Ideal Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation SPF15-Review


I have bought foundation from Avon and I have been disappointed twice when I received them the colour was too light for my skin.So last week I placed an order, this time for the Ideal Flawless Cream –to- Powder Foundation SPF15 in Caramel, the colour was perfect and this is my review.



It’s non-sticky oil free formula and lasts me almost the whole I don’t need to reapply. I like that it does not dry out my skin and provide me with full coverage. I don’t need to use powder since I started using it; it’s like a 2 in 1 foundation and with an added bonus of SPF15. So it’s a foundation that cares about your skin by having sun protection within.

I love my caramel colour and my daughter reckons that I look more beautiful with this makeup on.

Where to buy
Avon Representative
Normal Price is R169.95
Size: 9g
Available Colours include: Soft Honey, Ivory, Nutmeg, Medium Beige, Sable, Creamy Natural etc.

REVIEW:Avon Colour Correcting Pearls

Avon pearls

Everyone is talking about these Avon Colour Correcting Pearls and I had to try them for myself and write a review, just like the original Bronzing pearls I love the packaging it’s simple and elegant for me, easy to open and use. I must say the colours are attractive when you open the container. This is my first time using such a product and I love that it gives me bright shimmery complexion.


Avon Review

Yellow reduces the appearances of purple tones such as dark under-eye circles.

Green reduces the appearance of redness like rosacea and blemishes.

Cream illuminates the face.

Lilac corrects the yellow tones that make the skin look dull.

Peach neutralizes the appearance of blue tones such as sun spots, scars and dark spots.

Final verdict
I love that they are non-flaking and gives the face a shimmery effect. The texture is wonderfully non sticky and I love the long lasting coverage also my face does not sweat after using them. They are easy to blend on the face and Avon suggests that you use a makeup brush or Kabuki Brush.


I must say they are a bit pricey when they are not on special they are R 159.95 but I bought them on special only R84.00 special ending July. You can order them from Avon representatives.

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Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Shampoo and Relaxer: Review


I received these two lovely products to review the Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Food, Shampoo and Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer from Beauty South Africa.I love the packaging especially the clear shampoo bottle revealing the golden shampoo inside. They both come in 250ml really easy to open.


Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Shampoo comes in a clear bottle like I said and it feels so smooth on the hands and the smell its so divine. After shampooing my hair the scent of the last long and leaves my hair feeling fuller. The shampoo has a color indicator it turns pink when you still have relaxer in your hair. It’s not only good for relaxed it feels good too on natural hair.

Available at selected retailers and salons nationwide for only R 24.95


Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer, like any other relaxer has a strong smell,smooth and white.The container is easy to open so keep away from children if you will be using it from home.The relaxer promises to give your hair volume and my friend agrees,she loved her hair after I used the relaxer on her.She said she loved how people complimented on her healthy looking hair.The relaxer is suitable for normal to fine hair. If you have coarse hair then go for the super. It is super easy to be rinsed off and no mix an fuss its a multi functional relaxer.

Also available at selected retailers nationwide for only R 27.95

Dark and lovely is a company that is innovative when it comes to hair this new fat protein products are impressive and affordable. My friend and I would recommend it and I will be buying the shampoo again and again.

My first attempt in raising a charitable child

Today I decided to raid my daughter’s closet so I took this time to teach her about sharing and giving. So I took out all her clothes and I told her we are giving her small clothes to Nana, she got excited and happy and she even helped me. To my surprise, she looks her teddy and says are you happy for your new clothes, I guess I was not clear because she calls her teddy bear nana so she thought the clothes were for her teddy.

So I decided to slowly tell her what’s happening, tears filled her eyes it took some convincing for her to agree to give the nana me talking about the clothes. She is the only child so I don’t want her to grow up selfish. I would like her to be charitable, kind and polite.


Damn parenting is so hard monkey see, monkey do now I literally understand. In order for my daughter to grow into a lady I need to instill good values while she is still at an impressionable age.

