Its back to school and I am not ready

Where has the time gone, it’s back to school and I am not ready. Seriously, did not miss doing homework and lunch box . I also did not miss the washing all white PE clothes gosh, they make me hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I can not believe we are back at it again, another and lots of school activities, meetings (can I resign from being a mom). Also I am back to work and back into the weekly routine. I enjoyed my holidays not having to wake up and run like a headless chicken Has Been splendid.

It’s a new year, another 365 days to make our dreams come true and if your dream has come true its your year to prosper and make it greater. I am looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding year, of course I will be hustling harder than last year Because I have a DREAM.

I am not making any resolutions this year I am just going to make me and strive to succeed.

It’s back to school and I am not ready. Are you ready to go back into the routine?

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6 I started getting my daughter into doing chores last year she was only 6 years old.I have some chores ideas for children from the age of 6years old and this will be coming from what my daughter has been able to do.
It’s hard to be a working mom with a child in school, one day I just needed help and I cannot afford a maid. I asked my daughter if she could help and she gladly said yes.

Here is a list of my chores ideas for children from the age of 6 years old:

Doing the dishes

My daughter is really tall for age, but if your child is short you can buy those cute steps for children for them to reach the sink. Prepare water, make sure there is nothing sharp in the water like knives and forks. Keep the dish rack as close as possible, show them how doing it and voila.

Clearing the table after dinner

By this I mean putting the milk,juice and any sauces used during eating like your tomato sauce, salad dressing. Nothing heavy.

Cleaning the table after eating

Unless you have a table cloth on the table, your little one can learn to wipe down the table.

                                                      Folding Laundry

I just recently introduced this, the folding is still messy but the best part is she is learning. I give her the simple things like her leggings and tops. She also puts away underwear in the designated drawer.

Cleaning the bathroom

Give them a little water, sponge and detergent, let them scrub the bathtub and basin. It’s simple and easy and it keeps them busy.

These chores ideas for children can be introduced to your little one slowly not all at once and when you see that they are ready to taken on the next chores. Teaching our children to take care of themselves at an earlier age and teaching about cleanliness its the best value we can instill in them and a value they will always remember.

Unless you are you can afford maids and born into a wealth family then it does not matter☺

What chores have you taught your little and at what age did you begin?

Pond’s Pimple Clear Works in 3 Days

Pond’s Pimple Clear Works in 3 Days. Got pimple problems? Pond’s Pimple Clear works in 3 days, yes Pond’a has a new product called Pimple Clear. A few weeks ago I received The Pond’s Pimple Clear combo to try out. I seriously struggle with pimples when that time of the month arrives and trying this product out has been amazing.
Pond’s Pimple Clear promises to clear your pimples in just three days of continuous use. There are two products to help with achieving the results Pond’s Pimple Clear Face wash and Leave on Expert Clearing Gel.

The Pond’s Pimple Clear has the unique lock and clear technology that helps to target pimples at their root cause and helps protect skin from future breakouts. The products contain active Thymo-T Essence.

It’s also a 2 step process that is easy to use :

Step 1 : Wet your face, then create later withPond’s Pimple Clear face wash and gently massage on your face, removing any dirt and oil. Rinse off and pat dry your face.
Step 2 : Apply tiny amount of Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave on Expert Clearing Gel on the affected areas. Use Twice A Day
I personally used the products on the most crucial week of my life, that time of the month that’s when I am pimple prone. I was amazed by the products because in just one day the pimples were visibly reduced.

Hello 2017


A new year has begun ,hello 2017 I am looking forward to a wonderful 365 days. It’s amazing to see a year end and a new one arrive. A new year brings hope of new beginnings and another chance to fulfil incomplete goals and dreams.
I am looking forward to a successful 2017 in my personal and blogging life. I also wish my family and friends an amazing 2017 may your dreams and desires be acknowledged.
Hello 2017 its going to be one hell of a year and I am prepared and ready for my transformation. So its that time of the year to choose a mantra that will get me through the year and this year my mantra is:
Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Bruce Lee

Promise myself to be the best and successful version of me and only me. Also march to the sound of my own drums.

Do you have a mantra for 2017?

The New McCain Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

The New Crispy McCain Sweet Potato FriesPeople who know me very well , know I have a love affair with fried/slap chips so much that every Friday after work before I go home get myself a packet. Received a voucher for me to go buy The New McCain Crispy Sweet Potato Fries, sounds like an alternative replacement because they are low in carbs.

Sweet potatoes are known to promote digestive health, heart health and they are also a good source of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. They are so bright orange that my daughter thought I was deep frying carrot chips. My daughter hates chips so much, but she enjoyed the new McCain Crispy SweetThe New Crispy McCain Sweet Potato FriesThey are so easy to cook you can bake or deep fry them the choice is yours. Prefer deep frying them because its quicker than baking them. While deep frying, in hot oil takes about 3 minutes for them to be cooked, baking takes 20 minutes, the product cooks best from frozen. Totally a fan of things that cook fast and quickly so we can eat.

The New Crispy McCain Sweet Potato Fries

Chef’s Tips:

Best Served with sour cream and chives dip or sweet chilli sauce. I will be trying the sweet chilli sauce because not a fan of sour cream.

Do you love fries/slap chips like me? McCain has introduced a healthier alternative with their Crispy Sweet Potato Fries.

Tips for People Travelling Alone to International Countries.

 Tips for people travelling alone to International Countries.

