to crash when they have huge sales because the website cannot handle the traffic. That is unacceptable, so make sure your IT team is ready to speedily resolve any glitch.


Most of the online stores have this in place especially Takealot. Their turnaround on delivery is amazing, maybe it’s because they use the most flexible Mr Delivery. The stores that needs to get on board with the delivery it’s the food stores like Pick N Pay, Woolworths. They need to consider offering free delivery on certain value of the order.

Returns and Exchanges

As easy it was to add an item in the shopping cart may the return and exchange policy is as efficient. I don’t like waiting and a week before turnaround time is not cool. Work with your suppliers and to shorten the turnaround time.

Love online shopping because I work full time and  hate long queues in the store during month end. Hardly get time and always exhausted after work to go buy something and it’s also convenient. Jet Stores have joined the club by offering online shopping.

Do you have anything you would like the online stores to know?

How important is religion in parenting?

How important is religion in parenting? Last night my husband and I we were up until late discussing religion matters regarding our daughter. When religion plays a big role in parenting it such a pain in the …… Married to a Muslim man and I was born a Christian but later changed to nothing. Definitely have good reasons.

What sparked the question of religion, you know in Muslim culture there are women who cover their faces. As I learn a little about the Quran each day I somehow feel that is oppressing women making men feel all superior above women and as a feminist that is a no, no in my book. I might be wrong, but as far as I understand I wouldn’t want my daughter to get involved with something that will teach her that men have power over women.

Found asking myself why religion plays a huge role in parenting. Is religion really necessary, especially religion that will inhabit a human being to enjoy life and all its possibilities.  Asked husband actually told him that our daughter should have the freedom to choose with path/religion she wants to follow when she is old enough. For now, we teach her what is right and wrong and let her experience life and everything in it.

Am I really just a bad parent? When I married my husband we never spoke about this and I never even thought about it. He knew where I stood when it comes to religion. Always say I don’t judge anyone who believes in God/Allah, but don’t know force your beliefs down my throat.

My daughter, she is a curious child and she is always interested in why in Christianity, they praise God the way they do and sing loudly and scream hallelujah while in Muslim they don’t. She also wanted to know why Hindus had so many gods and goddesses and the other day she wanted to know who is RA (The Egyptian God of Sun) I explain to her to the best of my abilities.


Am I being unreasonable to my husband about the religion matter? Have you encountered the same problem?




Its back to school and I am not ready

Where has the time gone, it’s back to school and I am not ready. Seriously, did not miss doing homework and lunch box . I also did not miss the washing all white PE clothes gosh, they make me hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I can not believe we are back at it again, another and lots of school activities, meetings (can I resign from being a mom). Also I am back to work and back into the weekly routine. I enjoyed my holidays not having to wake up and run like a headless chicken Has Been splendid.

It’s a new year, another 365 days to make our dreams come true and if your dream has come true its your year to prosper and make it greater. I am looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding year, of course I will be hustling harder than last year Because I have a DREAM.

I am not making any resolutions this year I am just going to make me and strive to succeed.

It’s back to school and I am not ready. Are you ready to go back into the routine?

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6 I started getting my daughter into doing chores last year she was only 6 years old.I have some chores ideas for children from the age of 6years old and this will be coming from what my daughter has been able to do.
It’s hard to be a working mom with a child in school, one day I just needed help and I cannot afford a maid. I asked my daughter if she could help and she gladly said yes.

Here is a list of my chores ideas for children from the age of 6 years old:

Doing the dishes

My daughter is really tall for age, but if your child is short you can buy those cute steps for children for them to reach the sink. Prepare water, make sure there is nothing sharp in the water like knives and forks. Keep the dish rack as close as possible, show them how doing it and voila.

Clearing the table after dinner

By this I mean putting the milk,juice and any sauces used during eating like your tomato sauce, salad dressing. Nothing heavy.

Cleaning the table after eating

Unless you have a table cloth on the table, your little one can learn to wipe down the table.

                                                      Folding Laundry

I just recently introduced this, the folding is still messy but the best part is she is learning. I give her the simple things like her leggings and tops. She also puts away underwear in the designated drawer.

Cleaning the bathroom

Give them a little water, sponge and detergent, let them scrub the bathtub and basin. It’s simple and easy and it keeps them busy.

These chores ideas for children can be introduced to your little one slowly not all at once and when you see that they are ready to taken on the next chores. Teaching our children to take care of themselves at an earlier age and teaching about cleanliness its the best value we can instill in them and a value they will always remember.

Unless you are you can afford maids and born into a wealth family then it does not matter☺

What chores have you taught your little and at what age did you begin?

Pond’s Pimple Clear Works in 3 Days

Pond’s Pimple Clear Works in 3 Days. Got pimple problems? Pond’s Pimple Clear works in 3 days, yes Pond’a has a new product called Pimple Clear. A few weeks ago I received The Pond’s Pimple Clear combo to try out. I seriously struggle with pimples when that time of the month arrives and trying this product out has been amazing.
Pond’s Pimple Clear promises to clear your pimples in just three days of continuous use. There are two products to help with achieving the results Pond’s Pimple Clear Face wash and Leave on Expert Clearing Gel.

The Pond’s Pimple Clear has the unique lock and clear technology that helps to target pimples at their root cause and helps protect skin from future breakouts. The products contain active Thymo-T Essence.

It’s also a 2 step process that is easy to use :

Step 1 : Wet your face, then create later withPond’s Pimple Clear face wash and gently massage on your face, removing any dirt and oil. Rinse off and pat dry your face.
Step 2 : Apply tiny amount of Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave on Expert Clearing Gel on the affected areas. Use Twice A Day
I personally used the products on the most crucial week of my life, that time of the month that’s when I am pimple prone. I was amazed by the products because in just one day the pimples were visibly reduced.