Decided to write this post because I was reflecting on my blogging journey and now I am at a stage where I can say I have bloggers I consider friends in the blogsphere. Earlier this year I meet a group of women who blog and work full time and being a newbie, I have always felt left out and intimidated by all the big bloggers already establishment.

I remembered last year when I went to a movie premiere and honestly, I found the environment bitchy and cold.All the big bloggers grouped themselves into small groups and they knew each other chatting and laughing away. I was glad because I had my daughter with and we stuck together like thick thieves, it was an awkward and uncomfortable experience.

Happy to have meet these fabulous ladies which we have grown close and have helped each other with blogging. I am happy to share with you today Bloggers I consider friends in the Blogsphere:

ferocious haven

Lindi Mogale from A Well-Heeled Woman – it should be A Well-Traveled Woman but then again that name is taken (hahahah) I say this because this woman has seen the world and even travels domestically. Cape Town should be her second home because it loves her.she is a wife and a mother, two colorful boy. She blogs about parenting and life and being a working mum. I honestly think she is superwoman because she works until the early hours of the morning. (Lindi please share your secret)

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Lebo Xolo from MrsX Lifestyle – she is the yummy mummy of two children boy and a girl, a wife and a working woman. Oh, boy, and she is so active and looks so good for a mom of two (Lebo are trying to put me to shame).I remember the first time I saw her I was like damn she is so cool; she has that swag and sexiness you, know like Rihanna she does not put it on it just there effortlessly (Gosh I sound like I have a crush).  Lebo blogs about fitness, parenting, events and fashion.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Ayanda Mkhize from Beat My Blush – I have not met her personally, but I first came across her on Beauty Bulletin she loves all things beauty. She is a mom, wife and a business woman she creates awesome platters and she is also a staying healthy fan (she loves shakes and smoothies). She blogs about beauty.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere

Noluthando Msomi from Modern Zulu Mom–  She is a proud mommy of two, a wife and a working woman. She blogs about parenting woman, work tips and fashion. She is indeed a modern African mom and a humble, soft soul.

Bloggers I consider Friends in the blogsphere
Sara Essop from In Africa and Beyond – I consider Sara a friend even though I have not met her personally because she was friendly and welcoming. She was the to go to lady when I was applying for USA visa in March.I sent her an inbox and I thought she will ignore as she is an established blogger, but she replied and she was so helpful. (Thank you for your Kindness). I know she is a mom and Sara Blogs about travelling, accommodation reviews and all things South Africa if you ever need advice about visa application and where to stay she is your lady.

Do you have bloggers who were friendly when you started and how was your experience as a newbie?

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  1. I love all these blogs and fab ladies!! I’m yet to meet Sara but I read her blog regularly. Thank you for this Poine, being part of a community keeps us sane 🙂

  2. Oh wow Lindi this is too awesome soon we shall all meet.
    Oh yes I do and they are plenty of them! We got so much love for each other and each other’s work! Way to go ladies.
    Cheers to my fellow bloggers 🙂

  3. Aww thanks hun. You’re so sweet. I think we need to fix that part about not having met personally soon. At least I’ve met your lovely daughter though. And I’d love to meet you too Modern Zulu Mom.

  4. Such a great post! So nice of you to honor these incredible ladies for being giving and nice! And now I have a few new blogs to read!

  5. Love the post and I got to rub shoulders with a few of these ladies at the launch of Iman Africa’s online store this year.

    I love the spirit among South African bloggers and I am excited about the future growth of the blogging industry.

  6. Aw how lovely. It is awesome when we find a group of bloggers we’re close to and can collaborate with and relate to. Some new blogs here I haven’t seen before I’ll check out too. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  7. Aww its so lovely that you now feel you have fellow bloggers that you can call friends. Ive been blogging for three years and only recently feel I can say this too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post on #MarvMondays. Emily

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