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The New McCain Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

The New Crispy McCain Sweet Potato FriesPeople who know me very well , know I have a love affair with fried/slap chips so much that every Friday after work before I go home get myself a packet. Received a voucher for me to go buy The New McCain Crispy Sweet Potato Fries, sounds like an alternative replacement because they are low in carbs.

Sweet potatoes are known to promote digestive health, heart health and they are also a good source of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. They are so bright orange that my daughter thought I was deep frying carrot chips. My daughter hates chips so much, but she enjoyed the new McCain Crispy SweetThe New Crispy McCain Sweet Potato FriesThey are so easy to cook you can bake or deep fry them the choice is yours. Prefer deep frying them because its quicker than baking them. While deep frying, in hot oil takes about 3 minutes for them to be cooked, baking takes 20 minutes, the product cooks best from frozen. Totally a fan of things that cook fast and quickly so we can eat.

The New Crispy McCain Sweet Potato Fries

Chef’s Tips:

Best Served with sour cream and chives dip or sweet chilli sauce. I will be trying the sweet chilli sauce because not a fan of sour cream.

Do you love fries/slap chips like me? McCain has introduced a healthier alternative with their Crispy Sweet Potato Fries.

Modern Roti with Woolworths

Prepared some light dinner last night decided to try roti, thanks to Woolworths there was no flour,mixing I found ready made rotis just had to fry them. We had some Roti, tomato gravy added some spices to make curry, Boerewors and some cucumber and carrots soaked in vinegar.
Woolworths Roti

Indian Spices

Pretty simple, but my daughter was happy because she loves rotten and I hate flour that’s why I skip almost all my baking classes during my studies, but thanks to modern day Woolworths ready made roti I am the best mom in the world in my daughter’s eyes what more can I ask for. Wow, I really enjoyed the Woolworths Plain Roti’s so much that I will be buying them again.

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Homemade Custard Pudding






Tasty homemade custard pudding in minutes the ingredients include:

Custard powder (as desired)
Milk 500ml
SugarSugar 45ml


Mix custard powder,sugar and 50ml milk together
Bring 450 ml of milk to boil in a pot
Add the custard mixture into the boiling milk
Let it boil and continue stirring until the custard thickens

Serve hot or cold.

The thickness and sweetness of the custard is up to you.

I serve it hot, it taste better and love it during the winter as it warms me up

Mince Curry with Sweet Potato and Pasta








Well today decided to cook dinner after we had bread and jam last night. I cooked mince, pasta and sweet potato.


Ground Mince Meat
Sweet Potatoes
Beef Stock cube for seasoning