My Top Three Home Workouts

Last year I joined the gym and I was determined to lose some and especially tone my tummy, thighs and buttocks. In the first few months I managed to go to the gym after work I would take my daughter along as I had no one to leave her with. A few months after I gave up because I just could not keep up my body was exhausted having to work a full day, go to the gym, help my daughter with homework, clean the house and cook dinner I was over doing it so I quit.

I went on a mission to find some DVDs and Apps to help me keep fit, but in the comfort of my own home and here are my top three home workout options.

A few years back, I bought the Zumba Dvd and I love this Zumba DVD because it has beginners, intermediate and expert levels and it’s really fun to do and it really gets you moving and within a week you can actually feel your fitness level improving E.g. walking up the stairs without being out of breath It came with 4 dvds and toning sticks.

Yoga Inferno by Jillian Michaels

I bought this from Kalahari before it merged with Takealot, wow it is really difficult for me, I put it on like once a month when I feel like I can do this. The workouts they are intense and you really sweat, you wake up with a sore body the next morning if you have not trained in a while

Daily Yoga App
Daily Yoga App
This one I do it on my lazy when I have no energy to shake my booty. It’s a free app with over 50 yoga sessions and over 400 poses. I really enjoy using this app, it is easy to understand, my daughter likes joining me on this one and follow and the voice of the instructor is soothing and pleasant to listen and I love the soft gentle music. The app is downloadable for Android and IOS.

Out of all the three choices I really like the Daily Yoga App.

What are your favourite workouts?

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Things I wish I Knew Before Buying a Car


Damn, why didn’t anyone warn me that buying a car is like having a baby like seriously, you could have saved me the stress and money. So this year February I bought a second hand car because I was bloody tired of the public transport having to wait one and half hour to get a taxi is bull. So in my mist of being pissed and angry I told hubby I am getting a car and he said okay sure.
So having a car is not a walk in the park like really, I just thought it was an easy put petrol and drive from A to B boy was I wrong.

Honestly here are things I wish I knew before buying a car

1. Car Insurance
Being a new driver and living right in the CBD high risk the premiums damn they are so high. I wanted comprehensive insurance to have a peace of mind, it was a full-time job indeed the premiums and excess money. After a dreadful 10minutes phone calls from the insurance company I finally found something even though I think its still expensive but the excess is reasonable.

2. Parking Fees
Since I am living in a flat rent and parking they are different bills, wow so this I didn’t not think about it at all it only hit me the day I got the car that I need parking.

3. Petrol
So with petrol since I got my car I have never filled the tank because I hardly go with the car anywhere because I am still paying off my car. Luckily I am finishing it in December that will change.

4. Car Service and Maintenance
Another expense of having a car, taking it for a service, well I am already drowning in bills and my salary can only stretch to a certain point and oh yes, I was told by a colleague that I must start saving for new tyres as I will be needing them like seriously do you know how much are tyres that’s like my whole salary in one.

It really feels like having a second baby, which I was not financially ready for, my advice before buying a car put all these points into consideration because you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

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Top 4 Fragrances for Men this Summer

I love a man that smells good and for me, unfortunately hubby does not like fragrances; I guess we are alike like that I also don’t like too much perfume. Anyhow, here are some fragrances I like sniffing in the shops and they are definitely the top four must haves this summer because they are easy going and not too masculine and bold.

Jean Paul

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
This perfume has some lavender, orange blossom, vanilla and mint notes in there making this perfume mild yet manly good combination.Available from R795.00 –R995.00

paco rabanne 1 million abs gold

Paco Rabanne 1 Million
Besides the breathtaking packaging this perfume is a woody, minty with a hint of lemon, spicy notes amber and cinnamon. It smells so divine.Available from R855-R1 075.00


Versace Pour Homme
It’s easy on the nose with notes of citrus, musk, cedar and bergamot making it ideal for the summer/spring season, it has masculine characteristics. Available from R750.00- R1075.00

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari Pour Homme
Wow besides the mouthful name this is another fun, fresh and summery scent to consider this summer not too heavy and refreshing. It has some rosemary, grapefruit, dry woods and musky notes. It’s a more laid back and has that sea fresh saltiness to it. Available from R 980-00 R 1,355.00

More info on these fragrances visit their websites and they are available nationwide and online .

What is her African name?

What-is-her-African-nameWow the nerve of some people, so I was at the Home Affairs with my daughter whom I take everywhere, people were curious as usually the silent long stares. So this lady she asks me is that your daughter? I politely answered Yes. She asks what’s her name? Abeerah I said. She asks again, what’s her African name? She does not have one, I said. But why, why didn’t you give her an African name and I said just didn’t.

She gave me the long question mark stare I mean really how many of you use your second name. I don’t remember using my second name and I don’t see the point of having a second name nor an African name just because I am black. My daughter will grow up knowing her heritage in both African and Indian culture, having an African name makes no difference to me.
I choose Abeerah because I loved the meaning and It was unique. Abeerah has two meanings in Muslim means Rose, Sandal saffron mixed together in fragrance.(She is my beautiful blooming Rose)and in Hebrew means my strength(and that she is my strength ).

