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Snowflake Red Velvet Cupcakes

Ferocious Red velvet cupcakes

My daughter and I we got busy during Youth Day we made Snowflake red velvet cupcakes, we initially went to Pick n Pay to get icing and cupcake cups, but I found an amazing product from Snowflake treats it had everything we needed and it was even affordable.

Red velvet cupcakes
Snowflakes treats includes:
500g Cupcake Mix
300g Icing Mix
12 paper cups
10g Sprinkles
The package makes 12 large cupcakes or one double layered cake, the box has instructions about making cupcakes and also the butter icing, its pretty much straight forward. Extra ingredients you will need are are:
2 large eggs
125 ml cooking oil
200ml water
150g butter or baking margarine
30ml milk
Salton Elite

Since I live in a flat and I don’t have a big stove with an oven so I used my mini gadget I bought online few months back the Salton Elite Cupcake Marker, makes 8 cupcakes, it’s easy to store and clean because it has a nonstick coating. Not only does it make cupcakes you can use it to make muffins and mini pies pretty handy.

Everything worked out the cupcakes came out perfectly and they put a smile on my daughter’s face what more can a mom ask for.


Love letter to you my daughter

Today I write a love letter to you my daughter to let you know that, I love you so much I want you to grow knowing that and understand that every decision I make or will make believe it’s for your best interest. I will make mistakes along the day way and there will be days when you think I am ruining your life well, I will tell you to Suck It Up (yes I will).

There world is a tough place and do not put your trust in everyone. I pray for a long, healthy life for you. I want you to live life to the fullest and not give a damn what the next person will say. I want you to travel and see the world, dance in the rain and laugh. I want you to love more, forgive more and just me happy in life.

As much as I will try my best to protect you from the big bad world, I do have the power to protect you from heartbreak, but here is advise I want you to fall in love and be happy, but once the relationship brings you more sadness than happiness please do me a favour walk away because it is not worth stressing over.

Time is really flying by when you are stressed and feeling depressed about losing love but you know what you will get over it, don’t ever let it define you in any way and after all you are my daughter and I have given you the gift of strength. You come from a family of strong woman who have survived and still surviving the hardships of life.

I promise to be the best mother every daughter deserves, I promise to love each and every second of the day. I will be hard on you it is and will be because I want you to reach your potential and fulfil your dreams in life.

Never ever let anyone tell you that you are less than what you are, they have no right and promise me that you will never let anyone make you feel worthless in your life because you a priceless jewel and you were brought into this world for a reason and you have the right to happiness, life, love and peace like anyone else in this world.

Love Mommy


School Communicator Application

school communicator

The School Communicator application is the new way that parents can stay in touch with what is happening in their children’s school at their fingertips. The application is easy to use you can download it on your computer/tablet/smartphone too. You only get the news relevant you and your child by personalizing it.

1. You visit schools will appear and choose your child’s school.

2. Choose the device of your choice Windows, Android, Mac or Blackberry then install on your desktop or tablet even smart phone. On the Android tablet it is just under 5MB and so the School Communicator is a light application.

3. A Notice board will appear in your child’s school news.


5. You have the choice to personalize what you see by choosing your Child’s grade and you can choose which categories/channels you want to subscribe to, to avoid clutter.


On the School Communicator there are 6 menu bars and they are as follows News, Calender, Multimedia, Resourses, Homework and Contacts.These categories/channels have information like the Term assessment planners, Excursions reminders, extra-mural program times and days, Exam timetables, daily homework, school events updates for all the grades and contact details for the school.

Any information you share with the School Communicator is absolutely private and is protected by Thawte. The school communicator will automatically update daily so you may want to change your firewall settings to allow it to run and the data usage varies from the updates and the type of content loaded but expect to use typically from 30Mb per month.

I think the School Communicator is an absolutely amazing idea and the schools are keeping up with technology I mean we spend most of our time on our tablets and smartphones at work and home. The schools have found a way to send parents’ messages in other ways than a newsletter. There are about 1757 schools using the d6 School Communicator, I am happy that my child’s school is one of them.
Parents what do you think about the School Communicator?

