Spar Germex Range

Before I received the samples I was aware of the Germex hand was not the cream cleaner, I have been using the range for a week now and I am ready to give my review but before I do that lets talk more about the Spar Germex Range. The Spar Gemex Range contains G-Cide which is proven to be kinder to the skin and the environment and not tested on animals. Its 99.9% effective germ protection and it is anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial.

Germex Hand Wash

I love this hand wash because after washing my hands my skin does not dry out, it is actually really gentle on the skin, smells so divine and contains biodegradable ingredients talk about environmentally friendly way to wash hands. Oh yes also contains glycerin and aloe vera oil right totally awesome and my daughter loves the hand wash she is always washing hands. My daughter and I will give this hand was 5 out of 5.

Germex Home All Purpose Cream Cleaner

I was expecting this product to be thicker instead it was more thinner I was disappointed, but more than it smells so good and has made washing the bath so much easier. I will give it 3 out 5

This Eco friendly Spar Germex Range is available nationwide and for more about this range why don’t you visit their website for more information and more of their range.

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Traditional Vs Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wedding Anniversary

I have been married for 5 years and I just realized that hubby and I we never celebrated in the 5 years of being together so which got me thinking what are the traditional gifts and guess the is now modern gifts hence the traditional vs modern wedding anniversary gift.
When it comes to something’s I really appreciate tradition, therefore I will stick to the traditional way of doing things.

Anniversary           Traditional                 Modern 
1st                           Paper                             Clocks
2nd                          Cotton                           China
3rd                         Leather                           Crystal/Glass
4th                         Fruit/Flower                    Appliances
5th                            Wood                            Silverware
6th                         Candy/Iron                        Wood
7th                         Wool/Copper                  Desk Sets
8th                        Potter/Bronze                 Linens/Lace
9th                       Willow/Pottery                     Leather
10th                    Tin/Aluminium                 Diamond Jewellery
11th                       Steel                                Fashion Jewellery
12th                     Silk/Linen                            Pearls
13th                   Lace Textile                           Furs
15th                    Animals                             Gold Watches
20th                    Crystal                               Watches
25th                    China                                  Platinum
30th                     Pearl                                  Diamond
35th                   Coral                                        Jade
40th                    Ruby                                       Ruby
45th                   Sapphire                             Sapphire
50th                      Gold                                      Gold
60th                   Diamond                             Diamond

So after comparing the lists there is one traditional gift I will swap with modern gift that is the 15 years anniversary gift I am not an animal person so I would prefer the gold watch instead.The modern gift diamond appears three times well diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

So are you a traditional or modern or a little bit of both? When it comes to celebrating your wedding anniversary.

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Isabella Garcia Bella Essenziale Range


Wow, I have been using the Isabella Garcia Bella Essenziale Range, the hand and body wash and lotion. I seriously know nothing about these product except that I smell so good after using them.

Bella Essenziale Hand and Body Wash

Comes in a simple black and white bottle in 200ml, after bathing with it, I smelled like I was bathing in perfume it left my skin feeling refreshed and fragranced without drying my skin out it is very gentle this bottle goes for R 129.00

Bella Essenziale Hand and Lotion

It is amazing how long the smell lasts after applying it on my body, I don’t put perfume after using it. Comes in a 100ml bottle for about R89.00.

I will be exploring the Isabella Garcia skin care product range which are all available here, it is also suitable for all skin types including the sensitive skin. I am totally impressed that this a proudly South Africa product the packaging simple yet classy and elegant.

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Modern Roti with Woolworths

Prepared some light dinner last night decided to try roti, thanks to Woolworths there was no flour,mixing I found ready made rotis just had to fry them. We had some Roti, tomato gravy added some spices to make curry, Boerewors and some cucumber and carrots soaked in vinegar.
Woolworths Roti

Indian Spices

Pretty simple, but my daughter was happy because she loves rotten and I hate flour that’s why I skip almost all my baking classes during my studies, but thanks to modern day Woolworths ready made roti I am the best mom in the world in my daughter’s eyes what more can I ask for. Wow, I really enjoyed the Woolworths Plain Roti’s so much that I will be buying them again.

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Travel Wish list: New York City

I have a little traveler/adventurer in me, I have always wished to travel and see the world, then things I did not plan for happened to me had a baby and got married that meant seeing the world was put on hold. In my travel wish list I will be talking about countries I want to visit and this week its New York City in the United States of America. I am just so in love with this city when I see it in a movie or a magazine I swear I forget to breathe for a few seconds, I find their lifestyle interesting.

New York City has the most beautiful sites to see as per my movie knowledge of the city (hahaha). New York is the largest city in the world and here is my list of places I want to visit when I eventually visit the Big Apple:

The Central Park
The park offers tours and I must say the private horse and carriage ride sure sounds fun it lasts for 45 minutes and the coachmen will also be your guide as you ride through Central Park. See many famous historical landmarks including the Conservatory Water, the Wollman Rink, the Imagine Mosaic, the Conservatory Garden, the Central Park Reservoir, the Bow Bridge, the Central Park Carousel and the Central Park Zoo to name a few.

Statue of Liberty

Visiting lady liberty would be awesome she is the symbol of democracy given to America by France to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I would take the Statue of Liberty evening cruise it lasts an hour and you can watch the sunset how romantic.

Time Square
Remember how enchanting The New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party in the movies wow this would be an unforgettable experience (Hope someone is taking hints, wink, wink). Hope it is as beautiful as it is to watch the ball drop like it is in the movies.

Considering that taking and visiting these attractions won’t come cheap I think these 3 places will be just enough.

Which country or city in the world would you love to visit?