The festival season is officially here and people are going away to amazing destinations. I sometimes feel like going away to an exotic destination all by myself, but sometimes It might not be a good idea to travel alone. So here are tips for people travelling alone to international countries

  1. Always travel with a well-known, trustworthy companion. Do not go off on your own.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings and have all of your emergency numbers on hand.
  3. Never trust strangers, do not visit dodgy places, have at least one other person with you.
  4. Do not travel alone, travel with a tour group.
  5. Carry pepper spray, it might be illegal in some countries (So find out).
  6. Always pack your bags yourself, do not take “gifts” from anybody.
  7. Leave your valuable items such as expensive jewelry that might make you a target.
  8. Give your family copy of all your itinerary and keep in touch as much as possible do they can know your movements
  9. Register with Registration of South African Citizens (ROSA). This service is free and by registering your trip online with ROSA you assist the Department to locate you during an emergency. If you have such a service in your country, it is advisable to register.
  10. Walk with confidence like you know where you are going and if you have ask for directions imply that you are meeting a friend there. So, that they don’t think you are alone.

Hope you find my tips for people travelling alone to international countries this December very useful.Safe travels and enjoy your holidays.

How do you keep yourself safe after living the secure borders of your home country?







Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger

home-office-599475_1920When I started blogging little did I know how much time it will consume and how much it will cost. I started a lot of blogs which I later left because I was not ready to put in the work of creating content. My mindset was wrong I was looking for a quick fix and failed. Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger or Digital Influencer, it’s things I wish I knew before starting.


You have to be prepared to spend money from your pocket. Data is not cheap and you cannot afford to be offline for too long because readers tend to lose interest. If you appear to be a one hit wonder.


You need to be on top of your game, posting regularly to increase your google visibility. I know easy for people like me who work full time and still have to create content, but make an effort to post at least once a week.

Social Media

This is overwhelming because there are a lot of platforms out there, so don’t stress yourself by joining all of the at the same time. It’s not easy to grow a following so at least sign up for 2 or three being Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and grow your numbers.

You don’t need to have a blog.

Not everyone is good at writing (I try) and just the other day I was going through Webfluential and I realised that not every influencer there has a blog.

This is something I wish I knew when I started because it’s something I really would have considered. You can be a Digital Influencer by having a huge following on your social media accounts and even just one is still effective.

Don’t Compare Yourself to other Digital Influencers.

Rookie mistake I made was comparing myself to other bloggers. Got depressed about their huge followings were and  obsessed with how many comments they got in their blog post.

Pace yourself because they have been doing it longer than you and probably felt the way you are feeling when they started. Focus on growing your brand.

Finally, I have also learnt that when the time is right, your work and effort will be recognize and all your hard work will pay off. These are the Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger/Digital Influencer.


What great lesson have you learnt about being a blogger/digital influencer?




The mainstream quality of life

The mainstream quality of life these days is changing every year and busier every year forgetting just to stop and breath. I grew up in the city and in love with life in the city, but lately I have been yearning for a quieter and simpler life. Maybe just maybe when I grow older I will buy a house surrounded by trees with open space for fresh.

I am thankful for my daughter because her views of life they are just so simple and surprising. She is the sparkle I need in my day and when I am sad she would do something to make me laugh. She would be so happy when I do and say yes, I made you smile.Really find the age my daughter is right now the most exciting because of her curiosity and as adults we tend to lose that. I don’t remember the last time I was curious about something.

The mainstream quality of life

This is the mainstream quality of life we just work and work and want to make more money. That’s all we do these days make money, eat and sleep repeat. Our every little move is monetized; I yearn for a simple life.The mainstream quality of life


Have you ever yearned to slow down and breath?


Breath. Meditate. Smile

Talk about Multitasking

Talk about Multitasking
Wow,this year really pushed myself by enrolling to learn more because I felt like my head was becoming rusty.Little did I know it was going to be strenuous. Talk about multitasking and I feel like running away now and then.

Did not take into account what was already in my plate I just jumped in and I am a student again with assignments and exams to prepare for. My daughter  started school this year and has homework Monday to Thursday and already has an assessment time table (Like really in Grade 1).

I work full-time 8am to 4:20pm and I have a blog that needs to be consistent, otherwise it will be all back to one if I neglect it. My blog is a second job, it’s just that I am not earning any income from it besides being invited to campaigns and events.

Towards the end of October and last week I had to prepare for my exams.Help my daughter with her homework, cook, clean the house and be a wife. Sometimes feel like a married single mom, because I literally do everything on my own talk about multitasking.Talk about Multitasking

Taking on studies after nearly 10 years after college is really scary (oh boy did I just give away my age) and multitasking is not fun. Have been feeling burned out and extremely tired juggling working full time, being a student, a mom and a spouse and a blogger.

Have you pushed yourself this year to a point of , what the hell was I thinking?

Bullying in Primary School

bullying in Primary School

Bullying in primary school should not be happening especially at a lower grade. I have always said that school children are the meanest. Lately my daughter has been complaining about a girl in her class Grade 1.

This girl has been mean towards my daughter and her other friends. Saying things like you are stupid, pushing and pinching her in the back when they are standing on a line.

This morning again while my daughter and I were walking to the transport she complained again about this mean little girl. I am seriously starting to get angry about this. I told her to tell her teacher because it’s really unacceptable, its making my daughter uncomfortable.

Never thought that I will have to deal with bullying in primary school. If this girl is mean from grade 1, I can only imagine her in Grade 7. My daughter said I told her that it is not right to hit someone.

She called me stupid again and said my other friends and I wish she does not come back to school next year. That sentence really alerted me that it must be really awful for them to wish her out of the school.

Got me thinking what do I do with this, because I am currently feeling like going to the school and giving that little mean girl a piece of my mind.

I cannot turn into mama bear on a 6 years old girl who clearly thinks what she is doing is right and has seen someone in her family to mean towards another person in her presence.

Bullying in primary school how do I handle that; I would really appreciate you input?