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#RIPKARABO is Trending on Twitter


#RIPKARABO is Trending on TwitterSouth Africa is outraged with the news of Karabo, #RIPKARABO is trending on Twitter right now. I am a parent and cannot even begin to say I know what you are going through to Karabo’s parents.

Such a huge loss and South Africa feels your pain especially as women.

It is often said that the people who hurt us the most it is people we love and hold dear. Do not care how heated the argument was.

Don’t know what I would do if such a horrible act happend to my daughter, then again, there is nothing I can do but cry.

To the Mokoena family from my family, we send you our condolences.

Some say time heals wounds but I don’t think time can ease the pain of losing a child. I am heartbroken not only as a mother, but a woman, this could have happened to anyone of us.

Any kind of abuse from domestic to child abuse is  close to my heart  because  I am a survivor of child and emotional abuse.

All I want to know is what happened and the culprit will not disclose the darkness that lead to him to committing such a heartless act.

Did he think about Karabo’s parents? Did he even stop to question his actions? Did he even have doubts when he lit the match and watched it fall on her body setting her body on fire? If only he could answer these questions truthfully.

Don’t know Karabo but from seeing her pictures, she looked like a humble and kind person. May your soul rest in peace beautiful rose.

On the #RIPKarabo on Twitter people are asking for the death penalty. What will death penalty change, the murderous get away with it in South Africa. Our justice system is so rotten with corruption.

The life of a woman has been lost and she is not the first one and she won’t be the last one too. The South African government has failed women and children.

To the Mokeona family hope with time you find peace in this inhuman act. To the killer (Your name is not worth mentioning), who gave you the right to take Karabo’s life and why should you have yours?

Acts like this make me wonder is it the reflection of the kind of a mother that raised that man? When will some men learn that when dating or married to a woman does not mean you own them.

I am so  angry, heartbroken and numb.

Turn your phone into a scanner with CamScanner

Have you ever needed to scan documents but you cannot reach a scanner at that given moment? No worries now you can turn your phone into a scanner with CamScanner.

I just discovered this app and I was skeptical, but oh boy I was truly impressed by the quality of the document after it has been processed.
CamScanner is available with two options of: free version with 200MB cloud space and Premium version has 10GB, you can pay monthly or yearly for the premium.

Download is available for Android, IPhone, IPad and Windows Phone 8.
You should really try it out for yourself, it’s amazing and I have not been so excited with an app in a while.

All you have to do is download CamScanner, take a picture of the document.  Then the CamScanner automatically crops the picture and enhance the quality.  

Below is  pictures of the app in action.

Do you think the CamScanner is an excellent App?

How to Make Extra Money Online in South Africa?

How to make extra money online in South Africa? I remember how I used to ask Google that question when I was home after giving birth to my baby. I got so bored and could not stand not having any income on my own, that’s how my journey on making extra money online begun.

Finding ways to supplement your income online is a lot of work, especially in South Africa because there are a lot of scams out there. I must say after searching all those years I have finally found some local survey companies that offer payment in exchange for your opinion.

I will be sharing with you my favourite South African survey panels with you below. One thing you must always remember is to never pay to be a member of a survey panel. When they ask for a fee run.


The Your View panel website is maintained and administered by the KLA (Kaufman Levin Associates), more info available under about us on their website. Payment Methods offered include Woolworths Vouchers, Cash, Airtime and Takealot Vouchers.

TUAI (Tell us about it)

Tell Us About It (TUAI) is a consumer panel run by Panel Services Africa, more information available under this about us on their website. Payment methods include cash, Woolworth and Takealot vouchers and airtime.

Enlighten Panel

Been a member for a very long time back to the days when it was survey basket. They have a lot of surveys and they also have an opinion forum that’s run for a week and you can make up to R150. Their payment methods include YuppieChef, Takealot, Numetro and Woolworths vouchers, airtime and recently added the Fnb Ewallet option.

Answered Insight

Answered insight is by far my favourite South African survey company because it pays R20.00 per survey and if the survey is long its double the amount. They make cash payment straight into your account within 5 working days.

Springvale Online

Is the slowest for me and they take time to process payment. You should be patient when joining this panel. Their payment methods include airtime and cash.

I have only shared my trusted survey panels and they are reliable and legit. You can join and do them on your spare time and redeem your points for anything from airtime to cash before month end pay check comes.