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Six years olds are self conscious too


As much I would like to protect my six years old daughter from the world or hurt and harsh words its pretty much difficult. So my daughter, she is mixed half Indian and half black which means she won’t have the straight typical Indian hair. Over the weekend I washed her hair and decided to flat iron it (so its straight for now).
Curly Hair
This Monday she back from school and tells me people were telling her she look beautiful with her straight not bushy and curly. I was are you freaking kidding me (please excuse my French) of course I said in my mind not out loud, don’t people know that words are hurtful, even to a six year old I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that she is not beautiful when her hair is curly. Six years olds are self conscious too and they hang on to every word people say. I would love to see my daughter embracing her versatility because not everyone can do that.

straight hair
I told her that she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like long or short, curly or straight. I am really disgusted by the society’s perception of what is beautiful now that I have a daughter otherwise I didn’t not care. I am worried about my daughter because she is too sensitive, parenthood is hard already without people who think they can say whatever they want to children without repercussions.

The journey of motherhood continues with all the good and bad it brings:-)

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Do not forget to fetch my daughter

Do not forget to fetch my daughter

Do not forget to fetch my daughter has become my favourite sentence since my daughter started Grade 1 last week I am a walking, breathing alarm clock for her daddy and I want him standing by the gate when she gets out (talk about obsessive mommy).

Also received term 1 calendar I like was excuse who is going to school me or her, because it really feels like it’s back to school for me too, I used to ask my colleague why she has a diary she can just remember it now I fully understand the purpose of writing in a dairy all those activities, parents’ meeting and what not and she is only in Grade 1 goodness.

At the end of the day I am so tired from work, homework and dinner that I will only manage to make her lunch box in the morning and this week is the worst because they are training for sports with the huge competition happening end of the month which means it’s all white shorts, sneakers, and T-shirt I am not looking forward to washing them.

Which genius came up with the idea that kids need to wear white clothes for sports?

Mommies how do you keep sane from all this school thing and then having to write for the blog because I swear I am drowning I try to work on my blog over the weekend, but with the chores by the time I remember its Sunday evening time to get ready for Monday.

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All in a week’s work


Finally, it’s Friday, the day I always look forward to every Monday morning (hides) my little sister even calls me Mrs Friday. This week was back to school and the first day for my daughter starting Grade 1 at her new school well that went well besides the fact I was a nervous wreck.

Work was hectic will the achieving that happens every year and creating new 2016 files its still not that busy, but I have been easing back in after the holidays slowly but surely. I have been looking at some courses I really want to study something this year I feel like my brain was getting rusty as just the other day I could not for the life of me spell mild, yep mild.


The Friday I have been waiting for has arrived and guess what I am not so happy about it because the laundry basket is full (its laundry time), thoroughly clean the house or yes, tomorrow I have to go buy sports clothes for my daughter which I forgot when I was buying her uniform and because she needs them on Monday.

Well, nothing awesome happened things week I have got three products I have been using since Monday there will be a post about them Sunday morning, there goes my washing the first load is done, here comes the worst part hanging the clothes and I hear Aang from the Avatar in the background my daughter is watching.


I seriously do not feel like cooking tonight so we will be having fish fingers and Greek salad tonight, nothing much and I cannot wait the next episode of The Good Wife tonight.

I am done hanging the first load, second load in the washing machine all in a week’s work. Now tell me what have you been doing this week?

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Back to School: First day of Grade 1

Grade 1

Now I can stop stressing and obsessing on what could go wrong the day has arrived and my daughter, she was so excited about it so much that when I woke her up this morning she literally jumped out of bed asking if she is late. It’s been a decade since I covered any books so covering her 4 books felt like hard work omg and the labelling on each and every crayon, pencil, glue, ruler was just not enjoyable at all.
The back to school first day of grade 1 was not that bad I survived after running like a headless chicken last night, making lunch and preparing her uniform and making sure every stationery item is packed and ready.

