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Product Review: Bokomo Oatbix


Received a sample of Bokomo Oat-Bix to test and I was so disappointed even my daughter did not like she prefers the original Weetbix than the Oat bix. The Oat-Bix does not have taste I had to put a lot of sugar and the colour is not easy on the eyes and when the milk is cold it is not easily absorbed .Oat bix is lighter in colour and finer than the normal Weet-Bix.


In my own opinion I don’t like the product and my family they are also not fond it. I seriously prefer the original Weet-bix but I am sure there are people who enjoy the product and its an alternative for people who are wheat intolerant.


I am still a fan of Bokomo I just prefer different kind of Bix

Product Review: Omo Capsules

Few months ago I received a box of Omo Capsules samples to try out with friends and I really loved this product, it smelled so good, good enough that I hardly used fabric softener. I strongly recommend it as it removed the stains in one wash and the whites become whiter and I used it mostly for my daughter’s clothes you know these pre-school get dirty. Omo capsules its a good product but the price is a bit too much for my liking.



Great product indeed leaves no residue on the clothes, easy to use with no fuss.