Zombie Concert





Weekend update nothing much happened on Saturday is was my daughter’s Zombie themed concert, joys of being a parent, so children were graduating so the show took longer than expect and there was load shedding so no lights but it was fun for my daughter Abeerah but hubby was restless hope next year when our daughter is graduating he will be more patient. Besides lights issues the weekend was well spent so excited because this Friday I am closing

Happy Christmas Everybody

[slideshow_deploy id=’208′]Happy Christmas everybody, that’s what my daughter says when we enter a shop that has Christmas decorations and every day she is asking is its Christmas. In my home while growing up we never celebrated the holiday it was just another day but this year I am planning to buy a tree and decorate it for my beloved daughter because she love Christmas she is only 5 years old and we are raising her as Muslim because her dad is Muslim but she has a mind of her own and I want her to have happy memories of her childhood that I have yearned for so Muslim or not We are celebrating Christmas this year and for the first time I am excited about it thanks to Abeerah.
Busy looking around for trees so I have a lot to learn. I am constantly checking online for decorations and stuff. Oh wow I was busy checking online for tree decorations idea and oh my gosh my head is spinning but I will win this.All the below on my checklist of Christmas shopping can be found at www.pnp.co.za

Spoil Yourself

Spoiled myself with some goodies I deserve them after all i work hard

Ralo Eyeliner
Ralo Eyeliner
Suprise Box
Suprise Box
Tissue Oil
Tissue Oil

This Tissue oil smells so good and works wonders with dry skin easily to apply, use it so massaging as it eases stress



Love these, no fuss and they last up to 10 days and easy to remove with nail polish remover, now my nails will look good for less


After a long day at work I can relax with some bubble bath

Product Review: Oral-B Pro-Expert

Yesterday afternoon I received a box of goodies it was the recently advertised the wait for it Oral- B Pro-Expert toothpaste and toothbrush. Anyway I was planning to get a new toothbrush but the samples saved me a trip to the stop.



The toothpaste is in a gel form blue in colour with fresh mint flavour, I used it in the morning and till now when I run my tounge across my teeth I dont feel any plague build up still feel fresh like I just brush my teeth, I am definately switching toothpaste to Oral -B



The Oral B Pro-Expert its an all round protection from cavaties,sensitivity, breath and whitening, speaking of whitening I can trully say it works because I like drinking my coffee black and strong and it stains my teeth but after brush my teeth last night and this morning I saw a difference in the whiteness so will continue using it .

I totally recommend the product

Product Review: Bokomo Oatbix


Received a sample of Bokomo Oat-Bix to test and I was so disappointed even my daughter did not like she prefers the original Weetbix than the Oat bix. The Oat-Bix does not have taste I had to put a lot of sugar and the colour is not easy on the eyes and when the milk is cold it is not easily absorbed .Oat bix is lighter in colour and finer than the normal Weet-Bix.


In my own opinion I don’t like the product and my family they are also not fond it. I seriously prefer the original Weet-bix but I am sure there are people who enjoy the product and its an alternative for people who are wheat intolerant.


I am still a fan of Bokomo I just prefer different kind of Bix

Product Review: Omo Capsules

Few months ago I received a box of Omo Capsules samples to try out with friends and I really loved this product, it smelled so good, good enough that I hardly used fabric softener. I strongly recommend it as it removed the stains in one wash and the whites become whiter and I used it mostly for my daughter’s clothes you know these pre-school get dirty. Omo capsules its a good product but the price is a bit too much for my liking.



Great product indeed leaves no residue on the clothes, easy to use with no fuss.