How can I teach my daughter to be a reader?

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So I came across a blog post by Kim Mari about how her boys never leave the house without a book. Wow, thanks Kim for making me feel guilty about reading I say this because I am a watcher, not a reader. I watch a lot of television with my daughter Abeerah to the extent that she knows every word for most of the adverts on the television.

I remember back in 2009 after she was born, I joined a Barbie book club where they sent books very month because I wanted her to have a different upbringing than me and I must say I don’t even read her a bedtime story I just hate reading long books.

My question is how can a parent like me who is not fond of reading raise a child that is a reader?She has like tons of books, but I never read to her because I always have my eyes glued to the television and I seriously do not have the patience.

Mothers may you kindly please share tips with me. From tonight I promise to read her a book

Little things that make motherhood worth it

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Every day I am blown away when my daughter does or asks something new. Over the weekend she asks what does incredible mean? As usual, I am speechless and gather my thoughts, then answer and I say I don’t know. She tells me I am a big girl I must know.

Seeing a child develop and grow its just beautiful, something you need to go through to understand it.I must say it has been a wonderful journey and a pleasure to see this young soul grows into this little princess.

Motherhood is by far the best that has ever happened to me in the begining it was rough, but I have finally molded into being a mother and hearing my daughter say to me, you are the best mom, means the world to me and I must be doing something good.

So today I got back from work and while we were walking home she said to me, tomorrow fasting is starting and she will be fasting all day, so I must wake her up early in the morning to eat (like seriously). Ok, wait she is only turning 6 years old in August already she wants to fast.

These little things surely do bring a smile on my face after a long day at work

How was work after a long weekend?

Skin Republic Epidermal Growth Factor Mask


In my mission to find my perfect skin I have bought a few products and I also found some face marks from Skin Republic which offer different product in this post I will be talking about the Epidermal Growth Factor silk cellulose mask sheet which targets anti aging factors .

Epidermal Growth Factor contains astaxanthin and peptide which together work effectively to recover elasticity of the skin within the layers of epidermis to promote production of collagen . it is dermatologist tested.This advanced skin care range is developed by dermatologist from the university of Seoul in Korea.

Epidermal Growth Factor promises to:
-Tightens, lifts and moisturizes
-Reduces the signs of aging
-Improves flexibity

Its is hypoallergenic skin range which deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin promoting a healthy looking skin . the mask is soaked in serum containing skin filler ingredients.

Direction for Use
wash and tone your face
Place the mask on your face evenly
Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
Remove the mask and pat the skin
Apply the serum left in the packaging on your neck.

Preferably use twice a week for the first month then after as required

I found the Epidermal Grothe Factor to be nourishing as after I used it I stayed the whole day without putting my face cream and my face remained moisturized and fresh. My skin is better and I am loving the area under my eyes looks much better these days. This is a product worth trying and affordable .Can’t afford a facial at a spa this product is what you need.

Available at takealot,Red Square,Dischem and Clicks they go from R39.00 per mask pack.

For more info click here

Skin Restoration Gel By SKLEER- Review


I am always looking for products to test that promise clear skin and remove acne spot I recently discovered SKLEER. I ordered my product from takealot
Skleer is a skin restoration gel that uses natural ingriedients such as Eucalyptus oil,tea tree oil, glycerine and cardamom oil to name a few. This product promises to regenerate and restore your skin by deeply nourishing your skin .

Skleer is used to treat the following:
Sun and Age Spots
Minor burns,cuts and grazes
Itchy Skin(Pruritus)

Direction for Use

To treat pimples and acne clean and dry the area at night and apply the affected area.

The product is available at the following stores:

Dischem Stores
SKLEER Representatives across the the country for more information visit their website

I have been using this product for a week now and some of my spots have started to clear up. I love the smell of Skleer its a mentol smell, it smells like medicine and its in a gel form easy to apply and soothing . I currently happy with what I have seen lately but I will write a follow up final verdict in a month or two.

Blogs I Read

I have three blogs that I follow religiously.The first thing I do when I wake up I reach for my tablet and check if they have any new posts up.


Cupcakes and Cashmere

This blog is written by Emily from Los Angels and she also has a few books published. what I like about her blog is that is covers a little bit of everything fashion,food,home decor etc. I find this blog very entertaining. This is the first blog I found when I decided to start blogging last year.


