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AmbiPur Smelly to Smiley

AmbiPur On Wednesday I received a refreshing package from Atmosphere it was the AmbiPur #SmellyToSmiley pack with amazing products that fight odour not only in your bathroom and toilet but throughout the house.

A survey was conducted by Columinate on behalf of Ambi Pur South Africa to find out how do South African women really feel about smells and the one that shocked me the most was the 57% that have avoided visiting someone’s home because of a bad of our/smell.

Here are some other results from the survey:

74% feel that all their homes have some degree of bad smells
95% think it’s very important to have a good smelling home (I agree)
62% of women say that garbage smells are the worst household of odours.
Very interesting results indeed with the bathroom taking the number one spot when it comes to worst smells found in the homes with 70%, the area where an air freshener is used most is the toilet but did you know you can also use in the lounge and bedroom (I didn’t know I only used my air freshener in the toilet).
I must say how our homes smells plays a big part of who visits or not.
I enjoyed using the Ambi Pur Freshelle in these two scents lavender and comfort and ocean and wind. My favorite is the lavender and comfort and my home smells pleasant. My car had this petrol smell when you open it, now thanks to the AmbiPur Car in flowers and spring my car smells like the garden.

Thank you Atmosphere and AmbiPur for the #SmellytoSmiley experience

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Review: Ideal Luminous Antique Rose Blush


I have been trying makeup lately and I slowly enjoy using and wearing it. My first ever blush is the Avon Ideal Luminous Antique Rose Blush, I love the name of the colour antique rose sounds interesting. I love the packaging, especially the design on top of the compact classy and elegant.

Blush Swatch
The blush is quite soft on the skin easy to apply and blend in, I wish that it lasted a little bit longer. I must say after my first try I know understand the purpose of applying blush to your cheeks it really makes a difference.

I will be buying the product again but in a different colour, maybe a little subtle, although I like this color its too bright for me or maybe I will get used to it. Regular Price is R129.95 from any Avon Representatives.It is also available in these following colours Soft Plum, Peach and Russet.

Do you apply blush and which colours do you use or like?

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Protex African Therapy Soap Review


Its my first time seeing this soap, love the packaging and I took some samples of Protex African Therapy Soap to test and review.There is nothing I like more than a soap that smells good and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. The soap has a very good scent to it.

Protex African Therapy soap promises to protect against 99.9% of germs. The ingredients include glycerine,cocoa butter,lemon and African herbs. It is PHASA approved.

This Protex African Therapy antigerm soap is available nationwide for more on this soap click here
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Avon Herbal Care Conditioner and Hair Food Combo

Avon Hair food and treatment

I have natural damaged hair, it is really bad it breaks when I comb it. It is actually impossible to keep up with it .I have been seeing this range for years now so I finally decided to try it bought the Avon herbal Care moisturing hair food and cholesterol treatment conditioner Combo.

Cholesterol Treatment Conditioner R44.90

Is for all hair types comes in a clean simple package. It’s in a 200ml tub and has a pleasant smell. When I put on my hair it felt soothing and nourishing. After rinsing it out my hair feels moisturized and soft. The product is yolk yellow in color. Directions are after washing your hair apply it and leave it for a maximum five minutes and rinse off.
My first impression of this product is good and out of a five I will give it three and a half , it is still early days .

Moisturizing Hair Food R54.90

Good for relaxed, natural hair and colour-treated, comes in a 200g tub, the smell not so bad, it promises to improve the condition of hair and prevent it from becoming dry and damaged. Formulated with carefully selected oils and vitamins.

My first impression I love it, it really lasts on the hair and it makes the hair shine and just a small amount goes a long way. Out of a five I will give it a 4 a really good impression.

Hopefully this combo will rescue my hair and revive it. Thank you for visiting and may you kindly leave your advice if you have on how to rescue damaged ethnic hair in the comments area below.

KIEHL’S Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream Review

BB Cream
When I got news from Beauty Bulletin that I will be receiving KIEHL’S
Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream to review, I was over the moon because I have heard only good things about the KIEHL’S products.

The BB cream contains SPF50 which is really good for protecting your skin from sun damage and vitamin c.This BB cream is really different to other creams I have used it has a thick texture formula a which makes it feel more like a foundation.It easily blends into my skin when I apply it and instantly covers my dark spots and evens out my skin and making my pores less noticeable.


It leaves my skin feeling moisturized which makes it good when you have dry or combination skin as it won’t dry out your skin,

Out of 5 I will give it a 4 because I think its a bit pricey to pay R525.00 for a 30ml bottle other than that it is a high end BB cream and it delivers what it promises.

