Fake Bloggers and Followers Exposè


fake bloggers and followers exposèWow, what a heated discussion indeed some applauded the call out and some called it cyber bullying. What does one gain from exposing and insinuating that a certain blogger is fake and has bought followers. I personally found the fake bloggers and followers exposè entertaining, I was giggling and saying om my gosh all the word.

I do get what could be infuriating about overnight superstars compared to those who have been growing organically.Growing a blog or social media is one hell of a job and it is even more insulting when Brands look at the numbers rather than engagement.

At one time, a brand approached me and asked for my rates and I sent them through and they said my numbers do not justify my rates.Honestly, I was hurt, angry and got me thinking then why approach me if you are going to insult me like that. Did you even check out my social media networks and blog?

If my numbers are small for you darling, then please do not approach me only to insult me at the end of the day. Going back to the fake bloggers and followers Exposè heated debate that took place on Twitter and Facebook.

These things happen all over the blogsphere locally and internationally, but I honestly think it is not right to point out a person and use them as a cyber punching bag.

I have been blogging since September 2014 and I have never been paid for it except for receiving some media drops there and there. We all human and we will be envious of the big bloggers when they get invites to every event but we need to also remember.

We want Blog Industry to grow in South Africa and maybe one day do it full-time too, if we are going to act like a pack of hyenas fighting over a piece of meat. How will the PR companies and Brands take us seriously?

The bottom line is they won’t, they will keep flooding ours emails with press releases and expect us to work for free. Social media is a powerful and once it is out there, there is no going back.

They won’t say, oh that blogger, they will say South African bloggers are not professional.

The end of my rant on this fake bloggers and followers exposè.


Life is a Survivor Series

Life is a Survivor Series

Life is a Survivor Series
there is one thing certain about life,
we are all survivors of something.
Do not despair when the cloud of hardship is hanging over your head
Because no situation or feeling is permanent.
Your sunshine is on the horizon

Your life could be going well enjoy it but remember not to get too confident
Because the ray of sunshine could easily a cloud of hardship .
Be thankful for the season of happiness in your life

Everyone on this earth goes through something that will test their strength and will
whether you are rich or poor
Whether you live in the Hampton or Detroit,
Whether you have a mansion in Sandton or shack in Gugulethu.

Life is a Survivor series we all go through hardships in life
Do not despair when things are not going , everything passes
Even if it takes 20 years for your struggle to end at the end of the day it will end

Life is a Survivor series
We are all survivors of something
Chin up and keep going because life goes on
Drowning in self pity never helped anyone
One of these days your rainbow will appear in the mist of the storm and you will be glad you didn’t give up.

Love more and hate less.

New and Improved Dove Antiperspirant Original and Invisible Dry

Dove Original and invisible dry

Last month I received the New and Improved Dove Antiperspirant Original and Invisible Dry from Rubybox to try and share with my friends. The new Dove formula goes beyond 48 hours. Dove cares about the skin even underarms and gives your underarm skin the care it needs.

The hit favourite from my friends was the Dove Invisible dry. Not only does it provide protection it leaves no trace on your clothes giving you the freedom to wear your favourite colour.

The Dove Invisible Dry was tested on 100 garment colours from black to white and all colours.

Had fun testing New and Improved Dove Antiperspirant Original and Invisible Dry. I will be buying the duo again because they last long and do not need to buy the roll on because the antiperspirant lasts long and gave me the protection I needed.

After testing it on my little black dress I must say, I am in love with the Dove Invisible Dry because now I can wear my favourite colours with confidence and no worry of stain or flakiness.

To be honest, I have always seen the Dove Antiperspirants in stores, but never really bought any because I do not like to change.  I am a creature of habit.

After trying the duo, will be buying them again and you can also give them a try at home you won’t be disappointed.

They both contain ¼ of moisturising cream for beautiful underarms and 48-hour protection.

Both the Dove Original and Invisible Dry are available from all leading stores and pharmacies for only R31.95

July highlights for Boomerang

The schools holidays are here and Boomerang has some amazing things in store for the little ones in July. So here are some July highlights for Boomerang to entertain the little ones, when you have nothing planned. Enjoyed the school holidays and tune in to channel 302 for some movies and new shows.

July Highlights For Boomerang

For more information on the July Highlights For Boomerang,  visit Boomerang Africa website.

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Life update from behind the scenes

Life update from behind the scenes

It has been a tough couple of weeks on my health I am still recovering. Life update from behind the scenes I have been heavily medicated , due to Lower Respiratory Tract Infection all I did was eat, take medication and sleep for a whole week.