Complete Disbelief

I recently found this blog its a South African beauty and lifestyle blog written by Zaahirah, I love the layout and its a fun blog to read and I enjoy reading her product reviews.I also like her choice of background when she takes picture its very interesting.She shares her beauty tips and her love for travelling


You,baby and I

July Events Guide for Johannesburg


Exhibitions and events are a way of learning new things while mingling with other attendees,its knowledge and inspiration under one roof and they can be fun and informative. So now let’s see what is happening near you in July:


Venue : Gallagher Convention Center Midrand
Dates: FRIDAY 17th July 2015 – Trade & Family Day R70 and Children U12 – free
SATURDAY 18th AND SUNDAY 19th July 2015
Adults – R90
Pensioners & Scholars – R75
Children U/12 – R50
Children U/2 – no charge

For more info visit click here

The East Rand Wedding Show

Venue: Emperors Palace, Kempton Park
Dates: 25-26 July 2015
Ticket Price: R80.00 person (Online) and R100.00 (at the door)
Time:9am to 5pm

For more info click here

The 2015 National Antiques Faire

Dates :24 – 26th July
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg, South Africa.
Tickets: R100.00 – R300.00
Time: 10am -6pm

For more info click here

Go ahead and make a note of these dates in your diary

Reboot Your Wardrobe with Spree

Yesterday afternoon while on my Facebook saw an advert for Spree and curiousity got me so I clicked on the ad and this is what I found boots. Beautiful boots in different colors,designs and shapes.

I love the inner of this boot it looks warm and cozy.

1.Flip-over Long Boots Navy

With this boot, the rich colour caught my eye.

2.Pointy Ankle Boots Red

The gold zip detail makes this shoes elegant and interesting and I am a wedge lover.

3. Wedge Ankle Boots with Zip Detail Black

Never owned a cowboy look boots a pair would be lovely and I love the rich detail and they look like good quality

4.Cowboy Boots Tan
Shop the looks.

Weekend Crush:Jackets at Mr Price


After spending the whole of Saturday indoors due to the cold weather, on Sunday I decided to take a walk with my daughter and do some window shopping which I havent done in ages. So we walked into Mr Price and oh my gosh I fell in love with their jackets espeacially one cream faux fur jacket I was in awe, the texture was superb it looked expensive at a very reasonable price.

Here are some jackets I am crushing on and I totally need this winter

1. RT Chubby Fur in Cream R299.00
2. Waterfall Jacket R189.00
3. Collarless Coat R229.00
4. Purple Chubby faux fur R299.00
5. Chubby Fur Black and White R299.00

These beautiful jackets can be found at or at any Mr Price stores nationwide

Review: Omo Handwash Laundry Liquid




Want to remove tough stains the old fashion way? Last week friday on my way home from work I saw this Omo truck with lots of boxes filled with Omo handwash laundry liquid so I decided to get myself a sample to try. Even though I wash with a machine I gave this handwash liquid a try.

Omo Handwash Liquid soap is designed for people who use their hands to do laundry.

Promises from Omo include:
>Removes tough stains faster
>Just one cap is enough
>The 750ml liquid is equals to 1kg powder
>You get about 10 washes

Omo is a popular trusted brand you can buy the product from the following stores and you can visit their websites to find a store near you:

>Shoprite (

>Checkers (

>Spar (

>Pick n Pay (

Omo Handwash Laundry Liquid is a well established brand that you can trust and so far it has delivered results .

After using the product over the weekend yes I used my hands to wash a few clothes and I noticed the follow
The soap has a very pleasant smell
One cap of the liquid soap is really enough as it lasts long throughout the wash.
Pre-soaking the clothes helps with removing the stains and didn’t use a lot of strength to wash

Also noticed that the soap is a little harsh on the hands so I suggest you put lotion on your hands after doing the laundry

OverProtective Mother

Photog by Carol Mlangeni
Photo by Carol Mlangeni

I received whatsapp message from my mom and sister, you know those chain messages about a man who is doing human trafficking targeting single women,boys and girls. I started getting worried about my daughter as I work fulltime and take time to get home I worry a lot about her.All I want to do is protect her all the time but I don’t want to live in fear either.

Found myself thinking about home schooling if its a safe option because the world has become a very dangerous place to live in. The idea of someone taking your child is nerve wrecking .

My daughter she is six full of life, starting Grade 1 next year, named her Abeerah in Muslim it means flower and in Hebrew means strength.she is the love of my life and will do anything to protect her from scumbags who targets children.