The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review


I love freebies a coworker shared her freebies with me about a week ago. The Thursday tea tree oil is a product you must always have in your First Aid kit because it is a multitasking oil.

The Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is 100% pure and natural. It works as an antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal.Tea tree oil has some healing benefits which include: killing bacteria, soothes pain and irritation.

You may use the tea tree oil to treat the following common issues
Fungal infections
Stings and insect bites
Minor burns
Lice and ticks
Cold sores
Pimples and acne

The pamphlet include is the box shows instructions on how to use to treat each matter.

The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil has helped me a lot with my sinuses. You can either add 3 drops in a bowl of hot water and inhale or you can just apply few drops on your palm hold over your nose and inhale. It offers relief in seconds.

You can also use it around the house by diluting a few drops in water and spray over carpets or bedding to repel fleas also you may use a damp cloth with drops of tea tree oil to wipe off surfaces or clean the floor acts as an antiseptic. So go ahead, add a few drops in your cleaning water and protect your home.


I love the smell and for more information about this product go website

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My Random Musings

July Featured Blog: Yellow Lab (1)

I’d like for you to meet a friend and fellow blogger of Ferocious Haven: Salomé from the Yellow Lab blog {}.

I asked Salomé to tell us a little more about herself and to share her 3-5 all-time favourite posts she’s written.

Hi! I’m Salomé from the Yellow Lab blog.I’m a photographer and designer who runs Yellow Lab with my hubby when we’re not tending to little toddler tantrums, preparing for little baby brother number two or taking our Labrador and retriever for a long leisurely walk. We document our behind the scenes photo shoots, client photos from photo shoots and post personal notes to our boy(s) and share things we find funny or that inspire us.
odie8months-b (4)
I started blogging shortly after getting married in 2009 as a way of doing something creative after hours. It was only round about 2011 that I started to love photography {} and 2014 that Yellow Lab was born.

I am happiest when our entire family is out walking. When the dogs are running off their leashes, hubby and I’m next to each other, Odin is running and laughing and the sun is shining. I love it whenever there is laughter! If you throw a camera into this mixture of happiness and are able to capture those true smiles and pure joy……. I can hardly think of anything better. 😀 (2)

I love to capture my family’s moments to make sure I always remember {} just how little my little guy once was and to see how our family changes every year {}. I especially love if I can help people remember their own stories, whether it’s a booked photo shoot or tips on how to take better photos of your own kids using your phone {}

Please visit the Yellow Lab blog for more stories on our fur babies Lily and Poppy or our experience with parenthood raising Odin and soon his little brother too.

You can follow Yellow Lab on:
Facebook (
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My Random Musings

Challenges of Raising a Biracial Child

Where did you get her? I am sorry but there is nothing natural about that question it just feels so wrong to me and I used to get really pissed off when someone asked me that question.
Abeerah my angel 037
It never occurred to me that having a mixed race child can be difficult and I have discovered how people can be so closed minded. My daughter Abeerah her daddy is Indian and I am black and the comments I get on the streets they are disgusting because she looks more Indian than black. My mother was also uncomfortable with my daughter’s hair, she would say people will say we stole her and so she would cut her hair, hoping it will grow back looking like mine Afro and she bought her beanies and hats for when we go out.

After having my daughter made me realise that people still have a problem with interracial marriage and couples. Questions and comments would go from why did you leave us black men and go have an Indian baby and you are lying she is not your child. Even to this day I am still mistaken for the nanny.

Now that my daughter has grown up and she plays with other children they say things to her and she later asks me. The recent question, what is a coloured? I was really shocked well, I am shocked every time she asks me something I am not expecting then I asked her why is she asking me that and she told me that one boy visiting her friend’s house said she is a coloured . I honestly did not know what to say and I still don’t know. How do I answer such a question when I don’t even consider my child coloured and I am clearly uncomfortable classifying her.

