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Fake Bloggers and Followers Exposè


fake bloggers and followers exposèWow, what a heated discussion indeed some applauded the call out and some called it cyber bullying. What does one gain from exposing and insinuating that a certain blogger is fake and has bought followers. I personally found the fake bloggers and followers exposè entertaining, I was giggling and saying om my gosh all the word.

I do get what could be infuriating about overnight superstars compared to those who have been growing organically.Growing a blog or social media is one hell of a job and it is even more insulting when Brands look at the numbers rather than engagement.

At one time, a brand approached me and asked for my rates and I sent them through and they said my numbers do not justify my rates.Honestly, I was hurt, angry and got me thinking then why approach me if you are going to insult me like that. Did you even check out my social media networks and blog?

If my numbers are small for you darling, then please do not approach me only to insult me at the end of the day. Going back to the fake bloggers and followers Exposè heated debate that took place on Twitter and Facebook.

These things happen all over the blogsphere locally and internationally, but I honestly think it is not right to point out a person and use them as a cyber punching bag.

I have been blogging since September 2014 and I have never been paid for it except for receiving some media drops there and there. We all human and we will be envious of the big bloggers when they get invites to every event but we need to also remember.

We want Blog Industry to grow in South Africa and maybe one day do it full-time too, if we are going to act like a pack of hyenas fighting over a piece of meat. How will the PR companies and Brands take us seriously?

The bottom line is they won’t, they will keep flooding ours emails with press releases and expect us to work for free. Social media is a powerful and once it is out there, there is no going back.

They won’t say, oh that blogger, they will say South African bloggers are not professional.

The end of my rant on this fake bloggers and followers exposè.


Where to find good stock images for Bloggers?

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. As bloggers, we need stock images from time to time, so I will be sharing where to find good stock images for blogger that are free. Sometimes I need stock images and I browse the internet and it can be time consuming but now I have my favourite sites to find good stock images.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers? Look no further and read below about stock images sites I use which have high quality photos, vectors and illustrations.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers


This is another site of high quality photos and videos that can be used for personal and commercial with no attribution. Pixabay has over 940 000 of photos, vectors and illustrations. Their resources are nicely categorised and easily searchable.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers


Pexels is another amazing site to get free high quality stock images. 100 latest photos are added daily and their photos are easily searchable and nicely catalogued.  The photos can be used for personal and commercial use with no attribution needed.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers?


Now this is a little haven for me because they have graphic resources for personal and commercial use. High quality illustrations such as vectors, photos, icons and PSD files.  Free license with attribution.


I use Pixabay, Freepik and Pexels when I cannot take photos for some of the posts. They are very helpful and have a variety of photos to choose from if you cannot find a photo on one you can always go to the next site.

Where do you get your stock images?


Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger

home-office-599475_1920When I started blogging little did I know how much time it will consume and how much it will cost. I started a lot of blogs which I later left because I was not ready to put in the work of creating content. My mindset was wrong I was looking for a quick fix and failed. Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger or Digital Influencer, it’s things I wish I knew before starting.


You have to be prepared to spend money from your pocket. Data is not cheap and you cannot afford to be offline for too long because readers tend to lose interest. If you appear to be a one hit wonder.


You need to be on top of your game, posting regularly to increase your google visibility. I know easy for people like me who work full time and still have to create content, but make an effort to post at least once a week.

Social Media

This is overwhelming because there are a lot of platforms out there, so don’t stress yourself by joining all of the at the same time. It’s not easy to grow a following so at least sign up for 2 or three being Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and grow your numbers.

You don’t need to have a blog.

Not everyone is good at writing (I try) and just the other day I was going through Webfluential and I realised that not every influencer there has a blog.

This is something I wish I knew when I started because it’s something I really would have considered. You can be a Digital Influencer by having a huge following on your social media accounts and even just one is still effective.

Don’t Compare Yourself to other Digital Influencers.

Rookie mistake I made was comparing myself to other bloggers. Got depressed about their huge followings were and  obsessed with how many comments they got in their blog post.

Pace yourself because they have been doing it longer than you and probably felt the way you are feeling when they started. Focus on growing your brand.

Finally, I have also learnt that when the time is right, your work and effort will be recognize and all your hard work will pay off. These are the Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger/Digital Influencer.


What great lesson have you learnt about being a blogger/digital influencer?