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Today I get to work and I realized that the skirt I am wearing the bottom is unmade and it’s hanging in a very unflattering way and I thought to myself, I should have a small needle and thread in my bag to fix such incidents. Always have superglue in my bag for unexpected shoe emergencies.

Emergency Items Every Woman Needs in Their bag

It does not need to take too much of your space in the handbag and believe me you don’t want to fix your skirt with a stapler like me.

Needle and Thread- surely need to keep this in case something gets torn or you did no notice that it was unmade while you were home. Also wise to carry buttons in case you need it.

Superglue– I am never without superglue in my bag, I use it to fix my sandals or pumps just in case.

Wet wipes – for that clumsy spill you are not expecting when you are wearing the white and you try to sip your black cup of coffee or condiments spill especially the sneaky tomato sauce.

Clear nail polish – very handy when your stockings decides to run and you are far from shops to get a new pair and when you just cannot afford to take them out as they go very well with the outfit.

Medication- for headache and pain. My migraines always attack me when I have nothing.

Hand sanitizer– I love this because using public toilets like in the mall is really something, us women we pick up things very easily. So I take a tissue and put somesanitizer and use it as a toilet seat wipe and you can also use the wet wipes.

Do you have any emergency items that you can share with us?

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  1. This is a great list. I also have a battery pack to charge my phone in a pinch, handcream, pen and small notebook (how many times have you needed to make a note of something and have nothing to write on)

  2. Great list! I always have a small hand cream – for hands that need them but also for those winter days in Gauteng when you skirt rides up your pantihose

  3. This list is great!

    this may be very strange, but I always carry tea bags in my bag. Wherever I go, no one has the tea I like. So when I get asked if I want tea of coffee, I say tea and give them a tea bag from my bag of my favorite tea haha.

  4. I really should be more organised! I’d have never of thought to carry superglue around with me and think the only things I do regularly have (but not always!) are medication and wipes! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  5. I totally agree, its invaluable to carry around items like these. I usually have at least one or two of these things (usually wipes and maybe painkillers) but could definitely do with carrying around a nailvarnish for those unexpected ladders and if I was super organised, a needle and thread 😉 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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