Do you have any ideas on how to make extra money online in South Africa?


Wishing You A Happy Valentine’s Day

I am wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. For as long as I remember today is Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of stories behind this day I won’t even get into that.

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Could be love between mother and daughter, husband and wife even boyfriend and girlfriend.

It’s the day of appreciation in any relationship may be in.

I will share with you my all-time favourite love quotes:

Hello 2017


A new year has begun ,hello 2017 I am looking forward to a wonderful 365 days. It’s amazing to see a year end and a new one arrive. A new year brings hope of new beginnings and another chance to fulfil incomplete goals and dreams.
I am looking forward to a successful 2017 in my personal and blogging life. I also wish my family and friends an amazing 2017 may your dreams and desires be acknowledged.
Hello 2017 its going to be one hell of a year and I am prepared and ready for my transformation. So its that time of the year to choose a mantra that will get me through the year and this year my mantra is:
Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Bruce Lee

Promise myself to be the best and successful version of me and only me. Also march to the sound of my own drums.

Do you have a mantra for 2017?

The mainstream quality of life

The mainstream quality of life these days is changing every year and busier every year forgetting just to stop and breath. I grew up in the city and in love with life in the city, but lately I have been yearning for a quieter and simpler life. Maybe just maybe when I grow older I will buy a house surrounded by trees with open space for fresh.

I am thankful for my daughter because her views of life they are just so simple and surprising. She is the sparkle I need in my day and when I am sad she would do something to make me laugh. She would be so happy when I do and say yes, I made you smile.Really find the age my daughter is right now the most exciting because of her curiosity and as adults we tend to lose that. I don’t remember the last time I was curious about something.

The mainstream quality of life

This is the mainstream quality of life we just work and work and want to make more money. That’s all we do these days make money, eat and sleep repeat. Our every little move is monetized; I yearn for a simple life.The mainstream quality of life


Have you ever yearned to slow down and breath?


Breath. Meditate. Smile

Bloggers I consider Friends in the Blogsphere  

Decided to write this post because I was reflecting on my blogging journey and now I am at a stage where I can say I have bloggers I consider friends in the blogsphere. Earlier this year I meet a group of women who blog and work full time and being a newbie, I have always felt left out and intimidated by all the big bloggers already establishment.

I remembered last year when I went to a movie premiere and honestly, I found the environment bitchy and cold.All the big bloggers grouped themselves into small groups and they knew each other chatting and laughing away. I was glad because I had my daughter with and we stuck together like thick thieves, it was an awkward and uncomfortable experience.

Happy to have meet these fabulous ladies which we have grown close and have helped each other with blogging. I am happy to share with you today Bloggers I consider friends in the Blogsphere:

ferocious haven

Lindi Mogale from A Well-Heeled Woman – it should be A Well-Traveled Woman but then again that name is taken (hahahah) I say this because this woman has seen the world and even travels domestically. Cape Town should be her second home because it loves her.she is a wife and a mother, two colorful boy. She blogs about parenting and life and being a working mum. I honestly think she is superwoman because she works until the early hours of the morning. (Lindi please share your secret)

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Lebo Xolo from MrsX Lifestyle – she is the yummy mummy of two children boy and a girl, a wife and a working woman. Oh, boy, and she is so active and looks so good for a mom of two (Lebo are trying to put me to shame).I remember the first time I saw her I was like damn she is so cool; she has that swag and sexiness you, know like Rihanna she does not put it on it just there effortlessly (Gosh I sound like I have a crush).  Lebo blogs about fitness, parenting, events and fashion.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Ayanda Mkhize from Beat My Blush – I have not met her personally, but I first came across her on Beauty Bulletin she loves all things beauty. She is a mom, wife and a business woman she creates awesome platters and she is also a staying healthy fan (she loves shakes and smoothies). She blogs about beauty.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Noluthando Msomi from Modern Zulu Mom–  She is a proud mommy of two, a wife and a working woman. She blogs about parenting woman, work tips and fashion. She is indeed a modern African mom and a humble, soft soul.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere
Sara Essop from In Africa and Beyond – I consider Sara a friend even though I have not met her personally because she was friendly and welcoming. She was the to go to lady when I was applying for USA visa in March.I sent her an inbox and I thought she will ignore as she is an established blogger, but she replied and she was so helpful. (Thank you for your Kindness). I know she is a mom and Sara Blogs about travelling, accommodation reviews and all things South Africa if you ever need advice about visa application and where to stay she is your lady.