Lunch Box Ideas

After work I went to the shop and guess what the bread was sold out so I had to use the white bread in the house (will get brown bread later today), I put bread with easy chicken meat and cheese, Pure Joy Juice, Banana flavored yoghurt and Bakers mini cheddar bites. I asked her if I should put an apple and she said no.

May you kindly please share ideas of what I can put in her lunch box to make it healthier.

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I went shopping today I got nothing for myself


Since I had my daughter that is 6 years ago,I struggle to buy myself clothes, every time I see something I think about what Abeerah needs its been difficult.I went shopping today, but I got nothing for myself as I worry about a whole bunch of things and people.

When I eventually buy myself something I feel guilty about that as I think I could have used that money to buy Abeerah two more pairs of shoes its really difficult to break this cycle or way of thinking whatever you want to call it. I went to Woolworths today and I saw about five dresses that I really like and I seriously need them, but I painfully walked away because I have to be responsible with spending money.

Any mommies struggle with shopping for themselves, because I feel like I am losing my mind motherhood has taken over. Here is what is in my wardrobe that I can say it’s something I can wear to go out 2 pairs of pumps and 1 pair of sandals, one pair of jean that fits correctly and still in good condition and about four tops, Gosh its been a year since I bought bras which I seriously need and I cannot stop thinking about those dresses.

How do I go shopping for myself without worrying about what my daughter needs?

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A Bit Of Everything

Abeerah’s New Chapter

So my only child Abeerah will starting school next year grade one, alright I have been aware of that fact, but it has been just surreal you know until I saw her stationery pack. Bang it hit its really happening and my baby has grown up and that night I was restless as I was thinking of everything that could go wrong, I am really feeling scared for my angel and she seems very much happy the time has arrived for her to wear school uniform and shoes she is just too excited to worry about anything.

I think I am the one suffering from separation anxiety but why as I go to work and she goes to preschool why am I this nervous? I have a huge fear of change I guess because school times will now be different shorter than now and maybe because now things are getting serious I will have to be proactive in her school work and all that this is starting to sound like too much work. Okay, breath in, breath out there is no need for me to panic. I am seriously scared out of my mind and I am not ready for this chapter and not ready for my baby girl to grow up.

Wow, so the suitcase was full with stationery now we just gotta get the uniform and shoes. Wait, why suitcase I hope it will be for just storing the stationery at school because I prefer a bag pack and suitcases are not fun in winter hashtag speaking from experience. Looks like my Abeerah is equipped to start her new chapter in her life.

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Spannah Coco Banana”><img

Guidelines for Containing and Surviving Chicken Pox

Tuesday night I realized my daughter had a high temperature so I gave her panado didn’t think much of it then on Wednesday she woke up with 2 blisters on her chest and back didn’t think much about it I thought mosquito bite. After work she tells me that her school said she must not come to school because she has chicken pox and two other kids have it.

I was in denial and I am like, but she was vaccinated for it like 2 months ago, so my initial thought was if you get vaccinated for something means you won’t get it well I was wrong. Woke up Thursday morning boom more blisters and lasted that day the doctor confirmed it yep it was Chicken Pox.
I panicked what am I going to do so I Google it and beam the pictures were horrid my advice, don’t Google the pictures of chicken pox because will make you crazy.

Guidelines for containing and surviving Chicken Pox:

> Cut the nails to ensure that when they scratch, they don’t cause too much damage on the skin
>Make sure they don’t mix their face cloth with other and that they use a separate soap and towel
> Keep the child entertained to keep being distracted from stretching
> They won’t be feeling like eating so give them some finger foods nothing heavy.

Medication to have:

Calamine to apply all over the body to ease the itching
Panda for the fever and pain
Allergex will also help with soothing the itching
Antibiotic prescribed by your doctor
PoxClin CoolMousse relieves the itch and helps prevent scarring and it contains a unique proactive bacterial blocker for an effective treatment to soothe the itch, to recondition the skin and to help prevent scar tissue formation.

Also, having cool baths with baking soda every 3-4 hours help with soothing the skin and you can also try ice packs and antihistamines for children.

There goes my weekend as I will be contained and under don’t scratch duty