It was not all gloomy had my 7 years old comedian daughter who just has a way of saying the funniest things ever. My cousin’s girlfriend had a baby, as I was sharing the news with my husband. She turns to me and said so how did she have the baby? Did she scream the baby out or they cut the baby out? I said I don’t know and she said well call her and ask.

I really cherish moments like that and they make my days’ worthwhile. While being sick and heavily medicated I had to study for exams, I was writting two subjects the same day. Dragged my myself to the exam centre and wrote two papers, so thankful that my husband was supportive.

Hopefully things will slowly go back to normal and looking forward to a healthier June. This has been life update from behind the scenes, nothing much, but just happy to be still alive and kicking.

Life update from behind the scenes

What have you been up to on your side?


Herbalife 7 Day Results Kit

Herbalife 7 Day Results Kit

Herbalife South Africa sent me a stunning package for Mother’s Day, it was a Herbalife 7 Day Results Kit. I was excited because of my love of trying new things and to learn something new because I had no idea that Herbalife have a skin range. Anticipated receiving the hamper and could not wait to try the products.

Will be sharing with you, my opinions of how I found the products in the Herbalife & day Results Kit. First, the kits include the following products and they all must be used within 7 days of opening;

  • Mini Soothing Aloe Cleanser 50 ml
  • Mini Daily Glow Moisturiser 15 ml
  • Mini Replenishing Night Cream 15 ml
  • Hydrating Eye Cream 2 x 2 ml
  • Firming Eye Gel 2 x 2 ml


Soothing Aloe Cleanser

I found the cleanser very soothing and off course Aloe has soothing properties, the cleanser is clear in colour and cool to the touch, gets soapy and white when rubbing it in  the face. Liked it because it did not dry out my skin after using it.

Score: 8/10

 Daily Glow Moisturiser

Daily moisturiser was disappointing for me because I have combination to dry skin. It really dried my skin out and left my face feeling very tight and uncomfortable. If you have dry skin I don’t think it will be ideal for you.

Score: 0/10

Replenishing Night Cream

My favourite of all, the night cream was amazing, from the moment I applied it on my skin, could feel my skin getting refreshed and moisturised. In the morning, the effect is still there and I was tempted to use it during the day too instead.

Score: 10/10

Hydrating Eye Cream

Really loved how the cream felt on my eyes smooth and moisturiser too. It really improved my eyes appearance.

Score: 7/10

Firming Eye Gel

Firming eye gel was good because when you have dry skin fine lines becomes your friends very early. It improved the appearance of fine line and my eyes love awake and well rested.

Score: 7/10

Overall first impression of the Herbalife 7-day Results Kit was good because in just 5 days my skin had improved, it was soft, smooth and radiant. Despite the shortfall of the Daily Glow Moisturiser, I think the kit produces results as promised and it is worth trying out.

The kit is exclusively available through an independent Distributors of Herbalife, for more information click here

Tell me guys have you used the Herbalife 7 Day Results kit and how was your experience?




New App to help children report abuse launched in Durban

 new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. T.

When I heard that a new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. The first thing that came into my mind was where was this when I was growing up. The new app will be available to schools that will sign up for approximately R500 monthly.

As much as this app is a great initiative what about schools in the rural and township arears who do not have a budge.

The app was launched in Durban and The Guardian is ready to distribute the app to schools throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal. The app is aimed to increase the reporting of sexual abuse and bullying. My daughter experienced bullying last year and she was afraid to tell. To get the details out of her was a mission.

Sometimes is can be hard for children to speak to parents, so this app made available in schools is an amazing initiative and hope the Department of Education will get involved.

How the app works

1.A staff will be selected to be the ambassador of the app

  1. When an entry is made, the ambassador will receive an email notifying them about the report submitted on the system.
  2. The ambassador can ask for more information from the victim, but the identity will remain anonymous.
  3. The matter will be investigated.

This app launched by the Guardian it is the first of its kind in South Africa and the Guardian is prepared should the matter be severe.

As a parent and a survivor of child abuse I really hope this initiative succeeds and spread through the country. I suffered in silence with no one to talk too, yes I survived but not many do and turn to committing suicide.

Do you think new App to help children report abuse launched in Durban is a wonderful idea?


#RIPKARABO is Trending on Twitter


#RIPKARABO is Trending on TwitterSouth Africa is outraged with the news of Karabo, #RIPKARABO is trending on Twitter right now. I am a parent and cannot even begin to say I know what you are going through to Karabo’s parents.

Such a huge loss and South Africa feels your pain especially as women.

It is often said that the people who hurt us the most it is people we love and hold dear. Do not care how heated the argument was.

Don’t know what I would do if such a horrible act happend to my daughter, then again, there is nothing I can do but cry.