Do you have bloggers who were friendly when you started and how was your experience as a newbie?

The National Nutrition Week : Love your beans Campaign


Did you know that since the 9th until the 15th October is The National Nutrition Week: Love your beans Campaign , I honestly had no idea until this morning? The theme for this year is “love your beans” and I am not a fan of beans or lentils.
This afternoon from 1 -2pm the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) hosted a Twitter Talk which I attended because I was curious. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the educational 1 hour talk they gave tips and ideas of how to incorporate beans and lentils in your daily diet and lifestyle.

When I think lentils I immediately think about winter and soup but apparently you can have them all year round. It was really an eye opening one hour well spent. That also shared resources like recipe of how to prepare pulses to keep them interesting, to see what went on the talk see @ADSA_RD on Twitter.
The National Nutrition:Love your beans
Things I have learned today about pulses in The National Nutrition Week:Love your beans Campaign.

• Pulses protect us from certain diseases.
• Soak overnight to make them easier to digest and also quicker to cook.
• Really loved how you can even include them in your baking of muffins, homemade bread etc.
• The earlier you introduce beans and lentils to your children the better. (My daughter hates beans and it’s my fault)
• You can boil, fry, roast, mash, even tofu them, you can really do anything with pulses.
• Good source of fiber and protein.

The information is a lot I cannot include all of them in this post just visit twitter and see for yourself and you will also get lots of recipes shared.
The National Nutrition Week :Love your beans is brought to us by @HealthZA & @SAHeartStroke @CGCSA1 @CEPMilkSA & @NNW2013 #LovePulses. Check them out on twitter to find out more about the ‘Love your beans” campaign.

Does your family eat pulses? 

Things I hate about Technology

Things I hate about technology

Last week I wrote about things I love about technology but I also have things that  really annoy me about technology. I will be telling you about the things I hate about technology.

Social Media: as much as things like Facebook were created to keep in touch with family and friends it is really annoying when people publicize their private life. I don’t need to talk to a friend to know that her relationship is not going well or she is upset with hubby or wife.

Too much Information: Have you ever googled yourself (let’s say you are not a blogger) it is scary how much information the internet is gathered about us is really too much.

 Googled my sister the other day and oh my goodness I was shocked google reveals everything, including people you may be connected to including pictures.

Family Time: Dinner time is a time for the family to sit around the table and just chat, but oh hell no, not these days. You look around everyone is busy on their phone either on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

As much as social media is meant to connect us its disconnecting us.

The bottom line is technology has its good and bad about it. We as human beings, we need to be more aware of things we post on social media because if you are not you become a target.

Things you should never post on Social Media :

  • Home alone
  • Do not to disclose  your location when you are posting, you never know who is following you
  • Try not a post nude pictures on the phone
  • Keep your relationship issues private, I know is hard but do not make yourself an open book.
  • Some people say do not complain about your work on Facebook because your boss might be reading (I don’t know isn’t Facebook my personal page has nothing to do with my work)

What do you hate about Technology ?

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Things I love about Technology


www.ferocioushaven.comTechnology can be really scary, especially if you watch CSI: Cyber I am telling you that show can make you go back to the dark ages because of people who abuse Technology. The truth is technology is not bad, it’s the people, yes us people. Today I will be sharing with you the things I love about Technology.

  1. Directions: I love technology because the google maps help me find a place every easily I have studied Geography in school, but believe me that I cannot read a map to save my life.
  1. . Studying and Educational Apps:  Just last night I needed to hear a pronunciation fora Pet in Afrikaans so if it was not for google and educational apps where will I be. Technology has also helped me to sort it a number line for a Grade 1 homework (Am I that old that I cannot remember how to do Maths using a number line?)
  1. Self-Diagnosis, feeling sick in the middle of the night and I can just search the symptoms and alternative remedies while waiting for the morning to come so that I can go see a doctor.  The Technology works a first aid for me because if it’s none life threatening I am not in the mood to rush to the ER at 1 am in the morning.
  1. Customer Service, especially for the companies that use social media. I find that technology has improved how companies handle customer complaints most of them, they are quick and efficient cutting out the costs of a telephone call.

Share with me what you love about technology?