I hope next time when she donates clothes it will be easy and breezy. Today it was the first step I am hopeful that next year this time things will be different.IMG_20150706_184752



1. Say no more often so they can understand that they cannot always get what they want

2. Donate clothes and toys and get them involved in the process

3. Make donating part of your family life or tradition keep it consistence

4. Explain to them not everyone is blessed as them.Sharing is caring

5. Practice what you preach in order for them to follow in you foot steps .

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Last Weeks Buys

I decided to shop for product I never used so I found four products I was interested to buy and try.Here are the products for my last weeks buys;

1.Rose en Bos Lavender Bath Salts- the scent is so divine and relaxing. This product 100 % natural South African sea salt infused in lavender essential oils. It is totally affordable


2.Essence My Skin Caring Cleansing Wipes – very gentle and thick wipes from Essence, they are 25 wipes in a pack. The wipes contain a combination of almond oil, pomegranate and bamboo extracts. Always they are useful in removing waterproof make-up because of the alcohol and paraben –free formula. I use them I am lazy to wash my face after a long day

3.Nivea Pampering Shower Oil – since I have dry skin I am always looking for oil based bathing products. I was really excited when I saw this product from Nivea and I was expecting it to blow my mind but I was disappointed it didn’t make my skin feel soft and moisturized

4.Hair Care Scalp Massagers – I have read reviews about how good it and so I had to try it myself. I am totally impressed after using it, I felt more relaxed and felt like my scalp was breathing. It helped a lot with my daughter’s tangling problem and she loves and now thinks it’s hers.


5.Bramley Magnolia Hand and Nail Cream- first time using this hand cream from Bramley I normally use their tissue oil for my daughters. It’s a very affordable hand cream apply it my hands feel velvety, soft and moisturized but I feel that the feeling wears off after a couple of minutes. It has vitamin E and Bio-Pharm Oil and it smells nice.


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The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review


I love freebies a coworker shared her freebies with me about a week ago. The Thursday tea tree oil is a product you must always have in your First Aid kit because it is a multitasking oil.

The Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is 100% pure and natural. It works as an antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal.Tea tree oil has some healing benefits which include: killing bacteria, soothes pain and irritation.

You may use the tea tree oil to treat the following common issues
Fungal infections
Stings and insect bites
Minor burns
Lice and ticks
Cold sores
Pimples and acne

The pamphlet include is the box shows instructions on how to use to treat each matter.

The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil has helped me a lot with my sinuses. You can either add 3 drops in a bowl of hot water and inhale or you can just apply few drops on your palm hold over your nose and inhale. It offers relief in seconds.

You can also use it around the house by diluting a few drops in water and spray over carpets or bedding to repel fleas also you may use a damp cloth with drops of tea tree oil to wipe off surfaces or clean the floor acts as an antiseptic. So go ahead, add a few drops in your cleaning water and protect your home.


I love the smell and for more information about this product go website

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July Featured Blog: Yellow Lab (1)

I’d like for you to meet a friend and fellow blogger of Ferocious Haven: Salomé from the Yellow Lab blog {}.

I asked Salomé to tell us a little more about herself and to share her 3-5 all-time favourite posts she’s written.

Hi! I’m Salomé from the Yellow Lab blog.I’m a photographer and designer who runs Yellow Lab with my hubby when we’re not tending to little toddler tantrums, preparing for little baby brother number two or taking our Labrador and retriever for a long leisurely walk. We document our behind the scenes photo shoots, client photos from photo shoots and post personal notes to our boy(s) and share things we find funny or that inspire us.
odie8months-b (4)
I started blogging shortly after getting married in 2009 as a way of doing something creative after hours. It was only round about 2011 that I started to love photography {} and 2014 that Yellow Lab was born.

I am happiest when our entire family is out walking. When the dogs are running off their leashes, hubby and I’m next to each other, Odin is running and laughing and the sun is shining. I love it whenever there is laughter! If you throw a camera into this mixture of happiness and are able to capture those true smiles and pure joy……. I can hardly think of anything better. 😀 (2)

I love to capture my family’s moments to make sure I always remember {} just how little my little guy once was and to see how our family changes every year {}. I especially love if I can help people remember their own stories, whether it’s a booked photo shoot or tips on how to take better photos of your own kids using your phone {}

Please visit the Yellow Lab blog for more stories on our fur babies Lily and Poppy or our experience with parenthood raising Odin and soon his little brother too.