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Woolworths Spring Kiddies Shoes

Leather Heart Sandals

1. Leather heart Sandals R 130.00

cross strap

2.Leather Cross Strap Sandals R 170.00


3. ZigZag Open Toe Water Shoes R 110.00

Tips for healthy feet courtesy of Funmates:

. Always keep feet clean and nails trimmed.Be sure to dry between the toes to help prevent fungal infections, and cut toenaiks straight cross.

. Check children’s foot measurement every six to eight weeks. Always measure both feet and fit both shoes before purchasing.

. Make sure that socks fit properly-they shoukd not be too tight or too loose

.Dont pass on shoes from one child to abother; what fits one child properly may not be right for another.

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AmbiPur Smelly to Smiley

AmbiPur On Wednesday I received a refreshing package from Atmosphere it was the AmbiPur #SmellyToSmiley pack with amazing products that fight odour not only in your bathroom and toilet but throughout the house.

A survey was conducted by Columinate on behalf of Ambi Pur South Africa to find out how do South African women really feel about smells and the one that shocked me the most was the 57% that have avoided visiting someone’s home because of a bad of our/smell.

Here are some other results from the survey:

74% feel that all their homes have some degree of bad smells
95% think it’s very important to have a good smelling home (I agree)
62% of women say that garbage smells are the worst household of odours.
Very interesting results indeed with the bathroom taking the number one spot when it comes to worst smells found in the homes with 70%, the area where an air freshener is used most is the toilet but did you know you can also use in the lounge and bedroom (I didn’t know I only used my air freshener in the toilet).
I must say how our homes smells plays a big part of who visits or not.
I enjoyed using the Ambi Pur Freshelle in these two scents lavender and comfort and ocean and wind. My favorite is the lavender and comfort and my home smells pleasant. My car had this petrol smell when you open it, now thanks to the AmbiPur Car in flowers and spring my car smells like the garden.

Thank you Atmosphere and AmbiPur for the #SmellytoSmiley experience

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Look in the mirror and say I am Beautiful

After having my daughter I have found it so hard to feel beautiful because the size 32 no longer fitted me the sizes just went up and up and up. Don’t start about the stretch marks and sagging breasts. It’s pretty much hard to feel beautiful. Beauty is really something that is one sided in the eyes of the society, but to you and me it does not need to be, we have the power to let beauty be whatever we want it to be.
I am beautiful with all my post baby flaws and each of my flaws tells a story of where I have been and If I have remained a size 32 with a perfect figure I would have not had the chance to know what unconditional love is. Having my daughter is the most beautiful thing about me and I embrace it.Look in mirror and say I am Beautiful with me come on.

Here is to being beautiful through powerful quotes from women of all walks of life:





How-much-time-have-I (1)

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Review: Ideal Luminous Antique Rose Blush


I have been trying makeup lately and I slowly enjoy using and wearing it. My first ever blush is the Avon Ideal Luminous Antique Rose Blush, I love the name of the colour antique rose sounds interesting. I love the packaging, especially the design on top of the compact classy and elegant.

Blush Swatch
The blush is quite soft on the skin easy to apply and blend in, I wish that it lasted a little bit longer. I must say after my first try I know understand the purpose of applying blush to your cheeks it really makes a difference.

I will be buying the product again but in a different colour, maybe a little subtle, although I like this color its too bright for me or maybe I will get used to it. Regular Price is R129.95 from any Avon Representatives.It is also available in these following colours Soft Plum, Peach and Russet.

Do you apply blush and which colours do you use or like?

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Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set


I don’t tweeze my eyebrows and honestly, I don’t pay much attention to them so I saw this cute set from Essence Cosmetics and then I decided to give it a try and chose 01 natural brunette.

The Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set includes the following:
3 eyebrow stencils (different sizes)
2 Eyebrow Shadows
1 Brush


It’s pretty much easy to use, just choose the stencil of your choice, firmly hold it against your eyebrow and apply the eyebrow shadow with the provided brush and you are ready to go. (I didn’t use the stencils but I think they are helpful). I like that it fills up my eyebrows and it’s a good starting point for a beginner like me and affordable too.

essence swatches

I would be buying the product again and I would recommend it to beginners like me who are new to this like me learn but don’t break the bank doing it.

Do you use eyebrow kits like this one?

Protex African Therapy Soap Review


Its my first time seeing this soap, love the packaging and I took some samples of Protex African Therapy Soap to test and review.There is nothing I like more than a soap that smells good and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. The soap has a very good scent to it.

Protex African Therapy soap promises to protect against 99.9% of germs. The ingredients include glycerine,cocoa butter,lemon and African herbs. It is PHASA approved.

This Protex African Therapy antigerm soap is available nationwide for more on this soap click here
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