A few months back when I was filling in a school application form it reached the race column and I left it blank. I spent about 5 minutes thinking about which box I must tick. It is difficult raising a child in a black dominated community. While I was pregnant the only thing I thought about was how her hair will look like not how will people react to me having a biracial child.
It is my responsibility as a parent to teach my daughter to embrace her uniqueness because she is beautiful no matter what with curly or straight hair.

Photo by Carol of Enhle creative
Photo by Carol of Enhle creative


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How does a journey to self-discovery begin?


According to Wikipedia the term “journey of self-discovery” refers to a travel, pilgrimage, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues or priorities, rather than following the opinions of family, friends, neighbourhood or peer pressure. Wow is that not heavy well for me it is a bit heavy.

Lately I have been asking myself who am I and I honestly cannot determine the answer because I have always gone with the flow never really followed my heart to the fullest or must I say I am afraid of following my heart as I am always worried what will happen if I actually did.
There are a lot of things that I have always wanted to do, but didn’t like studying drama after high school but ended doing Hotel and Catering instead because my parents did not want to hear about acting.

How does one discover themselves I ask myself because my life is not currently fulfilling as I always start projects, but I never see them through as I easily get bored along the way, for instance, I bought photography equipment the camera and accessories even took a short course after I completed the course I have not actively taken photographs since.

I am sure there must be something seriously wrong with me it cannot be laziness, I have the desire to do something, but I don’t have the will to see it through. My life now is I work as a Receptionist Monday to Friday and over the weekend I am home with my daughter sometimes I don’t even leave the house like last weekend I didn’t go out until this Monday morning.

The bottom line is goals I had when I was just 17 years are still goals at 29 years , I believe what has held me back all these years is the fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of what if this and that.

My to do list which I hope I will follow:

Have a good day everyday (unless I am sick)
Stop over thinking things
Smile more and stress less
Take life as it comes
Let go of things and people who do not bring joy in my life
See life through my daughter’s eyes (carefree and happy)
Go back to listening to music and dancing in my underwear
Learn to meditate
Stop waiting for people to make me happy, make myself happy
Embrace my tough childhood by not letting it define me


Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Review


I guess I am approaching that age where I am getting concerned about aging, so I am trying almost every anti-aging product in the market to find the one that works hence The Skin Republic masks that I have been trying lately so today I am going to be talking about the Collagen Infusion mask.

The Collagen Infusion mask promises to deliver the following to your skin:
– Promote firmer, younger looking skin
– Improve elasticity
– Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

The Skin Republic mask is infused in a serum that contains Vitamin E which has anti-aging properties that help reduce sun damage to the skin and improve the texture and tone of the skin, wheat amino acids, witch hazel, collagen and elastin. Collagen maintains the elasticity of the skin and also encourages the renewal of cells and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. This product it moisturizes the skin promoting healthy looking skin and giving your skin a glow.

After using the product I found my skin feeling soft to the touch and my skin thoroughly moisturized. If you are looking for an inexpensive anti-aging product these facial masks are a must try as you know not everyone can afford the high end anti-aging products.

The packaging is lovely and easy to open and it also gives you clear instructions on how to use it.
Available at selected stores Dischem, Red Square and Takealot.
If you want to know more information about the product and range visit their website.

How can I teach my daughter to be a reader?

Photo by

So I came across a blog post by Kim Mari about how her boys never leave the house without a book. Wow, thanks Kim for making me feel guilty about reading I say this because I am a watcher, not a reader. I watch a lot of television with my daughter Abeerah to the extent that she knows every word for most of the adverts on the television.

I remember back in 2009 after she was born, I joined a Barbie book club where they sent books very month because I wanted her to have a different upbringing than me and I must say I don’t even read her a bedtime story I just hate reading long books.

My question is how can a parent like me who is not fond of reading raise a child that is a reader?She has like tons of books, but I never read to her because I always have my eyes glued to the television and I seriously do not have the patience.