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Avon ColorTrend Juicy and Hot Nail Enamel


I love buying affordable nail polishes from Avon I recently bought these colortrend fashion enamel in juicy and hot colours and my favorite out of the two is the juicy color, I am a fan of bright color throughout it does not matter if it winter or summer. I love some brightness in my life.






I have two coats on, the nail polishes dry out quickly and they are easy to apply no fuss or mess. Their normal price is just R40.00 for 8ml. They available from Avon Representatives .

Which color do you fancy Juicy or Hot?

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Avon Nature Green Tea and Verbena Spritz Review

Avon Spritz

It seems like I take time to try products just like the Spritz sprays from Avon, I cannot get enough. I find the bottle cute and easy to handle also fits into my handbag perfectly. It comes in a 100ml bottle and affordable too at a normal price of R40.90 from any Avon Representatives.

I bought the Green Tea and Verben scented spritz smells so divine, it is so gentle on the skin and the scent lasts surprisingly longer than I expected. Its natural and gives instant freshness. I am spraying everything my clothes and my linen. I will be buying more of these spritz since I am not a fan of perfume I find them too strong.

If perfume give to you a headache like me then I totally recommend that you give these energising scented spritz.

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Avon Big and False Lash Volume Mascara Review


My story with eyelashes non existent because they are really small and I have made peace with it. The Avon Big and False Lash Mascara is a new offer from Avon and my first impression I am very, very impressed with it, I look like I have big lashes and its light my eyelashes don’t feel heavy, it don’t know feel like I am wearing anything at all. The packaging is curvy and sexy I like it black and Purple also easy to handle.


Avon promises to give you the false lash effect with their 1000s of fibers stashed in every tube and brush for those glamorous lot but without the weight.


Ease of application: 4

The mascara will be launched in the September brochure for only R59.90, the normal price is R139.90. Available from Avon sales Representative next month

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Clarins Bright Plus Range Review Part 2

Clarins Bright Plus

It’s 14 days since I started using the Clarins Bright Plus products I received to review, my complexion has improved and its brighter. I am so in love with the night cream because when I wakewake up in the morning my skin looks healthier, smoother and radiant I have not looked like that in a very long time thanks to motherhood.

I like the Bright Plus Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 20 it makes me feel confident when walking out the door into the sun and the Bright Plus Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum it feels so good on the skin and its my first ever serum.

Before and After Clarins

Clarins Bright Plus Before and After
I really love that I didn’t have any allergic reaction. Like I said it was my first time using Clarins and I cannot wait to see how my skin looks after 30 days of using it. I have taken my before and after photos without makeup as promised my complexion is brighter and my dark marks are fading.

Thank you Beauty Bulletin in association with Clarins for giving me this opportunity to test and review the Bright Plus Range. For more information about the products click here

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Clarins Bright Plus Range Review Part 1

I am so excited to be chosen by Beauty Bulletin to be part of the Clarins Bright Plus trial team to review. So today I started my journey to flawless skin, I will be testing the Clarins Bright Range for the next two weeks in hope for a better looking skin. I will take the before and after pictures without makeup on. My skin problems include dark spots and dull complexion which this range promises to clear and improve.

I received 3 full size products to test and they are are ;

Clarins Bright Plus Intensive Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion with SPF 20

Clarins Day Lotion

This lotion is easily absorbed and I love the smell.Its promises to correct dark spots and uneven skin tone will protecting the skin from UV rays and this product also can help with decreasing the risks of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun.

The lotion comes in a 50ml bottle and the price is R595.00

Clarins Bright Plus Intensive Brightening Soothing Serum

Clarins Serum

Contains Sea Lily extracts which helps to fade the dark spots and reveal radiance. It will help with minimizing the appearance of dark spots ad prevent them from reappearing, will also help with smoothing the fine lines and firm facial features while restores your skin to its healthy looking state.

The serum is 30ml and it goes for R605.00

Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Repairing Night Cream

Clarins Night Cream
Its purpose is to repair your skin while you sleep after a long day at work .Its soothes the skin helping it recover .The cream contains raspberry, Alchemilla extracts and vitamin C. It nourishes the skin throughout the night to give you a radiant complexion when you wake up in the morning.

The night cream is 50ml and its R600.00

Its my first time using Clarins products and I am impressed with the packaging , the feel and scent of the products and what I love the most is the font they have used it’s easy to see and read.

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