My Journey to Weightloss



Well after having my baby I have been struggling with my weight, I used to eat anything and I would still look sexy and slim but after I had my baby I noticed that if I eat any how I gain weight and I have gained way too much. I have tried almost everything from joining the gym to home exercise dvds. I went from a size 32 to a size 40 and its been hard and depressing. I quit gym after 6 months because I didnt have the stamina after work as I have to get home help my daughter with homework and still cook so I could not keep up.

I currently have Zumba DVD, Gillian Michaels Inferno Yoga dvd, excersice ball, dumbbells but I just cannot bring myself to get moving. Been drinking different diet teas and stopped half way and oh yeas even bought meal replacement shake but I just cannot get myself to get active.

Today I put the Zumba DVD and I moved hopefully I will keep up and shed some weight very soon

Thank you for reading xoxo

Review: Demelan Cream


I started using this cream a wee ago and so far I am happy with it. Demelan cream evens skin tone in hyper pigmentation.In dermatology, hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails caused by increased melanin.

The cause of hyperpigmentation include inflammation, UV exposure and hormone imbalance. It is available over the counter and it mostly recommended by dermatologist to treat hyperpigmentation.

The cream contains:
Kojic Dipalmitate
Glucolic Acid.

Its crucial to use sunscreen of at least SPF15 while using this product because it will may your skin more sensitive to the sun.

If you are suffering from scarring from ezcema, have dark spots’marks from using contraceptive and any other pigmentation Demelan cream may be just the product for you.

Apply every second day to the affected areas.

xoxo Ponie

Inside My Beauty Cabinet








I don’t keep much but the products that I have I use them religiously.

Avon Solutions Cellu Sculpt I use it to treat cellulite on my thighs its a tri-roller easy to use .

Justine Anti-Aging Mask I love because it d nuoes not dry out my skin like other masks it very gentle and soothing.

Organics shampoo and conditioner love the smell and the feeling I get in my hair when I use it

GND Body Luv Bath Oils the smell is define and it good for rough and dry skin as it hydrates the skin

Garnier BB Cream love it and easy to use currently the only makeup I use

African Extracts Rooisbos Toner,Day cream with SPF15 and Night Cream its really good n my skin and natural too

Johnsons and Johnsons 3in 1 toner and Fair Complexion day cream with SPF15 I have been a fan of these since forever

xoxo Ponie

Mince Curry with Sweet Potato and Pasta








Well today decided to cook dinner after we had bread and jam last night. I cooked mince, pasta and sweet potato.


Ground Mince Meat
Sweet Potatoes
Beef Stock cube for seasoning

Organics Kids Shampoo Review




I recently received a box of Organics Kids shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 mango and strawberry scents. I have tried the strawberry scent on my daughter I love it, It nourishes the hair and the smell is so pleasant and makes the hair easy to comb . Its a no tears formula, has no artificial dyes ad its hypoallergenic. Its gentle and easy on the eyes

Tulips Are Back

Tulips are back in season from April to August and they are available in beautiful primary and secondary colours.

Awesome vase arrangements from

Vase Tulips

Lovely bouquets from


Have a wonderful flowery day

Wishlist: Leather Biker Jacket


With winter finally here this week, its time for jackets of all sizes and shapes. I love me some biker jacket as I can keep warm and still show off my figure .

My Favourites:

1. SALSA- Barcelona Quilted Leather Jacket R1899.95.

2. KELSO- Leather Biker Jacket R699.95

3. KELSO- Leather Biker Jacket R699.95

4. KELSO- Leather Brown Biker Jacket R 699.95

All these beautiful jackets availble at Edgars Stores Nationwide