To the Mokoena family from my family, we send you our condolences.

Some say time heals wounds but I don’t think time can ease the pain of losing a child. I am heartbroken not only as a mother, but a woman, this could have happened to anyone of us.

Any kind of abuse from domestic to child abuse is  close to my heart  because  I am a survivor of child and emotional abuse.

All I want to know is what happened and the culprit will not disclose the darkness that lead to him to committing such a heartless act.

Did he think about Karabo’s parents? Did he even stop to question his actions? Did he even have doubts when he lit the match and watched it fall on her body setting her body on fire? If only he could answer these questions truthfully.

Don’t know Karabo but from seeing her pictures, she looked like a humble and kind person. May your soul rest in peace beautiful rose.

On the #RIPKarabo on Twitter people are asking for the death penalty. What will death penalty change, the murderous get away with it in South Africa. Our justice system is so rotten with corruption.

The life of a woman has been lost and she is not the first one and she won’t be the last one too. The South African government has failed women and children.

To the Mokeona family hope with time you find peace in this inhuman act. To the killer (Your name is not worth mentioning), who gave you the right to take Karabo’s life and why should you have yours?

Acts like this make me wonder is it the reflection of the kind of a mother that raised that man? When will some men learn that when dating or married to a woman does not mean you own them.

I am so  angry, heartbroken and numb.

My Current Daily Skincare Products

Today decided to share with you my current daily skincare products, it is winter and Johannesburg has dry winters.

I will show you products that help me stay moisturized throughout the day. I have a very stubborn skin and finding the perfect product, it’s a mission for me.

Face Care

For my face, I use various products because they all their purpose, so here are my current products that I use on my face:

My current daily skincare products

Vichy Normaderm and Ideal Soleil SPF30 – Received these correct and protect combo from Vichy South Africa as part of the #TakeControl campaign and I have been using them for 3 months now.

I love the Normaderm gel because it balances my skin, controls the oil on the oily areas and moisturizers the dry areas. It works perfect for my stubborn combination skin.

The Ideal Soleil SPF30 anti-perfection and anti-blemish sunscreen, it’s a multi-purpose sunscreen that targets blemishes, pores and balances. This sunscreen sounds like a Rockstar doesn’t it light and easily absorbed.

Ponds Pimple Clear Face Wash – I received this product from the Hometester Club and I have not looked back. It really works for me. The Ponds Pimple Clear range it clears pimples in just 3 days. Very gentle on the skin.

Isabella Garcia Ultra Advanced Firming Gel-assists in the balancing of the skin’s natural moisture level and alleviates the appearance of fine lines.

I have fine lines under my eyes so I use this product to take care of that.

Garner Micellar Cleansing Water- I use this as a toner because it is not harsh on my skin and mostly on my lazy and tired nights when I don’t feel like washing my face. It does not dry out my skin.

Body Care

Temperatures are changing and my normal body lotion I have used during the summer is no longer cutting it .

So went back to my basic winter skin protection.

My current daily skincare products

Aqueous Cream and Clere Glycerine – every winter I buy these two products and mixed them up. The glycerine helps with keeping my skin moisturized throughout the day. If I apply the aqueous cream alone at the end of the day I am achy all over my body.

My current daily skincare products

Justine Tissue Oil – I use this tissue oil in winter at night after bathing not only does it smell divine, I love that it keeps my skins moisture lock it. Other benefits include like fading dark marks, stretch marks.

What is your current daily skincare product?I’d love to hear your views

Where to find good stock images for Bloggers?

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. As bloggers, we need stock images from time to time, so I will be sharing where to find good stock images for blogger that are free. Sometimes I need stock images and I browse the internet and it can be time consuming but now I have my favourite sites to find good stock images.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers? Look no further and read below about stock images sites I use which have high quality photos, vectors and illustrations.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers


This is another site of high quality photos and videos that can be used for personal and commercial with no attribution. Pixabay has over 940 000 of photos, vectors and illustrations. Their resources are nicely categorised and easily searchable.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers


Pexels is another amazing site to get free high quality stock images. 100 latest photos are added daily and their photos are easily searchable and nicely catalogued.  The photos can be used for personal and commercial use with no attribution needed.

Where to find good stock images for bloggers?


Now this is a little haven for me because they have graphic resources for personal and commercial use. High quality illustrations such as vectors, photos, icons and PSD files.  Free license with attribution.


I use Pixabay, Freepik and Pexels when I cannot take photos for some of the posts. They are very helpful and have a variety of photos to choose from if you cannot find a photo on one you can always go to the next site.

Where do you get your stock images?