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July highlights for Boomerang

The schools holidays are here and Boomerang has some amazing things in store for the little ones in July. So here are some July highlights for Boomerang to entertain the little ones, when you have nothing planned. Enjoyed the school holidays and tune in to channel 302 for some movies and new shows.

July Highlights For Boomerang

For more information on the July Highlights For Boomerang,  visit Boomerang Africa website.

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New App to help children report abuse launched in Durban

 new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. T.

When I heard that a new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. The first thing that came into my mind was where was this when I was growing up. The new app will be available to schools that will sign up for approximately R500 monthly.

As much as this app is a great initiative what about schools in the rural and township arears who do not have a budge.

The app was launched in Durban and The Guardian is ready to distribute the app to schools throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal. The app is aimed to increase the reporting of sexual abuse and bullying. My daughter experienced bullying last year and she was afraid to tell. To get the details out of her was a mission.

Sometimes is can be hard for children to speak to parents, so this app made available in schools is an amazing initiative and hope the Department of Education will get involved.

How the app works

1.A staff will be selected to be the ambassador of the app

  1. When an entry is made, the ambassador will receive an email notifying them about the report submitted on the system.
  2. The ambassador can ask for more information from the victim, but the identity will remain anonymous.
  3. The matter will be investigated.

This app launched by the Guardian it is the first of its kind in South Africa and the Guardian is prepared should the matter be severe.

As a parent and a survivor of child abuse I really hope this initiative succeeds and spread through the country. I suffered in silence with no one to talk too, yes I survived but not many do and turn to committing suicide.

Do you think new App to help children report abuse launched in Durban is a wonderful idea?


How important is religion in parenting?

How important is religion in parenting? Last night my husband and I we were up until late discussing religion matters regarding our daughter. When religion plays a big role in parenting it such a pain in the …… Married to a Muslim man and I was born a Christian but later changed to nothing. Definitely have good reasons.

What sparked the question of religion, you know in Muslim culture there are women who cover their faces. As I learn a little about the Quran each day I somehow feel that is oppressing women making men feel all superior above women and as a feminist that is a no, no in my book. I might be wrong, but as far as I understand I wouldn’t want my daughter to get involved with something that will teach her that men have power over women.

Found asking myself why religion plays a huge role in parenting. Is religion really necessary, especially religion that will inhabit a human being to enjoy life and all its possibilities.  Asked husband actually told him that our daughter should have the freedom to choose with path/religion she wants to follow when she is old enough. For now, we teach her what is right and wrong and let her experience life and everything in it.

Am I really just a bad parent? When I married my husband we never spoke about this and I never even thought about it. He knew where I stood when it comes to religion. Always say I don’t judge anyone who believes in God/Allah, but don’t know force your beliefs down my throat.

My daughter, she is a curious child and she is always interested in why in Christianity, they praise God the way they do and sing loudly and scream hallelujah while in Muslim they don’t. She also wanted to know why Hindus had so many gods and goddesses and the other day she wanted to know who is RA (The Egyptian God of Sun) I explain to her to the best of my abilities.


Am I being unreasonable to my husband about the religion matter? Have you encountered the same problem?




Its back to school and I am not ready

Where has the time gone, it’s back to school and I am not ready. Seriously, did not miss doing homework and lunch box . I also did not miss the washing all white PE clothes gosh, they make me hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I can not believe we are back at it again, another and lots of school activities, meetings (can I resign from being a mom). Also I am back to work and back into the weekly routine. I enjoyed my holidays not having to wake up and run like a headless chicken Has Been splendid.

It’s a new year, another 365 days to make our dreams come true and if your dream has come true its your year to prosper and make it greater. I am looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding year, of course I will be hustling harder than last year Because I have a DREAM.

I am not making any resolutions this year I am just going to make me and strive to succeed.

It’s back to school and I am not ready. Are you ready to go back into the routine?

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6 I started getting my daughter into doing chores last year she was only 6 years old.I have some chores ideas for children from the age of 6years old and this will be coming from what my daughter has been able to do.
It’s hard to be a working mom with a child in school, one day I just needed help and I cannot afford a maid. I asked my daughter if she could help and she gladly said yes.

Here is a list of my chores ideas for children from the age of 6 years old:

Doing the dishes

My daughter is really tall for age, but if your child is short you can buy those cute steps for children for them to reach the sink. Prepare water, make sure there is nothing sharp in the water like knives and forks. Keep the dish rack as close as possible, show them how doing it and voila.

Clearing the table after dinner

By this I mean putting the milk,juice and any sauces used during eating like your tomato sauce, salad dressing. Nothing heavy.

Cleaning the table after eating

Unless you have a table cloth on the table, your little one can learn to wipe down the table.

                                                      Folding Laundry

I just recently introduced this, the folding is still messy but the best part is she is learning. I give her the simple things like her leggings and tops. She also puts away underwear in the designated drawer.

Cleaning the bathroom

Give them a little water, sponge and detergent, let them scrub the bathtub and basin. It’s simple and easy and it keeps them busy.

These chores ideas for children can be introduced to your little one slowly not all at once and when you see that they are ready to taken on the next chores. Teaching our children to take care of themselves at an earlier age and teaching about cleanliness its the best value we can instill in them and a value they will always remember.

Unless you are you can afford maids and born into a wealth family then it does not matter☺

What chores have you taught your little and at what age did you begin?