Mothers may you kindly please share tips with me. From tonight I promise to read her a book

Little things that make motherhood worth it

12April2015 003

Every day I am blown away when my daughter does or asks something new. Over the weekend she asks what does incredible mean? As usual, I am speechless and gather my thoughts, then answer and I say I don’t know. She tells me I am a big girl I must know.

Seeing a child develop and grow its just beautiful, something you need to go through to understand it.I must say it has been a wonderful journey and a pleasure to see this young soul grows into this little princess.

Motherhood is by far the best that has ever happened to me in the begining it was rough, but I have finally molded into being a mother and hearing my daughter say to me, you are the best mom, means the world to me and I must be doing something good.

So today I got back from work and while we were walking home she said to me, tomorrow fasting is starting and she will be fasting all day, so I must wake her up early in the morning to eat (like seriously). Ok, wait she is only turning 6 years old in August already she wants to fast.

These little things surely do bring a smile on my face after a long day at work

How was work after a long weekend?

Skin Republic Epidermal Growth Factor Mask


In my mission to find my perfect skin I have bought a few products and I also found some face marks from Skin Republic which offer different product in this post I will be talking about the Epidermal Growth Factor silk cellulose mask sheet which targets anti aging factors .

Epidermal Growth Factor contains astaxanthin and peptide which together work effectively to recover elasticity of the skin within the layers of epidermis to promote production of collagen . it is dermatologist tested.This advanced skin care range is developed by dermatologist from the university of Seoul in Korea.

Epidermal Growth Factor promises to:
-Tightens, lifts and moisturizes
-Reduces the signs of aging
-Improves flexibity

Its is hypoallergenic skin range which deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin promoting a healthy looking skin . the mask is soaked in serum containing skin filler ingredients.

Direction for Use
wash and tone your face
Place the mask on your face evenly
Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
Remove the mask and pat the skin
Apply the serum left in the packaging on your neck.

Preferably use twice a week for the first month then after as required

I found the Epidermal Grothe Factor to be nourishing as after I used it I stayed the whole day without putting my face cream and my face remained moisturized and fresh. My skin is better and I am loving the area under my eyes looks much better these days. This is a product worth trying and affordable .Can’t afford a facial at a spa this product is what you need.

Available at takealot,Red Square,Dischem and Clicks they go from R39.00 per mask pack.

For more info click here

Skin Restoration Gel By SKLEER- Review


I am always looking for products to test that promise clear skin and remove acne spot I recently discovered SKLEER. I ordered my product from takealot
Skleer is a skin restoration gel that uses natural ingriedients such as Eucalyptus oil,tea tree oil, glycerine and cardamom oil to name a few. This product promises to regenerate and restore your skin by deeply nourishing your skin .

Skleer is used to treat the following:
Sun and Age Spots
Minor burns,cuts and grazes
Itchy Skin(Pruritus)

Direction for Use

To treat pimples and acne clean and dry the area at night and apply the affected area.

The product is available at the following stores:

Dischem Stores
SKLEER Representatives across the the country for more information visit their website

I have been using this product for a week now and some of my spots have started to clear up. I love the smell of Skleer its a mentol smell, it smells like medicine and its in a gel form easy to apply and soothing . I currently happy with what I have seen lately but I will write a follow up final verdict in a month or two.

Blogs I Read

I have three blogs that I follow religiously.The first thing I do when I wake up I reach for my tablet and check if they have any new posts up.


Cupcakes and Cashmere

This blog is written by Emily from Los Angels and she also has a few books published. what I like about her blog is that is covers a little bit of everything fashion,food,home decor etc. I find this blog very entertaining. This is the first blog I found when I decided to start blogging last year.


Complete Disbelief

I recently found this blog its a South African beauty and lifestyle blog written by Zaahirah, I love the layout and its a fun blog to read and I enjoy reading her product reviews.I also like her choice of background when she takes picture its very interesting.She shares her beauty tips and her love for travelling


You,baby and I