You can follow Yellow Lab on:
Facebook (
Instagram (,
Twitter (
Pinterest (

All photos by

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Challenges of Raising a Biracial Child

Where did you get her? I am sorry but there is nothing natural about that question it just feels so wrong to me and I used to get really pissed off when someone asked me that question.
Abeerah my angel 037
It never occurred to me that having a mixed race child can be difficult and I have discovered how people can be so closed minded. My daughter Abeerah her daddy is Indian and I am black and the comments I get on the streets they are disgusting because she looks more Indian than black. My mother was also uncomfortable with my daughter’s hair, she would say people will say we stole her and so she would cut her hair, hoping it will grow back looking like mine Afro and she bought her beanies and hats for when we go out.

After having my daughter made me realise that people still have a problem with interracial marriage and couples. Questions and comments would go from why did you leave us black men and go have an Indian baby and you are lying she is not your child. Even to this day I am still mistaken for the nanny.

Now that my daughter has grown up and she plays with other children they say things to her and she later asks me. The recent question, what is a coloured? I was really shocked well, I am shocked every time she asks me something I am not expecting then I asked her why is she asking me that and she told me that one boy visiting her friend’s house said she is a coloured . I honestly did not know what to say and I still don’t know. How do I answer such a question when I don’t even consider my child coloured and I am clearly uncomfortable classifying her.

A few months back when I was filling in a school application form it reached the race column and I left it blank. I spent about 5 minutes thinking about which box I must tick. It is difficult raising a child in a black dominated community. While I was pregnant the only thing I thought about was how her hair will look like not how will people react to me having a biracial child.
It is my responsibility as a parent to teach my daughter to embrace her uniqueness because she is beautiful no matter what with curly or straight hair.

Photo by Carol of Enhle creative
Photo by Carol of Enhle creative


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How does a journey to self-discovery begin?


According to Wikipedia the term “journey of self-discovery” refers to a travel, pilgrimage, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues or priorities, rather than following the opinions of family, friends, neighbourhood or peer pressure. Wow is that not heavy well for me it is a bit heavy.

Lately I have been asking myself who am I and I honestly cannot determine the answer because I have always gone with the flow never really followed my heart to the fullest or must I say I am afraid of following my heart as I am always worried what will happen if I actually did.
There are a lot of things that I have always wanted to do, but didn’t like studying drama after high school but ended doing Hotel and Catering instead because my parents did not want to hear about acting.

How does one discover themselves I ask myself because my life is not currently fulfilling as I always start projects, but I never see them through as I easily get bored along the way, for instance, I bought photography equipment the camera and accessories even took a short course after I completed the course I have not actively taken photographs since.

I am sure there must be something seriously wrong with me it cannot be laziness, I have the desire to do something, but I don’t have the will to see it through. My life now is I work as a Receptionist Monday to Friday and over the weekend I am home with my daughter sometimes I don’t even leave the house like last weekend I didn’t go out until this Monday morning.

The bottom line is goals I had when I was just 17 years are still goals at 29 years , I believe what has held me back all these years is the fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of what if this and that.

My to do list which I hope I will follow:

Have a good day everyday (unless I am sick)
Stop over thinking things
Smile more and stress less
Take life as it comes
Let go of things and people who do not bring joy in my life
See life through my daughter’s eyes (carefree and happy)
Go back to listening to music and dancing in my underwear
Learn to meditate
Stop waiting for people to make me happy, make myself happy
Embrace my tough childhood by not letting it define me


Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Review


I guess I am approaching that age where I am getting concerned about aging, so I am trying almost every anti-aging product in the market to find the one that works hence The Skin Republic masks that I have been trying lately so today I am going to be talking about the Collagen Infusion mask.

The Collagen Infusion mask promises to deliver the following to your skin:
– Promote firmer, younger looking skin
– Improve elasticity
– Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

The Skin Republic mask is infused in a serum that contains Vitamin E which has anti-aging properties that help reduce sun damage to the skin and improve the texture and tone of the skin, wheat amino acids, witch hazel, collagen and elastin. Collagen maintains the elasticity of the skin and also encourages the renewal of cells and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. This product it moisturizes the skin promoting healthy looking skin and giving your skin a glow.

After using the product I found my skin feeling soft to the touch and my skin thoroughly moisturized. If you are looking for an inexpensive anti-aging product these facial masks are a must try as you know not everyone can afford the high end anti-aging products.

The packaging is lovely and easy to open and it also gives you clear instructions on how to use it.
Available at selected stores Dischem, Red Square and Takealot.
If you want to know more information about the product and range visit their website.