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My Top Three Home Workouts

Last year I joined the gym and I was determined to lose some and especially tone my tummy, thighs and buttocks. In the first few months I managed to go to the gym after work I would take my daughter along as I had no one to leave her with. A few months after I gave up because I just could not keep up my body was exhausted having to work a full day, go to the gym, help my daughter with homework, clean the house and cook dinner I was over doing it so I quit.

I went on a mission to find some DVDs and Apps to help me keep fit, but in the comfort of my own home and here are my top three home workout options.

A few years back, I bought the Zumba Dvd and I love this Zumba DVD because it has beginners, intermediate and expert levels and it’s really fun to do and it really gets you moving and within a week you can actually feel your fitness level improving E.g. walking up the stairs without being out of breath It came with 4 dvds and toning sticks.

Yoga Inferno by Jillian Michaels

I bought this from Kalahari before it merged with Takealot, wow it is really difficult for me, I put it on like once a month when I feel like I can do this. The workouts they are intense and you really sweat, you wake up with a sore body the next morning if you have not trained in a while

Daily Yoga App
Daily Yoga App
This one I do it on my lazy when I have no energy to shake my booty. It’s a free app with over 50 yoga sessions and over 400 poses. I really enjoy using this app, it is easy to understand, my daughter likes joining me on this one and follow and the voice of the instructor is soothing and pleasant to listen and I love the soft gentle music. The app is downloadable for Android and IOS.

Out of all the three choices I really like the Daily Yoga App.

What are your favourite workouts?

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Things I wish I Knew Before Buying a Car


Damn, why didn’t anyone warn me that buying a car is like having a baby like seriously, you could have saved me the stress and money. So this year February I bought a second hand car because I was bloody tired of the public transport having to wait one and half hour to get a taxi is bull. So in my mist of being pissed and angry I told hubby I am getting a car and he said okay sure.
So having a car is not a walk in the park like really, I just thought it was an easy put petrol and drive from A to B boy was I wrong.

Honestly here are things I wish I knew before buying a car

1. Car Insurance
Being a new driver and living right in the CBD high risk the premiums damn they are so high. I wanted comprehensive insurance to have a peace of mind, it was a full-time job indeed the premiums and excess money. After a dreadful 10minutes phone calls from the insurance company I finally found something even though I think its still expensive but the excess is reasonable.

2. Parking Fees
Since I am living in a flat rent and parking they are different bills, wow so this I didn’t not think about it at all it only hit me the day I got the car that I need parking.

3. Petrol
So with petrol since I got my car I have never filled the tank because I hardly go with the car anywhere because I am still paying off my car. Luckily I am finishing it in December that will change.

4. Car Service and Maintenance
Another expense of having a car, taking it for a service, well I am already drowning in bills and my salary can only stretch to a certain point and oh yes, I was told by a colleague that I must start saving for new tyres as I will be needing them like seriously do you know how much are tyres that’s like my whole salary in one.

It really feels like having a second baby, which I was not financially ready for, my advice before buying a car put all these points into consideration because you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

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Top 4 Fragrances for Men this Summer

I love a man that smells good and for me, unfortunately hubby does not like fragrances; I guess we are alike like that I also don’t like too much perfume. Anyhow, here are some fragrances I like sniffing in the shops and they are definitely the top four must haves this summer because they are easy going and not too masculine and bold.

Jean Paul

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
This perfume has some lavender, orange blossom, vanilla and mint notes in there making this perfume mild yet manly good combination.Available from R795.00 –R995.00

paco rabanne 1 million abs gold

Paco Rabanne 1 Million
Besides the breathtaking packaging this perfume is a woody, minty with a hint of lemon, spicy notes amber and cinnamon. It smells so divine.Available from R855-R1 075.00


Versace Pour Homme
It’s easy on the nose with notes of citrus, musk, cedar and bergamot making it ideal for the summer/spring season, it has masculine characteristics. Available from R750.00- R1075.00

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari Pour Homme
Wow besides the mouthful name this is another fun, fresh and summery scent to consider this summer not too heavy and refreshing. It has some rosemary, grapefruit, dry woods and musky notes. It’s a more laid back and has that sea fresh saltiness to it. Available from R 980-00 R 1,355.00

More info on these fragrances visit their websites and they are available nationwide and online .

What is her African name?

What-is-her-African-nameWow the nerve of some people, so I was at the Home Affairs with my daughter whom I take everywhere, people were curious as usually the silent long stares. So this lady she asks me is that your daughter? I politely answered Yes. She asks what’s her name? Abeerah I said. She asks again, what’s her African name? She does not have one, I said. But why, why didn’t you give her an African name and I said just didn’t.

She gave me the long question mark stare I mean really how many of you use your second name. I don’t remember using my second name and I don’t see the point of having a second name nor an African name just because I am black. My daughter will grow up knowing her heritage in both African and Indian culture, having an African name makes no difference to me.
I choose Abeerah because I loved the meaning and It was unique. Abeerah has two meanings in Muslim means Rose, Sandal saffron mixed together in fragrance.(She is my beautiful blooming Rose)and in Hebrew means my strength(and that she is my strength ).

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Woolworths Spring Kiddies Shoes

Leather Heart Sandals

1. Leather heart Sandals R 130.00

cross strap

2.Leather Cross Strap Sandals R 170.00


3. ZigZag Open Toe Water Shoes R 110.00

Tips for healthy feet courtesy of Funmates:

. Always keep feet clean and nails trimmed.Be sure to dry between the toes to help prevent fungal infections, and cut toenaiks straight cross.

. Check children’s foot measurement every six to eight weeks. Always measure both feet and fit both shoes before purchasing.

. Make sure that socks fit properly-they shoukd not be too tight or too loose

.Dont pass on shoes from one child to abother; what fits one child properly may not be right for another.

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